1 Peter 1:3,4 A Living Hope 


Intro: We are currently studying thru the Book of First Peter – where Peter is writing to Believers who are enduring Persecution

A)Persecution that is about to get more – Intense – Nero – result in the

     Deaths of some 6 million believers


B) Peter is writing to encourage them in light of their suffering & their difficulties & He does so first of all by – reminding them who’s there are

1)   V.2 Elect according to the foreknowledge of God – Wonderful truth that we have been Chosen to be God’s Kids – We belong to Him


C) Today – we are going to see that the 2nd thing that Peter seeks to remind



3Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you,


Several yrs ago on the Campus of Kansas St. Univ. During  football seasons / the campus bookstore Would hang big banners in window w/ a message of encouragement to their team for the upcoming game.


A)Some of the banners read as follows Destroy Navy , Wipeout Washington, Colober Colorado . 


B) But on the week that the team was to play #1 ranked Nebraska Corn…  the sign read a little bit differently . Maintain dignity against Nebraska

     1) See the way they saw it there was no hope of beating mighty Neb.


 C)We live in a world today that is filled w/ a lot of hopelessness!

1)   When we look at our society we see that things are going down hill

FAST !!!!! – (Increase abortion/ Violent Crimes/ Drugs )


D) But Peter reminds us that as Believers we are a People of Hope – Begotten again to a Living Hope Key verse here in Ch.1

1)   In fact Everything that Peter says here in Ch.1 is Connected to these 2 Verses


See if we understand what we have to look forward to it will affect the way that We:

A)View our Trials v.6-10 / Our Understanding of the O.T. saints v.10-12

1)   It Becomes our Motivation for Living Holy Lives v.13-21 / As well as affecting our Relationships w/ other People v.22-25


B)  The EXTENT that we Understand & See the Reality of the Living hope

     that we have in Christ - will affect every aspect of our lives

1)   So this is going to be our theme as we march thru this first Chapter

In the next few weeks


I. Peter begins by telling us how we came into this Hope -

A)We  were Begotten again – or Born again- We were born again into it !!!


B) John Ch.11 – Jesus goes to the Home of Mary & Martha – their Brother Lazarus. Had died – Martha meets Jesus – says Lord if You had been here ….

1)   Jesus responded – Your Brother will live …../ Martha I know at last Resurrection


C) Jesus response : “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. 26And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?”


D) With that Statement & Question : Jesus divided men into two Cat. – those who Believe / those who don’t / those who have hope / No hope

1)   The Moment you and I put our faith in Jesus Christ – we become Recipients of this Wonderful Hope


E) We pass from the domain of Hopelessness & unsurety to / a Life of Hope and Security in Christ

I like the way Paul puts it in Col. 1:13

 He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, 14in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.


A)We who were Slaves of the Kingdom of this World – Living in darkness / having no hope because we were w/out God 

1)   Paul says we have been Set free &Transferred into the Kingdom of

      His Son


AA) We are talking a total Change of Residence – Taken out of one Kingdom –Darkness / Placed in New Kingdom


One of the tragedies after the Emancipation Proclamation was that so many of the freed slaves had no where to go. In fact many of them opted to continue to live in Slavery rather that be free & w/ nowhere to go.


BB) Our deliver gives us a place to belong – transferred into the Kingdom of his own dear Son


B) This happened when we were Born again / Being Born again speaks of a

     Having New Start – That is what God gave to us

1)   New Start – In Christ – New Creation …. Old things …. New

2)   New Identity – citizens of the Kingdom

3)   New Future – Living Hope


C) Peter tells us that this was all made possible by the abundant mercy of

      God / New every Morning -   Mercy is not getting what you deserve

     1) We who were deserving of death / Hell / are given Life & Hope

  We deserved the Worst We are given the Best !!!!!!


D) So this Hope is made available to us thru the Mercy of God – and we

       become recipients of it – by the Believing in Jesus




II. The Characteristics of this Hope : Note several things

1st It is a Living Hope :


A)Now when we think of the Word Hope – think more so of a Wish  

     Hope it doesn’t rain/ Hope it/ Hope Padres win division      

     1) Example Publishers 32 cents / Did I check mail everyday? No !


B)But the Bible’s definition of hope is quite a bit different - “An absolute expectation of coming good”

1)   You can bank on it - You can count on it - you can plan your life

     around it and should-  SURE THING



The Very fact that Peter calls it a LIVING HOPE Makes this even more clear -

A)The Word Living could also be Translated – Dynamic – giving idea that it is  something which is working right now,

1)   A hope which works in my circumstances today.


B)Why is it a Living or working Hope? Because it has as it’s object –


1)   Peter says it comes thru – the Resurrection. Of Jesus


C) Our Hope is only as strong as the Object of our Hope !!!



Jesus’ whole ministry is validated by the Reality of the empty Tomb

A)So that every teaching every Promise is filtered thru the lens of the

    Resurrection. / No Resurrection. No Heaven / Nothing look forward to / … to live for


B) Jesus told His Disciples in John 14 / In my fathers house are many…

     I am going to prepare a place for you …/ return ….to myself

1)   With out the Resurrection. Those are just empty words



D) Their Hope wasn’t in a Theory / wasn’t in some Eastern Philosophy

     Their hope was in a Resurrection. Savior


1 John 1: 1That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, concerning the Word of life ( Jesus was ALIV E to them)


John says Our Faith is in a Risen Lord – seen handled / listened to

He is the Word of Life /  Validates everything else !!!!

A)Think about how special the Resurrection. Was to Peter – His final memory of Jesus was that of failing Him – Denied Him 3 times


B) The Cross & death of Jesus left – Peter HOPELESS –He would go to the grave remembering his string of Broken Promises

1)      The Resurrection. Of Jesus signaled that there was Hope for Peter !!!


C) It meant so much to Peter – He went to His Grave refusing to Deny His

      Lord again – and asking to be Crucified upside down

     1) Not worthy to be Crucified in the same manner as His Lord



All of us our Motivated by certain Points of Ref. / our Points of Rev. rivet our attention & Alter our Behavior

A)When a college student prepares for a major grade threatening test he views all of life thru the grid of that impending exam


B) He spends long nights in the Library instead of hanging out w/ friends – everything is seen thru that lens

     1)If he neglects that point of Rev. & doesn’t prepare – he goes into that

         exam feeling fearful & guilty


C) If He studies hard – approaches it w/ confidence / Hope of doing good



Think about the Young woman who becomes engaged – Her whole world is turned upside down – by that point of Ref.- Wedding

A)Once The day is set – suddenly everything is Dramatically Changed –


B) Listen the Certainty & the Reality of the Promise – creates w/ in her a hope that not only occupies her attention



C) She views every dress store & Bridal Magazine thru a new lens – a lens

     that is formed by the future reality of that day !!!

1)   Her friends are now objects of her invitation list & potential candidates

    for her wedding party


D) Peter wants us to Realize that Our Point of ref .for this hope is  the Empty tomb of Jesus

1)   That is what Motivates us – He who said – He is coming back / He who declared I am going to prepare a place for you ….. ROSE AGAIN


E) It is An active Working Hope – that motivates our very lives



Paul in Writing to the Eph. – wanted us to Know the Reality of the Resurrection.

     Hearts & Minds Enlightened

A)Know – By experience – The exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe – Power that brought Jesus from the Grave


B) Exceeding Greatness – ( Surpasses our Comprehension) one comm.. described it as an Ocean of Power


C) Paul is praying that the Ephesians would realize & walk in the Reality of the Power of God that is in Them – available to them- In Christ

1)   Thru the working of the H.S.


D)That is what Peter is making Ref. To here – Living Hope – working

 it is Active – based upon the Reality of the Living Savior

2nd thing This living Hope includes  an Inheritance:

A)When we were transferred into God’s Kingdom – we became Heirs w/



B)What Does  our inheritance consist of :

1)   Heaven ( With all of it’s Beauty & Splendor )

     2)Seeing Jesus ( We are going to be Like Him


3)New Bodies ( No more Pain – Sickness)

     4)Rewards ( What we have done gold silver Stone)


Although the threads of my life have often seemed knotted, I know, by faith, that on the other side of the embroidery there is a crown.  Corrie Ten Boom


3rd It is Incorruptible ( Everything in this life Perishes – nothing stays New / Diamonds polished / cars old / Homes Paint / (NOT THERE)

A)The word does mean imperishable but it can also mean unravaged by any invading army.


B)Many a time Palestine had been ravaged by the armies of the aliens; it had been fought over and blasted and destroyed.

1)   But the Christian possesses an Inheritance  which no invading army can ravage and destroy.


4th It is undefilable.

A)The word means to pollute / stained or Cheapened – the Inheritance that we have in Christ cannot be stained or cheapened in any way


5th It is unfading

A)In Nature flower fades and the loveliest blossom dies.


B)  But the Christian is lifted into a world where there is no change and decay and where his peace and joy are untouched by  the changes of life.



6th Reserved in Heaven for You

A)Reservation w/ your name on it ( Book of Life)


B)Airplane seats / London


C) If you have given your life to Jesus Christ – Name is in the Reservation



D) Charles Spurgeon summed up 1 Pet.1:3,4 in this way :

Never forget the three whats.

 What from? Believers are redeemed from hell and destruction.

 What by? By the precious blood of Christ.

 What to? An inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, & that will not fade away.



III. How should the reality of this Hope affect us

A)1st Watchful


Titus 2:13 looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, 14who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works.


A)  In Union Grove Wisconsin there is a Home for Mentally Challenged Kids called the Shepherds Home

1)   The Founder of the home Bud Wood says one of the major maintenance problems at the home is dirty windows


B)  How do the Windows get so dirty ? Bud says that you can walk thru the corridors of that home almost any time of the day & see kids w/ their hands noses & faces pressed to the windows Looking to see if Christ might be coming back right then to take them home & make them Whole



C)  When is the last time that we glanced toward the sky to see if this might not be the long awaited moment when we final see him face to face

1)   How often do we go thru an entire day sometimes even an entire week

Not even thinking that today might be the day



C.S. Lewis called the early Church an Army w/ Banners rooted in Eternity ( They were so affective because realized more than this life)



2nd Sense of Significance  – Right now – we tend to view ourselves in light of Earth side Identities

A)Our Professions – Who we are is measured by what we Do!!

1)   I am a lawyer / Machinist / a Carpenter/ a House wife


B) Some also get their significance from their Possessions – or what they are



C) Our nationalities ( Italian / German / Swedish / )


C) Our Church affiliation ( Catholic or Presbyterian …)


We often ask these  questions – who are you / what do you do? What nationality are You ? Rarely do you hear people respond

A) -  I am a Citizen of Heaven – follower of Jesus Christ ( Might be a little too Pretentious – but bigger problem is we rarely  think about it


B) But I do believe what Joe S. – in ETERNITY -  If our Kingdom Identity doesn’t preoccupy our minds it will never define our lives


C)Because we rarely think about who we are – or where we are going  

    Too many people are looking to find their Significance outside of Christ


D)Truly our Sig. As people is found in being linked to Christ and in what we

     Do for Christ !!!!!

I remember the first time I went back to Pittsburgh my dads home town when I was in Jr. High ( My dad – quite an Athlete – (Pitt/ Baseball)

A)Remember people saying – Your are Tony’s son – You should have seen your old man play – Quite a ball player


B) At that time in my life my whole world revolved around sports and to be known as Tony’s boy – made me Proud

1)   I was linked to something / Someone Special


C) That is but a glimpse of what it means to be satisfied w/ the Significance that comes from being the Child of the King

1)   I am forever linked to Someone, Something & Someplace Special


J.S. When we are consumed w/ the reality of Heaven, Christ is free to Consume us on earth. When we realize that final gain is there & then, we are free to live for Him here & now. When we put gain in its place, we begin to enjoy Christ in His rightful Place – the all consuming center of our lives.


When heaven is the transcendent target of our living – then we indeed have the best of both worlds: Christ HERE and Gain there. We are assured of Christ’s Presence & Protection here and ultimately the Guarantee of Paradise there, where He is the substance of our Eternal Gain.


CS Lewis – Aim at heaven & you will get earth thrown in too, Aim at earth & you will get neither –





Last :   Kingdom Attire : Rosebowl – Wisconsin

A)People wearing colors – You  knew who they were for


B) Airport on a Sat. – Chargers play San Francisco -  ( Colors )


C) What are the clothes of the Kingdom : 2 Pet.1:3-5

His Divine Power -  Living working -  life & godliness

Thru the knowledge of Him -  ( My aim –Know Him more)


GIVING ALL DILIGENCE – effort – Priority


1:5 ADD: Lavishly supply The verb ADD has a colorful and fascinating history.  Stedman  insight

A)In Greek drama the plays were put on by the combined effort of a poet (who wrote the script); the state (which provided the theater);

and a wealthy individual called a choregos, who paid the expenses.

      This called for a generous but sometimes costly effort on his part.


In Peter's view, God has written in the blood of Jesus the captivating script for a Christian life; the world is the theater wherein it will be played out;

     but the believer must cooperate by expending his diligent efforts to

         make the script come alive in vivid display.


This is the Kingdom Attire – it is really another Description of the Fruit of the Spirit !!!

Virtue = moral excellence.”


Knowledge- practical wisdom, obtained by acting on the understanding which truth imparts


Self Control - This means mastering one's moods & Passions , rather than being controlled by them


Perseverance is the ability to endure when circumstances are difficult. Self-control has to do with handling the pleasures of life, while patience relates primarily to the pressures and problems of life.


Godliness - God-likeness.” In the original Greek, this word meant “to worship well.” Living to do the will of God – Living Worship


Brotherly kindness (philadelphia) affection & Concern for others


Love – Agape – self Sacrificing love





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