1 Peter 1:3-5 Why is heaven look so Dim?


Intro: Many yrs ago – When I was an Assistant Pastor on Staff here at CCV I went thru a Subtle Physical Change

A)I remember sitting in the back during one of Pastor Brian’s sermons

      thinking – the Lighting in this place is Horrible – He was Blurry


B) I had the same complaint about certain parts of our city – at night – the

     Lighting is horrible – I can’t see the signs

1)   I never dreamed that I needed my Vision corrected – but that is what

I found out at the Doctor – I was Nearsighted


C) I couldn’t see things at a Distance - / As Christians there are times when we need our Vision Corrected !!!

1)   Because we are called to be people who See things at a Distance/ We 

      are to be People who see things From a Heavenly Perspective –


D) Although We are Living here – we are to Live in light of there !!

1)   In a Sense we are to be people who have Double Vision –

We must see both God and man, Heaven and earth, faults and virtues, present and future.



Peter is writing to Christians who were in Jeopardy  of having their Vision Distorted by the Intense persecution they were Facing

A)Sometimes in the mist of trials & Problems that is all we can see

     Those things loom like huge Mts – blocking our view of everything else


B)Well Peter  seeks to expand & Refocus  their Vision – by reminding them of this Awesome truth found in v.3-5

3Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, 5who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

Peter Reminds them of this awesome truth that  was meant to shape their  outlook on everything else /  life / trials / Relationships/ What Truth? 

A) They were begotten again to a Living Hope /


B) We noted in our last study that  The Word Living – can be Translated Dynamic –    Active working hope Why?

     1) Because it is based upon the fact that Jesus rose again – ALIVE


C) It is an active Hope that is working in my Life because the source of

     that Hope is living in me ( He is alive and at work in my life!!!!

1)   Paul put it this way in Col.1:27 Christ in You is your hope of Glory


D)Hope = Absolute expectation of coming good – so you could look at it in this way – Christ in You is that Absolute expectation of coming Glory


E) That Hope involves an inheritance that is / Incorruptible/ Undefiled / Unfading – that is reserved in Heaven for You / who are Kept by the….

     1) That is where we pick up today in v. 5


When we are in the mist of great difficulties or when we think about severe trials we sometimes wonder – will I be able to Hang on the Lord 

A)I don’t know if I can make it thru the trial that is before me


B) But Peter tells us here – You are kept by the Power of God – you see it is not you holding onto Him / but He is holding on to You !!!

1)   Think of it this way- when My kids were younger – Crossing a street

I would say – Hold Daddy’s Hand – they would


C) Now lets say as we were walking & one of them slipped and lost their balance -  they might open their hand -  It wouldn’t matter

     1)– because I have got them – they think – they are holding onto my hand

          in reality I am holding on to them


D) So it doesn’t matter what Danger comes their way – I have got them

 They are Kept by my Power –

Well Peter says that we are kept by the power of God/ the same power that created the universe,

A)The same power that resurrected Jesus from the dead, the same

      power that gave us our new life in Christ.


 B)That is the power that protects us as we walk by faith in Christ.

1)      Jude – Now unto Him who is able to keep us from Falling & Present us faultless before His ………


C)Now That word Kept could also be translated – Protected

     Jesus put it this  way  in Jn.10 –

John 10: "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me; and I give eternal life to them, and they shall never perish; and no one shall snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all [that includes the world, the flesh, and the devil, and all that would try to afflict us]; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father's hand."


 But why do We need protection ? Because we are involved in a spiritual



A)Our enemies are the world, the flesh, and the devil. All of these are seeking to consume us, to discourage us, to depress us,

1)   to fill our hearts with anxiety and fear.


B)But we are protected from these things by God. Like a Shepherd Protects

     His sheep 


The idea behind this word kept or 'protected' is that the Christian's heart is guarded in the same way a military post is guarded by soldiers.

A)God sets up a military guard in our hearts, thus no one can interfere with our salvation.


B)As we continually rely on Him our lives are not shattered by fear and anxiety. Remember Paul's wonderful words in Philippians, 4:6

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which passes all comprehension, will guard your hearts & minds in Christ."


C) The very core of our emotions – are Guarded by the Lord – in times when

     When we would be prone to be really afraid – Peace



But Peter also says  we are "protected by the power of God through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time."

A)There are three stages in this salvation that Peter speaks of.


B) The first is justification, made Righteous – Just as if never

     1) We are Set free from the penalty of sin.


C) The second stage of salvation is the one we are experiencing now, which is Sanctification, i.e.,/ Transforming – Set apart &

1)   Set Free  from the power of sin.


D)The third stage of salvation (the one Peter is writing about in these verses) is glorification.


D)That is, the divine act of  God whereby a believer at his death is or at the Rapture removed from time & space to a spiritual heavenly kingdom

1)   to live in his new body before the Lord and for the glory of the Lord forever.


E) And That is when the believer is set free from the presence of sin.







Now because we have been set free from the Penalty of sin/ and set free from the Power of Sin / and we are going to be set free from Presence

A)We should be the most Joyful / content and Hopeful people on the

      planet – but too often that is not the case


B) What is wrong – Why does Heaven seem so dim ? So Cloudy

1)   Why don’t we live in the Reality of the Power & Presence of the Lord in us & the Glory that awaits us


C) Several reasons : Give 4 


 #1 Dreams of Youth – Sometimes we get these goals in mind – this is what we want to do – It Consume our focus

A)Engaged to be Married – hearing study on the soon return of Jesus

     1)Thinking – Lord please don’t come until after I get married /


B) Few Yrs later on Denise was Pregnant – She Praying Lord come quickly

1)   And I am Praying Lord Don’t I want to experience what is Like to be a Dad


C) Now there is nothing wrong w/ those type of Desires – But what is wrong is when those things Distort Our Vision –

1)   When We start thinking that the Blessing we experience here can

somehow even COMPARE – to the Joy & Blessing awaiting us there!!



#2 – Another reason Heaven can seem so Dim – Distorted Perception of What it is going to be like

A)All seen the Movies – Sitting on Clouds Playing Harps – One long

     Sunday afternoon Nap !!!!-  Boring


B) Heaven is going to be anything but that – Heaven will be a place where the Desires of our Hearts -  Experienced to the fullest extent

1)   Maybe you love Music & Singing – like me but you don’t have any giftings in that area /You will be able to play great / Sing Wonderfully /

D) Paul said this about heaven – Vision – Too wonderful for Words

     Beautiful beyond description – Amazing

1)   Totally Awestruck -  Few Glimpses we get in the Scriptures – Incredible



#3 Reason /  So easy to get focused on the Temporal Pleasures  

A)In his Book Eternity J,S, the President of Moody – calls these type of Christians – EARTH BOUND BELIEVERS


Earthbound Christians live the most important segments of their lives only in the context of this world. Their expectations dreams hopes & plans all relate to what they can acquire & Experience Now


Money, Careers, Family retirement & time are managed by the Tyranny of temporalism. Since eternity is not our guide – Concepts like investing in the Kingdom of God have little influence upon us. We give out of obedience & obligation


We see our Careers as Platforms for our own Significance & Security not as a means to advance the Kingdom of Christ or as a Platform upon which the Values of the King can be seen !! We are Content to Sing about Heaven & to hear sermons about the authority of Christ & the values of His Kingdom but we fail to live here in light of there .And when it is all said & done we look back upon our lives and see that we have poured into the Bottomless bucket of this world & the Bucket is still empty


A)That unfortunately is the mindset of a lot of people who call themselves Christians – Whole focus is on How they can Please self

1)   Caught up in a mentality that is Primarily – Temporal Satisfaction oriented


B) We want to be happy / Healthy /  wealthy here

1)   In fact there is a  segment of Church today that promotes a Heaven on earth mentality


C) Where the whole focus of things is geared toward me feeling better about myself / How can I improve here / be successful here

1)   Focus is so  Here & Now oriented


D) Selfishness is the Result – Which is at the heart of Most Marriage problems / Relationship Problems & Self oriented / self centered people



4th  Possibly the Biggest – is the Concerns of this life

A)Our Vision gets clouded by the Responsibilities that we have to deal w/


B) Hundreds of things that consume our emotions / Distract our Attention /


C) There are Financial Troubles / the Kids get sick / Friends  marriage Problems / Things fixed around the Home / Ball games / B.day Parties

1)   Sensory Overload – One thing after another


How do we fight this ? I think Paul gives us some great insight in the first few verses of  Col. 3

A)Where he describes how we need a Change of thinking – New Vision


1If then you were raised with Christ, Since you have been Rescued from the Pit – set free by the Lord – new person / transferred new Kingdom

 seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. 2Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. 3For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. 4When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.


Now when Paul challenged the Church in Colosse to Set their minds on the things above – he wasn’t suggesting – some mystical – gaze

A)He wasn’t exhorting them to walk around w/ head in the clouds/  But in

     reality He was Challenging them to think from Heavens point of view

B) The Word for mind that Paul uses in v.2 – speaks of the actual Content of ones thoughts not just the thinking Process

1)   In other words – Paul is suggesting that our Minds need to be reprogrammed


C) Think of it in this way –  I have a computer / but the  use of  my computer is going to depend upon the Software programs in my Computer

1)   My son has a Program that allows him to do Graphics & make pictures


D)But if I want to do a Budget that program is not going to do me any good     

1)   I need a different kind of program – spread sheet / Quicken something

     like that


E)So A Change is needed to accommodate the desired outcome

      That is exactly what Paul is saying here

1)     We need to program our minds towards the things above so that all the

     output of our lives reflects Heaven


What does Paul mean when he says to Set our minds on the things above – & to seek those things which are above what is above ?

A)Heaven is a place where righteousness, justice, Compassion & forgiveness



B)In heaven love, purity, patience, and wisdom are at work.

     1)In Heaven God’s Sovereign Power & all consuming love Prevail.


C) I think Peter gives us insight into the Reprogramming that is to take place

       in our lives in 2 Peter 2 


2 Pet.1:3-5

His Divine Power -  Living working -  life & godliness

Thru the knowledge of Him -  ( My aim –Know Him more)


GIVING ALL DILIGENCE – intense effort – Priority

   Not a lackadaisical approach

1:5 ADD: Lavishly supply   The verb ADD has a fascinating history.  Stedman  insight

A)In Greek drama the plays were put on by the combined effort of a poet (who wrote the script); the state (which provided the theater);

and a wealthy individual called a choregos, who paid the expenses.

      This called for a generous but sometimes costly effort on his part.


In Peter's view, God has written in the blood of Jesus the captivating script for a Christian life; the world is the theater wherein it will be played out;

     but the believer must cooperate by expending his diligent efforts to

         make the script come alive in vivid display.



Think of it in this way – v.3,4 God has given you everything you need for Christian Growth – Brought you to life the moment – expressed  faith

A)Given you word / Spirit / Given you Promises


B) Now Put it to use – Farmer – has all the tools to farm – has the seed

1)   Plow – Be diligent – ( Now the fruit is still going to be from God as He brings rain & sunshine – but you make ready)


C) Chuck - Being under the spot where the Blessing flows out –

     1) Paul -Walk in the Spirit -  ( Having all the


Virtue = moral excellence.”

A)It is interesting that in our Society today we don’t hear much about Virtue

1)   All of our talk about Principles that determine behavior is in the terms of Values


B) But Values can be very diverse –

     1)One persons idea of Family values might differ greatly from someone



C) But Virtue speaks of that Which is Best – it is based upon a Higher  

      Authority – Moral absolutes of the King of Kings

D) Virtue is in direct contrast to Tolerance of the Day – identifies that there is such thing as an Absolute best

1)   Everything else is 2nd best or Wrong


E) Standing on the truth


Knowledge- practical wisdom, obtained by acting on the understanding which truth imparts ( Wisdom Applied )

A)Better understanding of who Jesus is & what it means to be His Disciple

      Obtained thru getting into the word


Self Control - This means mastering one's moods & Passions , rather than being controlled by them


Perseverance is the ability to endure when circumstances are difficult. Self-control has to do with handling the pleasures of life, while patience relates primarily to the pressures and problems of life. ( Hupomone)


Godliness - God-likeness.” In the original Greek, this word meant “to worship well.” Living to do the will of God – Living Worship

A) A desire that all you do would be done to the Glory of God


Brotherly kindness (philadelphia) affection & Concern for others


Love – Agape – self Sacrificing love / Unconditional Love


Fruit of the Spirit !!!!!  - Walk in the spirit




Short sighted



Last :   Kingdom Attire : Rosebowl – Wisconsin

A)People wearing colors – You  knew who they were for


B) Airport on a Sat. – Chargers play San Francisco -  ( Colors )


C) What are the clothes of the Kingdom :