1 Peter 1:1,2 A Word to all Pilgrims


Intro: Warren Wiersbe is one of my Favorite Commentators

A)Down to earth style / great application / witty / Practical


B) Wiersbe – Series entitled the BE SERIES – His own Be attitudes

     Given each book a theme :  Be

1)   The theme that He has chosen for 1 Peter is BE HOPEFUL


C) Several reasons why : We have been begotten again to a Living Hope

          Because we have a living savior

1)   Inheritance to look forward to


D) Trials we are currently going thru are shaping us into the people God desires that we would be

1)   God’s word endures forever


E) Each Chapt. Of This book is filled encouragement concerning our Position & standing in Christ – that will give us Hope for all situations



1st – THE WRITER : V.1 Identifies the writer of this epistle as being the apostle Peter

A)Peter was self appointed spokesman – You are the Christ / where would we go /Transfiguration good to be here /  Walked on water


B) This is Peter who boldly declared I will not deny you !!!!


C) But This is the same Peter who denied Christ / Sought out by Christ / who on the day of Pentecost – Preached to 3,000 saved


D) Peter is a Great illustration of – How we cannot follow Christ in our

          Own strength & efforts

          1) But it is only by the empowering of the H.S. that we are able to

              FULFILL our calling as believers

So we are told that Peter is the AUTHOR – writing under the inspiration Of the H.S. – ( But Peter’s Authorship has been called into question)

A) In 1947 a man by the name of T.W. Baer – proposed  that Peter  

              was incapable of writing such a letter – being a simple fishermen


B)Now Baer did some sophisticated research concerning the Greek Lang. &

          Sentence Structure to back up his findings & conclusion

          1) That Peter was simply not smart enough to write this quality of a



C) So today in many seminaries & institutes of higher learning the authorship of Peter is called into question ( Wrongly so I might add)

  1)See T.W. Baer was not the first to question the Credentials of Peter


D)In the book of Acts – Peter & John are dragged in before the religious leaders -  questioned told not to Preach ( Obey God not man  – Conclusion :


Acts 4: 13Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.


See The religious leaders realized that the reason these guys could speak w/ such authority & wisdom is because they had been w/ Jesus

A) They had been hanging out w/ the Lord !!!!


B) That will make a smart man / smart woman out of anyone – spending

     time in the presence of the Lord !!!


We ought to see the face of God every morning before we see the face of man.    -- D.L. Moody,






Listen if you give time to hanging around Jesus – You are going to

become a different Person ( Change in You)

A)The Change is going to be noticeable – People will understand – You

          Have been w/ Jesus ( Devotions )


B)  Perspective Changes radically – His heart / His mind / His eyes

       more in tune w/ the Spirit


I have found if I don't have my quiet time each morning, I tend to lose my temper over insignificant things. Recently, my son, Andrew, reminded me of the need for daily prayer. He had accidentally spilled his drink and I went into a tirade. Andrew ended my harsh words when he quietly asked, "Mom, did you forget to ask Jesus to help you be nice today?"


Percentage of American households with a Bible: 92

 Percentage of Americans who read the Bible outside religious services: 37


Guarding that time :

As I was having my daily devotions one morning, I heard my 3-year-old daughter, Kayla, answer the telephone in the next room. Trying not to burst out laughing, I listened as she told the caller, "My mom is having her emotions now. Can she call you back?"


The questioning of the authorship of Peter  over looks the work of the H.S. in His life & in inspiration of the  Scriptures

2 Tim .3: 16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.


A) God working thru Human instruments / inspiring them to write His heart in a way that they could never do on their own

1)     That is the Beauty of the Bible – God Breathed / speaking thru

     human vessels              SO PETER WAS THE VESSEL

WHEN: Peter was writing in A.D. 64 in Anticipation of a heavy Persecution that was to come upon the Church by CEASER NERO

A) See Nero’s goal was to stamp his image upon the Roman empire – in order to do that he needed to reconstruct the city


B) But How would he Justify such a Building Project ?     PLAN:

          1) This is what he did – secretly hired men to set the city on fire one        NIGHT – after much of it burned – Blamed the Christians


C) They were an easy target for several reasons

          1) They talked about the fires of Judgment

          2) They were considered Anti- Roman because they would declare

             Caesar as Lord – But Christ


D) They were accused of being Cannibals because of Communion – eating

          The body & drinking the Blood

          1) Accused of destroying families because as people were being saved

                    families were being ripped apart


E) The saved Husband or wife would not want to participate in the Pagan

          Rituals & immoral practices – anymore!!

          1) As a result there was friction in the Home !!! – ( Like today)


So there was already a Hatred toward the Christians in the Roman empire – but w/ his Accusations – Nero brought it to another level

A) RESULT: 6 MILLION Christians were martyred under his reign


B) Some were Dipped in wax – Human torches / fed to Lions / Made to face the Gladiators for Sport


C) Now this type of persecution we really cannot relate to /  but it still goes on today in other parts of the World

1)   Places like China / Sudan / - there are Countless 1,000’s of our

     Brothers & sisters in the Lord who are suffering


Their request for Us ? Pray – please Pray for us !!!!

A) The Bible says to whom much is given much is required – and the truth of the matter is – we here in the states/ been given so much


B) I was reminded of this again being in Russia – where our bros & Sisters in the Lord – have it pretty tough

          1) Imagine having to travel for several days to attend a Conf.


C) Imagine – No KWAVE – no Christian music stations

          1) No wonder they could sit thru – 6 hrs of bible study a day &

                    3 hrs of Worship – HUNGARY


D) Here my heart when I say this : WE = Me – are Spoiled / Trial for me is when my LAPTOP doesn’t work


People here complain about – Driving to far – 20 min.

A) We complain – sermon was too long – anywhere near a hr.


B) We complain – music was too loud – or the Worship wasn’t the style

          THAT  I like – one problem after another

          1) Complain – I had to park across the street – Known some people

              who couldn’t get a parking spot in the main lot & Left


C) In Sokol they travel – 45 min. to an hr. by Public transportation & climb

          Five flights of stairs to get to Church

1) We are married to Convenience / Consumer mentality about Church make it easy     simple / fun


D) Now don’t get me wrong  I am glad that our situation is better than in Russia – not suggesting at all – wish we had it as rough

          1) Thank God for KWAVE 


E) But we need to toughen up a little / some a lot – realize what is the reason That we have been so blessed ?

1)   We get to help them -  ( Building ) Our own yes /

So this book was written during a time when the Church was enduring Persecution & the heat was about to be turned up



A) KJV To the Strangers scattered throughout the countries


B) NCV To God’s chosen people who are away from their homes and are 

     scattered all around the countries


C) Now Primarily it is speaking of these Christians who were living in foreign lands as a result of the persecution

          1) But there is an application here to all believers at all times

                    How So:


Wherever the exiled Jew settled, his eyes were towards Jerusalem.

A) In foreign countries his synagogues were built so that, when the worshipper entered, he was facing towards Jerusalem.


B) However useful a citizen of his adopted country the Jew was, his greatest loyalty was to Jerusalem.


C) Same is true of us - We are the exiles of eternity. Cit. of Heaven/ This is never to say that we must withdraw from the world, ( Make our mark)

1)but that in the realest sense we must be at the same time both in the world and not of it.


D) It has been wisely said that the Christian must be APART from the world but never ALOOF from it.


E) The Greek word for such a sojourner in a strange land is paroikos

1)   It speaks of  a man who was in a strange land and whose thoughts

    ever turned home.


"The world is a bridge. The wise man will pass over it, but he will not build his house upon it."

So Peter referred to them as Strangers: = Resident Aliens – People living in one place as a Stranger

A)The Place where they were residing was foreign to them


B) Whenever I travel abroad- never comfortable – always this longing for home ( Drinks no Ice )

1)   Showers have to Kneel

2)   Taxi – Flag down any car - 


C) After a While – Longing in my heart for America –

1)   That should be our perspective here – ( Never quite comfortable

Always in our hearts a longing for heaven !!!!


We are Strangers & We are a strange People :

1 John 3: 1Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of £God! Therefore the world does not know £us, 


A)Because Christians are “strangers” in the world, they are considered to be “strange” in the eyes of the world

   1)Christians have standards and values different from those of the world,


B) When in Russia – stay awake – out in the cold – t- shirt

          1) Diet Coke – Lady so mean


C) But we are not Strange because we are doing strange things

1)   But we are strange because the world is so abnormal – they look at us weird different


D) Why?    because it did not know Him. ACTOR & PASTOR





Listen the world will look at you & I and scratch their heads when they see – the impact that Being w/ Jesus / Knowing Jesus has on us

A)See Real love in Action – Jesus said they will know that you are my disciples by Your love


B) Greg O. – I love you Bro - 


So Peter is writing to this group of people who have been forced to abandon their native homeland & reside in other countries

BECAUSE OF THE PERSECUTION that they were facing


A)So Peter sets out to encourage them – in the Lord – the first thing He reminds them of is Who’s they are !!!!!


B) V.2  They are Elect According to the Foreknowledge of God


C) We are going to pick up here next week – Explore this wonderful

     Spiritual truth –


D)In Short- Be encouraged because no matter how bad it might get – You belong to the Lord – He won’t leave you or forsake you !!!!