Ephesians 3:12

Come Boldly


Intro: It happened one day at Buckingham Palace – A young boy who desperately NEEDED to see the King

A) Came to the Gate was met by the Guards / asked if he had an appointment – No – so he was refused – He begged /he pleaded / Emergency


B) Walked away in tears – Well dressed young man ……….


C) That Story is a good illustration of the verses that we are considering today.

1) Final IN CHRIST statement – Blessings and Benefits that belong to us because we have been placed IN CHRIST


D) Today we are considering 3 verses that all share the same truth although they build upon each other rather nicely


Eph 2:13

13 But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.

Eph 2:18  Answers the Question brought near to where !

18 For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father.


Eph 3:12  Adds :  12 in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him.


A) Consider first Eph 2:13 – The Phrase Far off  was a common Jewish term used in rabbinical writings to describe Gentiles,

1) those who were far away from the true God


B) Jews, on the other hand, considered themselves and their converts to be brought near to God because of their covenant relation to Him

1) and the presence of His Temple in Jerusalem.


C) But in reality the Bible declares that all were separated …. Sin

Now in this section of Ch. 2 Paul is building on the fact that in Christ – Both Jews and Gentiles are being fit together as on Body in Christ

A) No Distinctions of race / no distinctions of background - in Christ every person, Jew & Gentile alike, is brought near to God by the blood of Christ.


B) And that nearness is not an external, dispensational, national, geographic, or ceremonial nearness--but is a spiritual intimacy w/ God thru Our Lord JC


C) And Because in Christ the great foundational barrier of sin has been removed, every other barrier has been removed as well.

1) We now can draw near to God !!!



Think about how radical those words must of Sounded to Paul’s Jewish ears - -- The Hebrews relationship to God was one of Distance

A) When the Children of Israel camped in the wilderness / they would set up the Tab in the Middle of the Camp / put their tents around it.


B) The Tab was a tent that set inside of a fenced court yard / 45 ft. long /15 ft high / 15 ft wide ( 2 Compartments HP / HH / separated by a Veil)


C) It was there in the HH that the presence of God dwelt !!!!  The ACCESS into that room – happened once a year – Yom Kippur / Atone


D) Now The normal Jewish person – was allowed to come into that fenced area but they could not go farther than the Altar – Sacrificed was offered

1) After the Sacrifice was offered the priest would was his hands in a brass washing Basin – go into the Holy Place – 1st compartment – offer prayers


E)  But he wouldn’t go near the 2nd compartment – God’s glory dwelt

   1)  So as a Hebrew that is as close as you could get to God – just inside the

         fence – watch the Priest – Sacrifice – go in -



Now lets say that you were a Moabite – you came riding up to the camp of Israel on your camel – Notice this fence inside this tent

A)Ask what is that – you would be told that is the Tab. / that is where God dwells –


B) Wow I would like to see Him / Can’t / You have to be a Jew to even enter in thru this fence into the court yard – Bummer

 1) Only those from the tribe of Levi the Priestly tribe actually get to enter into the Tab itself /


C) So your distance was even farther – You couldn’t even enter into the courtyard


So v. 13 of Chapter 2 tells us what happened to us thru Christ – we have been brought near to God

A) V.18 and v. 13 of Ch. 3 tell us about the manner of that Nearness



B) This word access is used in only one other verse in all of the NT

Romans 5:2


C) In ancient times the word was used to describe the court official who introduced persons to the king. They gave access to the monarch

1). The term itself carries the idea not of possessing access in our own right but of being granted the right to come to God


D) We can come to God on the Basis of our Relationship w/ Christ


Now my parents live in OCSD – When I go to my parents house –

A) I don’t knock – I just walk right in – if the door is locked – I have a key – Once inside – I go to the Frig – Help myself /


B) I have that Privilege based upon my relationship to them as their son

1) I am welcome in their home at any time for any reason – in fact if you talk to them – I don’t take advantage of that Privilege enough

Now here is my point if you showed up at my parents house and walked right in – raided the Frig- They would probably call the Police

A) You don’t have those rights – because you are not their son – you are not related


B) You could be a really nice person – wouldn’t matter / you could be a millionaire – still wouldn’t matter / you could work for the President

1) See it not about what you do / or who you are / or even about how nice of a person you are – What matters is – who you are related to


C) You are not related – therefore you can’t enjoy those type of Privileges


Now lets say you showed up to their house- knocked on the door and said – I am visiting from wherever – Rob told me to come here – Help

A) My parents are very generous people who – would totally welcome you – help you – mom – would over feed you – MY NAME


B) They would totally make you feel welcome and accepted because of your Connection to me


B) Which is exactly the point that Paul is emphasizing in Chapter 3:12 in whom ( In Christ) we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him


D) It is a wonderful and glorious access that can never be taken from us.

1) It is a right and Privilege that we get to constantly enjoy – based solely upon our Relationship to JC – Place in Him


The Writer of Hebrews expressed it this way in ch. 4:16

16 Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.


E) It is an invitation to come boldly – come any time – come Frequently

Come at will – Come get help for your needs


Now before we go I want us to note  3 things about coming to this throne:   1st: Throne of Grace:  Not judgment, condemnation

A.)    Not a place going to get thrashed on, or ridiculed

     Not going to hear : "I told you so!"  - "You should have listened"


B.) In Bible times it was very hard to come before the throne of  some of the rulers – special pass / only by invitation / no women

1)    Story of Esther w/ King Ahasuerus who reigned over one hundred and twenty-seven provinces, from India to Ethiopia- Powerful Man


C) A woman would be killed for approaching the King unsummoned

    1) “You need to risk it for the sake of our people”


D) But here we are invited to come before the throne of God - Not coming - before awful ruler; but gracious Father!

     1.)     Throne is a reflection of who He is! Daddy



This Throne is where we Find grace & Obtain Mercy

A)Grace is getting what you don’t deserve/ Blessings of God found in Christ


B) EPH.1 God gives according to His riches ! His Grace has been &      continues to be Lavished upon us  

     1)     Which He made to Abound!  = to exceed a fixed # / more than enough   


C) How much is available ? More that you Can count/ more than enough!

God didn't say let's give 10 chances to toe the line

1)   No He said let's open up the store room / break down the gates / open

      up the dam!  Let Grace Flow!


Charles Hodge " God gives from an unlimited treasure house , Grace is unlimited favor an overflowing abundance of unmerited love , inexhaustible & freely accessible through Christ"


D) He gives Grace to meet our present & future needs & Mercy to cover our past failures & sins/  Mercy is not getting what you do deserve 

1)   We deserved Judgment /We deserved to be written off –He gives Grace & Mercy  the 2 go together & are found at the throne



So it is not a throne of Judgment but a throne of Grace

A)Now that is for the believer in Jesus Christ or for the sinner who realizes His sin & comes to Jesus – Throne of Grace


B) But for the unbeliever – for the person who continues to reject Christ – continues to live on own merit – or live in rebellion to God

1)   Throne of Judgment – What did you do w/ my son


C) That person will find that they are Condemned – No grace / no mercy their sin of rejecting Christ – will sentence them to Hell

1)   How can a loving God send people to hell- He doesn’t people choose to go there of their own free will – Jesus says –over my dead body


D) But for the Believer in Jesus, person who comes to Jesus, throne of Grace


#2 - Come boldly - We have access! 

A) This phrase come boldly not only speaks of being able to approach God with the Confidence – that we are welcome in His Presence


B) But the Phrase come boldly also refers to the idea of Freedom of speech

It speaks of one coming before a king – feeling free to pour out His heart

1) That is something that God longs for in His Children and so appreciates


C) Read the gospels – notice how Jesus always responded in a positive way to those who came pouring out their hearts – moved by their desperation

1) Jarius daughter / Man w/ Demon possessed son / Centurion his servant


D) When is the last time that you poured your heart out to the Lord – when is the last time you were that Desperate -    GOD LOVES THAT

 Thought about my kids – how they can come to me – all emotional upset and just begin to talk – slow down back up – understand

A)With God that isn’t even necessary because He knows all things – but He bids His kids to come – let it out – open up


B) Come to the THRONE : Not going into unknown –

        (comfortable - safe place)


C) Not going where not welcome - never a bad time to come - never

       interrupting always welcome!   Come boldly - in confidence!


The elders of a certain church once came to a young man to criticize some of the theology and vocabulary he used in his prayers when he prayed publicly in the church service.

After they had laid their load on him, he turned to them and said, "Are you gentlemen finished?/  I have just one thing to say: I wasn't speaking to you."


D)The  Lord will not get all bummed  out if you don't use the right words

1)   So 1st Throne of Grace / 2nd Come boldly – Kids pouring hearts out




3rd thing to note- Result You will find Help in your time of need

A)Lit. Timely Help or well timed Help – God hears when we come and He always responds to the needs of His Kids


B)Quest. Doesn’t God hear everyone’s prayers / believer or not ? Answer is yes He hears everyone’s prayers – Omni present – everywhere / Omniscient


C) But He only obligates Himself to answer the prayers of His Children those who are believers in Jesus / Always answers Yes / No / Wait

1)   If He answers the prayers of the unbeliever – it is merely an act of His grace/but He has obligated Himself to respond to the needs of His kids



Jesus made this clear – story in Lk. 11 persistent friend – If that friend gets up – because you are bothering him

A)What do you think your heavenly father will do – who is never bothered when you come


B)Ask you will receive / seek find / Knock opened / keep on asking / seeking / knocking – Keep coming to the Throne – Never wearies

1) Goes on to talk about Them being fathers but evil- You give good gifts – 

……..Father H.S. to those who ask


C) Some times our biggest problem is that we aren’t persistent – we ask once or twice – wait a day or two maybe a week –

1) If we don’t get an answer – we move on !!!


Why does God want us to persistent in coming ? – One He likes to spend time w/ us –

A) Another reason is there is something wonderful that happens in our hearts when we come to God over a period of time


B) There is a growing sense of DEPENDENCY that is being communicated – God I can’t accomplish this without you


C) See I think if we were honest – most of the time – we come to the Lord bringing our problems – Presenting them to him

1) When we do  that – in  the back of our minds – is this thought –if God doesn’t answer – if God doesn’t respond – I Know what I am going to do


D) We have a BACK UP PLAN – already in our heads  - I think sometimes God doesn’t answer for that reason – He knows that we have a back up plan


But when we come to the Lord over & over  again – keep coming / asking / knocking – what we are saying is Lord there is no other Plan

A) Communicates a heart of Desperation & Dependency – and God is loves to respond to that Kind of Heart { Timely help – just in time


B) As we move into this new Year – I pray that we as a Church would take advantage of the access to the father we have because In Christ


C) It would be the mark of our fellowship – Come boldly – worship prayer – Come often { Many Prayer opportunities

1) Prayer at the Property


D) I pray for us as individuals that we would – be persistent in seeking the Lord – as a mark of our Complete dependency upon Him

1) Lord no back up plans – You or nothing