1Peter 1:10:12 The Angels are Watching


Intro: The Book of Heb. Was written to Jewish believers who were in danger of neglecting their salvation by going back to Judaism because of Family Pressure – threats to DISOWN them for believing in Jesus


A)A key argument presented in the book  is why go back to the shadows –(Judaism) – when You can have the real thing? JESUS


B) The writer builds his case by showing that  all the Jewish Leaders of old / all the Sacrifices & Festivals & Rituals were all pointing to JESUS

1)   Those were the Shadows / the Pictures – but He is the real thing


C) In light of that He says in Ch.2:1


1Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away.


The Term drift away - nautical term - used of ship drifting out to sea

A) It Can happen on a ship when someone forgets to chart the  winds, & the  

     tides or forget to secure anchor at night - boat drifts past harbor into storm


B) Similar thing happens – when surfing or out in the water at the beach – when there is a subtle undertow – under current

1)         You go into the water – Land mark – Blue Beach Chair – or Life guard tower – take your eyes off the Land mark – How Drift so far


C) The same is true Spiritually – there is an undertow in this world – unseen current that has as it’s goal to take us miles away from Christ – land mark

1)   Which is why we are told in Heb.12 – Run laying aside the Weights & the Sin – things which so easily entangle us – Run w/ endurance fixing our eyes on Jesus the Author & Finisher of our Faith




Idea of Fixing our eyes – Don’t take your eyes off of Him – Every corner every Mt./….obstacle – is seen w/ Him in view – Our leader / Strength

A)So that we Chart the winds of Circumstance & the tides of turbulence that can come into our lives – from an Eternal & Heavenly perspective


B) And in the Night Hrs – we are making sure that our Lives are Anchored Deeply into Christ & His ability to see us thru the Storms


C) But Notice drifting that occurs is directly related to not giving earnest heed to the word of God –

1)   Earnest heed – to give heed to more abundantly – lit. to hold the mind to


D)Anchor deep – that is the idea of giving heed hold the mind to

1)   Knowing what I believe & why ? Understanding who my savior is and what it means to be found in Him


The idea of not giving earnest  heed to the Word is directly connected to   Neglecting our Salvation

A.)    V.3 - How escape if neglect so great a salvation:


B) Word neglect  means to sit passively by / or to make light of something – under appreciate

  1) Really a description of apathy or complacency


C)How does this happen?  Begins when in my heart I fail to realize how

      great salvation is:     what saved from; saved unto


C) That leads to my heart becoming dull spiritually - which results   in becoming spiritually malnourished, - not eating word

1.)       No fellowship in my life - things of God slip on my priority list.  

          Sensitivity to spirit diminishes


D) The lack of nourishment, leads to becoming weak, first big storm comes leaves me crippled spiritually/ Ship wrecked & in need of major repair


Now as we turn our attention to the book of 1 Peter – Peter has been writing about this Great Salvation

A)Begins in v.2 –Elect according to the foreknowledge of God ….

  v.3 Born again to a Living Hope – thru Resurrection (Active & working)


3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,


B) A hope that includes an v.4,5 inheritance that is incorruptible & undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, who are Kept ….


C) That hope serves as an Anchor to our souls that allows us to rejoice in the

    mist of the Trials and suffering that we can encounter in this life –

1)   As we understand how the Lord is using them to  Strengthen in our faith in the Lord - & Deepen  our love for the Lord   v.6-9



Now the reasons that Christians neglect their Salvation here in the states differs from those the book of Hebrews was addressed to!

A)Most of us have not had to deal w/ the Pressure of our Families threatening to disown us for believing in Christ


B)No Our reasons for neglecting our salvation – which leads to our drifting from the Lord & not staying anchored into Him or His Word !!

1)   Are things like – being Distracted by the cares & the responsibilities of this Life ( So much to do – so little time – Walks suffer )


C) Constant Battle – our walks our own personal time w/ the Lord can become 3rd or 4th on our Priority list


D)Others  neglect their salvation by Pursuing after temporal things

 thinking what really need is more money – better car / bigger house

     1) More FUN – Buy toys


Another way in which we neglect our salvation is by not applying the resources that are ours in Christ

A)In 1864 at the age of 30 Hetty Green inherited her fathers fortune of 1 million dollars


B) She bought Civil War bonds & in a short time became a Multimillionaire

     Yet she lived like a Pauper


C) When her son was injured in a sledding accident, Hetty tried to get free treatment at a Clinic –she was denied- when ….recognized


D) She  decided to treat the wound herself The injury to her sons leg – became infected & his leg  had to be amputated

     1) all because she didn’t want to pay ( Worlds worst miser)


E) She had all the resources necessary but didn’t use them

1)   At her death – her Estate was worth 100 million dollars


I wonder how often do we do a similar thing by seeking to handle the Challenges & the affairs in our lives in our own Strength & Ingenuity A)We fail to realize the wealth of our redemption & we live like spiritual Paupers or Orphans –focusing on the limited resources of the flesh


B) I wonder how often we or our families have had to suffer unnecessarily because of our Spiritual Neglect !!!!


C) And as we come to v.10-12 – Peter gives us some good reasons why we shouldn’t  neglect our Salvation -  Read v.10-12


Peter begins by telling us that the Prophets of old who wrote the scriptures searched diligently about the grace that was to come

A)That ref. To the grace – is directly related to the Salvation that was to come thru the Messiah they wrote about


B)The phrase  – searched diligently – describes a miner – who is looking intently for gold dust in a pan of sand

1)   They were looking intently into  this salvation that was to come / seeking to learn as much as they could about this Messiah


C) But there was something they didn’t quite understand about this Messiah that was to come –

1)   The Lord showed them that  He was going to reign in Glory / but that He was also going to suffer


D)They saw the sufferings of the Messiah,& also the glory that would follow;   

    but they could not fully understand the connection between the two.


The Old Testament believers looked ahead by faith and saw, as it were, two mountain peaks: Mount Calvary, where Messiah suffered  

A)Mount Olivet, where He will return in glory (Zech. 14:4).


B)What they couldn’t see was  the “valley” in between, (Gap at least a 2000 yrs) / Church would be Born  the present age of  the church.)

1) They didn’t understand it


C)But Peter says we do – We understand what they failed to realize that in order for us to be Partakers of His Glory

1)   In order for us to enjoy the Blessings of our inheritance – HE HAD TO DIE – TO PAY THE PRICE FOR OUR SINS


So first we shouldn’t neglect our Salvation because of the example of the prophets of old –

A)who even though they didn’t fully understand – they searched diligently concerning the grace that was to come



B)  We realize the price that was Paid -We understand what had to take place in order for us to be partakers of Glory


C) We realize the Sacrifice that God made / the Love that He displayed in sending His Son ( We know that it was the only way – Redeem us )


D) It was hidden from them but it has been revealed to us – whom the Lord has commissioned to be Messengers of this Glorious Good news

1)   There is Salvation for the world – available in Christ !!!


E) The Saints of the O.T. searched diligently into these things – looking for understanding – Longing to see Fulfilled – ( One Reason – not Neglect)


Another  is found in the last Phrase of v.12 / which is where I want to spend the rest of our time this morning/

Things which angels desire to look into


A)Now That word DESIRE is a strong one – it means a Passionate desire – intense desire


B) It is used by Christ in expressing his wish to eat the Passover – HE LONGED to eat that meal w/ them! (Lk22:15);

     1)of the prodigal's desire to satisfy his hunger with the husks (Lk15:16);


C) The Phrase – look into – ( means to stoop sideways ) it is used of Peter & John Stooping to look down into the empty tomb of Jesus

1)   It conveys the idea of bending forward – stretching out the neck to look into – something


D) That is what Peter says is going on w/ the Angels – they are on the edge of their seats – straining their necks – w/ intense longing

1)   To see this salvation that God has made available to us – they are radically interested in what is going on – how playing out !!!



Lets think for a few minutes about what they saw

A)1st they saw Lucifer rebel & get CAST out of heaven – along w/ 1/3 of their fellow Angelic beings


B) Then they saw this creature man that God had made – rebel and consequently get cast out of the garden of Eden


C) They noticed that no provision was made for the fallen angels – when they fell from their first Estate – God left them w/ out hope forever

1)   There is no mercy for the fallen angels / they wait for that day when they will receive the full recompense of their Rebellion


CHS Amazing to think about in light of the Sovereignty of God – that when God had made both men & angels and both had sinned  That He passed by the Greater sinners & took the lesser ones


They watched as God reached out to man – told Eve of that which was going to come forth from the seed of a woman to Crush Satan / Bruise

A)They watched the plan unfold as the Lord called a man by the name of Abe – to come and follow Him / old age have a Son


C) Thru Abraham –God was going to start a new – nationality – Hebrews

1)   The followers of Yaweh – from Abe seed –would come this one who was to be the Messiah the Savor of the world


D) They watched as the Lord sent two Angels to the City of Sodom & Gomorrah to get His servant Lot out of the city

1)   Before – he destroyed the cities – in what would be a preview of what He would do to a World that – would reject His love






They witnessed the Lord – giving instructions to Moses concerning the building of the Ark – Upon it – Mercy seat

A)Perpetual picture of their Curiosity & Amazement at God’s plan of Salvation – for on the Mercy seat – two Angels – wings / heads


B) Looking down upon that very spot where the Blood of the Sacrifice was sprinkled by the Priest on the day of atonement


C) They watched as God the Son – Jesus was –sent to fulfill the Mission – that He would Lower Himself to the point of being a baby


D) They watched as some of their fellow Angels were sent to go & sing Praises to a group of Shepherds in the field

1)   Might have even wondered – Is this the gig  they were practicing for all those yrs


They watched as Jesus came to His own – Dwelt among the people that He had made – but His own did not receive Him / despised / rejected

A)And then they watched in horror as – He carried the Cross – up that Hill called Calvary outside of the city of Jerusalem


B) They watched as He was nailed to that cross – they watched as He cried out My God …….. 


C) But then they Rejoiced at His Resurrection. – He broke the Chains of Death

1)   God’s plan of redemption was accomplished / the price was paid

Sinners became saints / Enemies…. Friends / orphans …Children


And we are told – that “there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents”  

A)That is to say, there is joy in God’s heart, and the angels can see it

     They stand in God’s presence, and they can see that God is glad;


B)And they share in His Gladness/ at  those who embrace God’s gift of Love


C)Jesus gave us a picture of this in the Parable of the Lost sheep

   1)where our Savior represents the shepherd calling together his friends and

       his neighbors, and saying to them,

“Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.”


Spurgeon :  Angels take a deep interest in the gospel because they observe God’s interest in it. That for which God cares, angels care for at once. That

which grieves the Holy Spirit, must be grievous to holy angels, too; and

that which gladdens the heart of God must also make glad the spirits that

bow adoringly around his throne.



So the angels have been intently watching – stooping – down straining the neck watching the Plan of God unfold

A)I think they continue to watch & wonder How we can neglect so great a Salvation / how we can take it for Granted


B) How we can so easily become distracted by things that become our passion / our Priorities / instead of Following Christ

1)   Instead of Serving Christ


C) They watch & wonder at how we can not walk in the resources that God has made available to us ( help us w/ our responsibilities)


D) How we who have this living hope can become so swayed by the circumstances around us instead of remaining Anchored in Christ


And they watch as the Lord continues to shower upon us His grace / continues to put up w/ our doubting

A)Continues to be patient w/ our stubbornness –


B) I think they Marvel in amazement – at why we don’t surrender ourselves completely to His love & grace & Leading

     1) Use us – Lord have a PLAN B

The Angels are watching: They are watching US here today to see if there will be any sinners who give their lives to the Lord

A)Watching to see – how people are going to respond to the invitation


B) So Peter gives us some good reasons why – we shouldn’t neglect our salvation – we shouldn’t take it for granted

1)   The Prophets studied – didn’t fully understand  2) But we do / been commissioned to Preach 

2)   The Angels are intently watching –


C) So in light of that we have to ask ourselves what are we doing ? - 

1)   Are we searching the scriptures in order to understand a little more of

     the Love that God has for us


D)Are we mining the truths of His word –digging beneath the surface -seeking to make them our own

     1) Do we passionately w/ intensity approach the things of the Lord


E) Are we seeking opportunities to Proclaim His Glorious Truth to those around us

1)   Are we walking in the reality of the resources that – God has made

      abundantly available – to us



The Shepherds in Luke 2 are a good example for us – How to live

A)After the angels appeared to them – notice what they did


15So it was, when the angels had gone away from them into heaven, that the shepherds said to one another, “Let us now go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has come to pass, which the Lord has made known to us.” 16And they came with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the Babe lying in a manger. 17Now when they had seen Him, they made £widely known the saying which was told them concerning this Child. 18And all those who heard it marveled at those things which were told them by the shepherds. 19But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart. 20Then the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told them.


B) Note 3 things

1st – They quickly went and searched for the Child – Found = found him after a fierce search –


C) There wasn’t any delay – their attitude – wasn’t – lets check that out tomorrow – they went right away – w/ haste – to find him

1)   And they didn’t quit until they did !!!


D) One of the biggest reasons for spiritual drifting – for not being where we maybe should be spiritually is this right here

1)   So often our tendency is to say – I know I need to do that / I know I need to take care of that – but I will do it tomorrow


E) Lord I will deal w/ that – tonight – hungry now – Lord I will take care of that at the women’s retreat

1)   Don’t put off today – what the Lord is speaking to your Heart



2nd v.17 – After they had seen Him – they made widely known – what was told to them – the message – Savior had come (reaction marveled)

A)How we need to follow their example – share this great message – make it widely known in our circles of Influence


B) Hopefully to everyone who knows us – it is clear that we are about Jesus – always talking about Jesus ( Know where we stand what we are about)


3rd v.20 They went on their way rejoicing !!! – They got a taste of the Salvation of God –

A)Worship should mark our lives


B) Those 3 things are good marks of the person who is giving heed to their salvation – Searching – know

1)   Talking

2)   Praising

C) Now if you are here today – have not received this salvation – it is available today – Angels are watching / waiting

1)   God Loves you – sent His Son / free sin / penalty / Power – captive / the guilt / the frustration


D) Extends that to you – Commitment – Follow –Christ



Maybe you are here today – Christian – but you realize that you have been neglecting your salvation

A)You have – been distracted – allowed  things to get in  the way – have caused you to drift – no longer anchored in Christ


B) The tides of Turbulence / the winds of circumstance have blown you off course

1)   You have been affected by the undertow of the world – Looked up one day wondered – How did I get way over here ? Distracted / Distant


C) Listen – don’t say tomorrow -  make it right today !!!!

1)   Burdens you are carrying – put in his hands right now


D)Compromise allowed in – Repent – turn – Lord in my heart right now I am putting that away – throwing it out – then – follow thru go Home