1 Timothy 4:12-13

Godly Exercise Part 2


Recent Survey: 91% of adults list having good physical health as their top priority in life, making this the highest-rated priority of all.


According to "International Health, Racquet and Sports club Association there has been a steady increase over the Yrs in the # of Americans seeking to be Physically fit.


In the year 2001 more than 8 million Americans joined a health club, with almost one million doing so in the month of January.


In 2001, an estimated 33.8 million people belonged to a health club, with the average member logging 93 days per year working out at a health club.


Today the # of Americans belonging to a health club has climbed to 39.4 million people.


A lot of people spend a lot of time – trying to get fit and stay fit.

1) And that is Not a bad thing – Paul says Bodily exercise Profits a little.


B) As believers that cannot be our MAIN focus

1) Encouraged to exercise ourselves toward godliness

Because Godliness is profitable for all things


C) Being godly is going to impact every area of your life.

We are currently studying thru the book of 1 Timothy:

A) We have sort of camped out here in Ch.4 – Looking at the subject of Exercising ourselves toward godliness!


B) In v. 6-16 Paul lays out NINE principles how to exercise or train yourself in Godliness!


C) Last week we looked at 3

1) V.6-7 Proper Diet

2) V. 8-9 Focused Priorities – Bodily exercise profits a little but godliness is profitable for all things.


3) V.10 Keep your eye on the Prize. { Key to enduring the hard times suffering – low points


I Decided to Divide this into 3 Studies – Part 2 today where we will look at 3 More Principles

A) However before we do that I want to consider what the word Godliness means!


B) See It is important that we know what we are aiming at!


C) Too often in the Christian life - We paint a broad brush – shoot at a big target –

1) We are happy if we Just hit the target.


D) Very seldom does that win the Prize –


Carnival one of those booths – Win a stuffed animal

A) Shoot at arrow at a target – or BB gun or Laser –


B)  Not good enough to just hit the target – need to hit the Bull’s eye. -       SHARP SHOOTERS


C) Same is true in Christian life: Paul – Run eyes are on the finish line – Not running just to run

1) Running to WIN !


D) Box – Not hitting air – Aim – target.

1) Boxing just to Box – Trying to hit target

2) Running just to run or Running to Win!



So when we talk about the subject of Godliness it is important that we know what we are aiming at!

A) The word godliness in the Grk is a word that speaks of a reverence, respect, and devotedness toward God.


B) It is having a right view of God and relationship with God.

1) But it involves more than just a state of mind or an attitude of the Heart.


C)  The word godliness is an active word – and by placing the verb exercise or train before it here only heightens the sense of ACTIVITY.


Longfellow described it as “a life that reflects and image of Heaven.”


Godliness is Christ-likeness

A) Because the image and likeness of God is perfectly expressed through Jesus Christ,


B) godliness (God-likeness) is Christ-likeness.



“For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his son”                       


2 Peter 1:3

His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him


Christ is both the STARTING POINT of godliness, as well as the STANDARD and GOAL of godliness.

A) Our view of Godliness comes from our Knowledge of Him

1) What would Jesus do!


B)  But also our ability to live a Godly life also comes from Him – His Divine Power!.

1) His work & power in our lives   What will Jesus Do!


C)  Paul tells us that “Christ in you [is] the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).

1) That is, Christ in you is the starting point and only hope of expressing God’s character and goodness.

Phillips “ Godliness is an adornment, regardless of one’s age, social standing, or walk in life. A Physically handicapped godly Christian is undoubtedly a better man than one who is a magnificent physical specimen but is a moral leper. Godliness can grace a farmers cottage, as fittingly as a Kings Palace, an army barrack as well as the halls of congress. Godliness brings beauty to a pew or pulpit. It silences the scoffer, shames the profane, confounds the critic, exposes the hypocrite, and refutes the unbeliever.”


SO in a Nutshell

A) Godliness is the renewing power of the Holy Spirit in our life to restore the likeness of God, so that we can reflect the character of Christ.


B) Attitude that wants to please God and honor God in every aspect of their lives


C) Consider three more Principles:


Pick up this morning with Principle #4

Over come your insecurities v. 12a

Let no one despise your youth,

A) If we are going to exercise ourselves to be like Christ – it means we have a work to do in God’s economy.


B) Jesus said of Himself that He came to serve – not to be served.

C) So Part of exercising ourselves toward Godliness is going to be seen in our Service – fulfill our calling

1) We are His Workmanship……….


Often times it is our insecurities that hold us back from being who God wants us to be!

A) Part of Timothy’s calling to exercise himself toward Godliness} was to be a leader.


B) But one of the things that he struggled with was his age.  Timothy was probably in his 30’s

1) Considered a Young age for a Pastor or spiritual leader in those days


C) Timothy was prone to being insecure about his age – Prone to letting it get in the way of his leading


All of us in our calling toward godliness have a role to play in God’s kingdom

A) But IN order to do that we must overcome our insecurities


B) For you maybe it is your lack of experience – knowledge or your inability to speak.

1) Maybe you struggle with how you are going to be perceived { Fear of People’s reaction


C) Insecurities like these can be our greatest deterrents from being who God wants us to be


D) My greatest struggles in ministry have come from this very thing.

1) Wrestling with my incompetence – lack of skill –


2) It Can be Crippling – Not minister in Confidence


 Usually manifest itself when I start looking at some body else’s gifts –

A) They are funnier / smarter / more articulate / more knowledgeable


B) How do you over come that?

1)  It is over come when I get my eyes off of looking at others and on to Jesus – I am who He made me


C) He has called me to this calling – He has equipped me in a way that He feels is right for this task. –

1) Rest in that!  

Paul said:  Comparing yourselves among yourselves is not wise


D) It is also overcome when I Believe Zech. 4:6

“Not by might not by power –age experience, training, but by my spirit says the Lord.”


Understanding that it is not about you and me – It is about the Fact – God has placed His Spirit in us.

A) We can do all things thru Christ who Strengthens us


B) Paul wanted Timothy to rise to the occasion regardless of his age – Here’s How – Principle #5

#5 Be an example to be believers in word & in deed.

A) The word example here is Tupos in the Greek – it means to strike to make an impression.


B) It was used by Thomas who said – after the Rez – 1) He would not believe unless he could touch the tupos – of the nails in hands & side.


C) So the way for Timothy to not be despised because of his Youth – was to be an example.

1) Make an impression of Christ for the believers



Paul pinpoints Six areas where Timothy needed to focus on being an example.



A) Exercising ourselves toward godliness –we are to be examples in how we talk. – Our speech


Colossians 4:6

“Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.”


B) Words that soothe / Words that comfort / words that encourage!

Ephesians 4:15 – Speaking the truth in love.


C) Jesus words unless when rebuking the Pharisees were always so gracious – loving – so kind.

If you were given 100 dollars for every kind word you spoke last month

A) But you lost 50 dollars for every unkind cutting word – Would you be Rich or Poor.


B) Be an example in word


C)It also means Knowing when not to say something!

1) Gayle Irwin: M N.-  Just Pray: Great example to me!


D)  I know others who would have been real quick to go into what an idiot the guy was being.


E)  A man’s speech reflects what is in his heart.

1) In Matthew 12:34–37, Jesus warned,


“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.35 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.36 But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.37 For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."


E) SO first Paul exhorted Timothy to be an example in Word


2) In Conduct: Lifestyle- How live !


A) It’s easy to exhort others. Being an example ourselves, however, is much more difficult.…

“Son,” said the concerned father, “you’re not studying the way you could. When Abraham Lincoln was your age, he didn’t have computers or electric lights. He walked fifteen miles through the snow to check out books at the library—and then walked fifteen miles home so that he could read them by the light of the fireplace. When he was your age, that’s what he did.”

“Well,” replied the son, “when Abraham Lincoln was your age, he was President of the United States!”


It’s easy to want to exhort someone else! But Mom and Dad, if you want to see your kids be more spiritual, you be more spiritual.


Home group leaders, if you want your groups to be more radical, you be more radical.


The key lies in being an example.


Eric Liddell – God made me fast & I feel his pleasure when I run – but he wouldn’t run on Sunday – not break convictions


Ran a different race- God blessed him – He won!


Example of a man standing by his convictions – having spiritual priorities – Made a Movie – Best Picture


What example are you setting for your kids – concerning what your priorities are !

A) What example do you set – Heart toward God

B) What it means to serve! – Worship – Devotions


C) Friendships – tell them I am not home !

1) Work ethic – call in sick when not


D) Entertainment:


E)  Be an example to the believers – In conduct


3) In Love:

A) How do you love ?


B) The world’s love is extremely conditional

1) What can you do for me.


C) People in the world withhold love to manipulate and control – play head games


C) Our love is to reflect Christ love: A Love that is unconditional


D) How many of us would have forgiven Peter

1) Denied that he even knew you in your darkest hour


E) Not only was He forgiven – He was restored – that is love!


Turn to 1 Cor 13



Guys this is what we are to be aiming at!

A) Often we hear – put your name in there – Reveals what a blow it we are


B) Now put Jesus name – Perfect –

1) APP – That is how perfect Christ love for you is


C) Often we walk away: I am a loser – I will never be able to love like that

1) But I am so thankful Jesus loves me that way.


Wrong Conclusion: See this is still the goal –

A)Still what God thru His Divine Power is seeking to work into our lives


B) We need to see that we are growing in our consistency of loving that way.


C) Longer you are a Christian the more your life should reflect this love – not less!

1) Be an example in Your Love!


In Spirit : Enthusiasm:

A) Some people make the Christian life & Christian service – seem so Boring


B) Nothing could be further from the truth.

1) First Constant Spiritual warfare – Battle


C) Then opportunity to be involved in influencing someone’s Eternity

We need to be excited about Jesus !

A) Excited that God gives us the Privilege to partner with Him in Ministry Team


B) Excited that your life can make a difference.


C) Excited that we are going to heaven

1) Access in Prayer and Worship


D) Excited that we have answers – We know what the future holds

1) Excited God speaks to us !


E) That kind of Christianity is Contagious


The World has seen enough cold lifeless, boring religion -


 “The greatest argument for Christianity is Christians—vibrant, joyful, loving Christians…

The greatest argument against Christianity is Christians—exclusive, self-righteous, and complacent Christians” (Sheldon Van Auken)



5) In Faith:

A) This speaks of that heart – Step out and believe God!


B) David was one who was despised because of His youth!

1) By his dad – Didn’t invite him to anointing

2) By his brothers – Came to the Battle

3) By Saul – You are just a youth…….

4) By Goliath – Am I a dog ……


C) That was all BG – Before Goliath

1) After Goliath – No one despised David’s youth again.


Be an example in Faith:

A) The world needs more radical Christians


B) Danny & Mark – Send: Young guys “lets make a difference”


B) Famous Missionary – who was first declared unfit for the mission field by missions board

1) He went anyway – God so used him – Everyone was wanting to claim him as their guy.


C) Radical Faith –


D) Before anyone starts thinking – I am too old




6) In Purity: Moral behavior

A) Too many opinions as to what that means today.


B) Dress/ entertainment/ - Broad

C) Simple test: Would I be comfortable doing this with Jesus ! 


D) Some Christians want to see how close to the world they can get. –

1) Problem is the line is constantly moving farther and farther away from what is godly


E) Started here – Line has moved a bunch.


Principle #5

Be an Example: In Word / Conduct / Love / Spirit / Faith / Purity.



#6 Don’t neglect the Basics v.13

13 Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.


A) When Working out 2 things that never Change for maximum results


B) Technique { Do the right exercise the right way


C) Balance: Diet / Lifting{ # of Reps / Cardio


D) Can’t get away from those things – achieve your goals


E) Here Paul lays out 3 basics for the Christian life

1) reading / exhortation/ Doctrine

I am not sure why this is the case – But there is a tendency of some in the body of Christ to always want to find – some “ hidden truth”

A) Find the secret meaning of some text! – The esoteric understanding


B) I admit at times that can be fun


C) Problem: There is so much that we know that we don’t put into Practice

1) That is why we need to constantly be reminded of the Basics


Paul is speaking to Timothy here as Pastor in the context of the Church

A) Give attention to reading / exhortation/ doctrine


B) Public reading – Spoken word

1) Exhortation: Encouraging using Scripture


C) Doctrine: Teaching truth of the word


What is good for a Pastor and for a Church is good for us personally. Exercise yourself toward …..

A) Daily diet of  reading the word


B) Speak the word – Use it to encourage others

1) God’s word is the only truth – There is not a situation to which it does not speak!


C) Teach the Word: Best way to grow is to teach others

1) Take what you are learning and Pass it on.


2) Mike S. 3rd Service Sunday School



So How are you doing in your workout Routine?

Are you meeting your goal?

A) Gym I lost 2olbs – wanted to lose 5-10 more – hit a point stopped couldn’t get over that hump


B) Trainer: Switch up my routine – twice as much cardio as I was doing

1) Change my diet { Hard part – I like to eat – things I like to eat don’t want to stop


C) I lost 20lbs – still eating the things I liked to eat

And I was maintaining because of my exercise.

1) Lose the rest – Radical Change


Same is true spiritually – We can get to the point in our walks – maintaining – not growing

A) Reason: Unwillingness to take it to the next level


B) Unwillingness to deal with the things in our lives that God points out is holding us back.


C) I have to admit – Looking at Paul’s list of things he told Tim to be an example in –

1) I was convicted – Certain things – I am lacking in

D) There are areas where I need to grow – The question is will I put in the work

1) Will I yield to the Lord – Heavenly trainer


E) Or am I going to hold on to things in my life that I really don’t need and Just maintain


Just be happy – Going to Heaven – Or do I want to keep pressing toward the goal – Christ like

A) God is the potter – we are the clay –


B) Key to His being able to mold – Softness


C) Two key things: Word = water


D) #2 Being sensitive to wear He is wanting to mold

1) Don’t resist


E) You today: How is your workout -