1 Peter 5:1-4 Shepherding the Flock Prt.2


Intro: As we come to Ch. 5 – Peter begins by addressing the Leadership

A)Application to Husbands & Parents as spiritual Leaders in their homes


B) Application to anyone in Ministry because – Peter focus is the Heart

1)   What the Heart attitude needs to be of those serving Jesus in Any capacity


C) In our Study last time we talked about how a man comes into the role of an Elder

1)   Then we began to consider the Ministry of the Pastor – found in v.2 –He is a SHEPHERD – Shepherd the Flock of God that is among you


D) So the Pastor is a Shepherd – who is entrusted by the Lord w/ a Flock to

      take care of


E) Then we looked at what Shepherds do: LOVE / FEED/ TEND/ LEAD/ SERVE ( 1ST SERVICE – THEY PROTECT)



Peter puts it this way – SERVING AS OVERSEERS

A) Oversee – To be aware of what is going on/  This word  Oversee carries w/ it the idea of Protection / 2 Areas – Watch & Warn /


B) 1st Those who are Overseers – are to Watch out for what ?

Acts 20 28Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church £of God which He purchased with His own blood. 29For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. 30Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves. 31Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.



C) First they are watching out for Wolves- from w/ out !!!

1)   Those who would come from the outside – seeking to devour the sheep


D) Watch out for – those who come to Fleece the Flock

1)   HAND OUTS -  They want your business – can we post this flyer

Or they are in the parking lot w/ a Story –


E) Guest Speakers – ( Letters Brother Rob- Message for your Church

1)   Huge Fee – and sell their books


Watch out for Those false Heresies – Blow like wind thru the Church

A)Holy Laughter / barking….Spirit – EXPOSE – the error of those things


B) So watch out for wolves – on the outside seeking to get in –

1)   But notice that Paul also says v.30 30Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves.


C) Watch out – from with in – those who go off – start teaching things that are not right – (Word perverse is – to Distort or to Misinterpret )

1)   Home fellowship – Antenna’s are up -  Go off in an area – Over emphasize something – not balanced


D) Note – Paul says good indication – of such a one is they seek to draw away people after themselves


E) If you are ever in a setting – Where someone is teaching & you start to hear things like – We have discovered the deeper truths

1)   Or we have an understanding in this area – that others just don’t have / or this is the Key to Christian walk – Be on guard


F) Whenever you see a group or a Church – more excited about the person who is teaching then they are about – Jesus -  TROUBLE

1)   So & So is so wonderful -  why? – Hopefully it is because they are leading them to Jesus – if not – TROUBLE

So Watch out – Oversee – wolves from w/in & from w/out

A)A good way to DETECT  if someone is a wolf –  Wolves Eat sheep -  Feed on them - Seeking to see what they can get from them


Aa) Where as Shepherds – seek to see what they can give to the sheep


B) Single sisters : Husband – is he interested in serving you – blessing you seeing how he can take care of you

1)   Or is he only interested in what he can get from you


C) So Shepherds Protect – Oversee – watching out for Wolves


D)Tell guys who desire to be in ministry here – one of the Criteria’s for being in Leadership – You have to be here

1)   Cannot be watching out for the Sheep – if you are not around the sheep


E) Ask men to commit to Consistently being here at our main services Sundays & Wed. New guys  ( Look for guys – who are at those meetings)


F) Another aspect of Watching is to watch in Prayer –

1)   Jesus – exemplified this – Peter Satan has sought to sift you…..but I


E. M. Bounds

The men who have done the most for God in this world have been early on their knees.


Prayer ... is one half of a man's ministry; and it gives to the other half all its power and success.


A Second aspect of the Shepherds ministry in Protecting  is to Warn

A)Jesus example:  Beware of Leaven of the Pharisees –



B) Of the Sadducees – MATERIALISM

1)   Herod – WORLDLINESS

C) The Point being – Jesus warned his Disciples He told them to beware of certain things to watch out for things –

1)   Part of the Ministry of the Shepherd is to EXHORT

Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.


D) Warn against – Complacency/ Carnality – These Movies are bad

1)   In the old days – Spurgeon / Morgan / those guys – Brothels / Prostitution


E) Today – Internet – Watch out – Have a Block / Ladies dress – what signals are you sending ?


Part of the Job of Protecting is to try to keep people away from things that are going to cause infection – weaken walks

A)Amanda – Splinter – Hold her down – while she was screaming

     Sometimes we want to do that w/ People


B)Shepherds don’t just feed they warn – A Shepherd who only feeds and doesn’t warn is only fattening people up for the Kill.

1)   Been Criticized at times for being too Exhortive – Pray that you don’t grow weary of Exhortation


Spurgeon :  "Those that are strong in exhortation but weak in doctrine are like those that snuff the lamp but don't pour in the oil. Again, those that are strong in doctrine and nothing in exhortation drown the wick in oil and then don't light it, making it fit for use if it had fire put to it, but as it is, having only a potential for good rather than actually being profitable for the present. Doctrine without exhortation makes men all brain, no heart; exhortation without doctrine makes the heart full, leaves the brain empty. Both together make a person. One makes a wise person, the other good. One serves that we may know our duty, the other that we may perform it. I will labor in both, but I do not know to which I ought to give most attention.


C)Some say : Balance the exhortation w/ Grace – supply – Jesus didn’t even do that – Nor did Paul –        Be littles the Exhortation -  Let it stand

Now we want to Consider the Motive of the Shepherds Ministry

A)When a person responds to that call – what is to be the Motivation


B) Peter says He is to serve : Willingly – He is to be a Willing servant   


C) True ministry happens when a Willing servant is submitted to the will of God for his / her life out of an intense love for Christ

1)   That is to be the Motivation – Willing response to Christ Love & Gift


D) Paul – 2 Cor. 5:14 For the Love of Christ COMPELS me  -

1)   Rom. 1 – I am a Debtor


True service is to stem from a Willing heart of a person who’s life has been so touched by the Lord – so in love w/ the Lord – wants to serve

A)Not to be from Compulsion – not forced


B) Never a duty – always a Privilege – not a have to but a want to

1)   God loves a Cheerful giver – Tithing but also could relate to time & effort


C) Not because there is a need – I have not seen very many situations where a person went into Ministry – because of a need-  that lasted

1)   Where the person didn’t get burned out –or Frustrated of just plain served the Lord half heartedly


D) NEED TO KNOW CALLED -  Willingly respond to that call


E) Importance of Knowing calling? – trials / warfare / doubt & Discouragement WILL COME !!!!!


F) Flip side - If called – Not going to be truly happy until – you are willingly doing what the Lord has called you to ( Me Baseball)




With the Motivation – good to discuss the Purpose

A)Purpose of ministry is this  - God is glorified – not so that man can be exalted – God gets the Glory – Not going to share His glory


B) Interesting v. in 2 Chron about King Uzziah 26:15 - So his fame spread far and wide, for he was marvelously helped till he became strong.


C) When he became strong – it says he was lifted up w/ Pride

1)   Link that w/ Isa. 6 really interesting – In the yr. that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord


D) It took the death of this great king to get the People’s eyes back on the Lord

  1) Uzziah forgot the first lesson of leadership – When I am weak I am strong


Listen God is glorified in our Weaknesses

A)Picture this scene – two armies camped on two different hills w/ a valley in between - 


B) In the Valley stands a Giant of a man – ( a man who would make Shaq. Look small – He stands there in full armor / Shield /Spear / Sword

1)   He stands in the Valley calling for a Challenger – Lets settle this thing man to man – once & for all


C) Out steps the Challenger- / He is good size but no where near the other man – He too is dressed in full armor – shield / sword / spear / Helmet

1)   The battle begins – many hard blows – up & down – when finally the lesser man defeats this Giant of a man – His army rejoices


D) In that setting – Most of the Glory would go to that man – he was quicker more swift – more gifted

1)   Maybe of few spiritually minded might –give some credit to the Lord for helping the man win – but most wouldn’t even think that way


But picture the same scene w/ the Giant in the Valley- calling for a Challenger – out steps a Young boy

A)Dressed not in armor – but in regular clothes / wielding not a sword or a spear but merely a sling shot


B) The Scene would be Comical – yet when David defeated Goliath – God got the Glory & Israel’s army was given – great confidence in Him

1)   Pursued the enemy w/ Boldness


C) David was definitely weak – by all outward indications but the Lord was glorified in his weakness


W.Wiersbe – tells the Story of being at a big Denominational Conf. Where this music group sang a song / Flare / flashy very showbiz like

When they were done – People were smiling saying – wow that was good – Wasn’t their Choreography was entertaining ?


That group was followed by a Pastor in a Wheel Chair – because of MS

He sang – No one ever cared for  me like Jesus -  When he was finished a holy hush filled the room – people were moved to tears and exclaimed wow isn’t our God Wonderful – Oh how we ought to love him more – there were no Cheers / no applause – just worship


Wiersbe adds this: When ministry becomes a performance, then the Sanctuary becomes a theater, the congregation becomes an audience, worship becomes entertainment, mans applause & approval become the measure of success. But the ministry is for the Glory of God, his presence moves into the Sanctuary. Even the unsaved visitor will fall down on his face, worship God, and Confess that God is among us.



God is often glorified in Impossible Situations –

A)Gideon – 30,000 down to 300 – Victory


B) Hez. 185,000 dead Assyrians

God is glorified when People are bearing fruit

A)John 15:  Herein is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit.  


B) Today too many people – judge everything by numbers – how many got saved / how many attended –


C) Those are the Results – but results are not always indications of fruit

1)        A result is often a one time deal.  Fruit carries within itself its own seed that reproduces through offspring, for continued growth & strength.


Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Lettuces, radishes, and such garden crops are soon out of the ground and ready for the table--a month almost suffices to perfect them. But an oak requires long centuries to come to the fullness of its growth.


Those graces which are most precious and durable will cost us longest to produce. Those good things which spring up hastily may have some transient worth about them, but we cannot look for permanence and value in them. There is no need to deplore the slowness of our spiritual growth, if that which comes of it is of a solid character.


D) Too many ministries are busy looking for “results- God looks for fruit.

  1) Is it catching, it is spreading, is it continual?  Richard’s Youth ministry



Next we want to consider the Manner of Ministry:

V.3 –Shepherds Manner – Not over lords – Not Dictators /

A)An overlord tells people what to do – Shepherd says – lets do this together


B) Husbands / Dads – take note – Not called to be Dictators in the home

1)   But Examples – See you as the servant – the under rower


C) Sad mentality in many Christian homes / Don’t do as a do – but do as I say –

1)   That just doesn’t cut it – not in the Church & not in the home



5  Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,

6  who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God,7  but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.

8  And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross.


A)Note:  He did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, What does that mean.

1)  The word robbery is translated 2 ways in the grk.


B)1st   something unlawfully seized or taken . 

1)  2nd  how it is used here - most enlightening  A Prize - a treasure to be clutched & retained at all cost. 


C)The 2nd translation is used in this instance - He did not consider His equality w/ God as a treasure to be clutched & retained at all cost.

1)  Instead we are told that He made Himself of no reputation which could also be translated - He emptied himself and took the form of a bondservant & came in the likeness of men.


D) Although Jesus was fully God – He was also fully Man – Emptied – He didn’t cling to His right to display His glory

  1)The glory of God was concealed in the humanity of Jesus. It was hidden

      under or w/ in the physical body that He possessed.


E) Glimpse of it at the Transfiguration.

1)   Recall All through His life - not time for me to be glorified - now is not the time for my glory to be revealed.


F) Example that Jesus gives to us is that of a Servant Leader



Wiersbe: If ministry means anything it means following Christ & becoming more like Him as we serve others & help them become more like Christ. Becoming more like Christ is a quest that will never end in this life but when this life ends, having been on that quest will make the Next life more blessed

What Theologians call Sanctification is simply the Process of following Christ and being transformed by the spirit into His likeness


But following Christ example involves much more than imitation it involves INCARNATION  

A) We are the body of Christ & He is seeking to live His life through us today as the members of His body - to reach this world !  


B)The  Incarnation lives on)

1) Conduits through which Jesus desires to work & minister!


C)Let this mind be in You : God wants to transform us – give us the mindset of Christ – Permeate our very being – so that it moves us to action

  1)A Different way of thinking that will result in a different way of living



Shepherds reward : 2 areas –Rewards  here / Rewards later

A)1st Here : Peter doesn’t mention this – but plenty of other places – including Jesus


B)There is a Satisfaction in Knowing – that your life made a difference

1)   Those in Thessalonica You are our Joy & glory


C)There is a certain sense of Joy & wonder in knowing that the Lord has used your life – to impact someone for eternity

1)   That the Lord used you to help another believer get stronger / become more stable  - someone grieving – helped them thru –


D)The 2nd aspect of Reward here is that the Lord blesses you w/ more responsibility

1)   Faithful in the little things – exalted w/ more – God sees He can trust

 REWARDS LATER : Diff. Crowns

A)Here Crown of glory –


1 Thes 9For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Is it not even you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at His coming?


2 Tim 4:8  Crown of Righteousness for those who love his appearing


James 1:12 Crown of Life – those endure trials


In 1 Cor. 9 Paul likened the Christian life to running a race – to receive a Crown- not a perishable one – wreath – but imperishable – ETERNAL

A)For that reason Paul says – I run w/ aim – paying attention to detail – not boxing – hitting the air – but the TARGET


B) I want to obtain the price -  Crown or Crowns that the Lord has

Amazing to think that the Lord is going to reward us


The Netherlands is a nation so overcrowded that they pay people to leave. If a Dutch family will emigrate to another country, the government will reward them for doing it because of their very small land area and, by comparison, large population. We wonder how many take advantage of the offer.


Same is true for us  When we emigrate from this world, as Revelation 2:23 tells us, the Lord will "repay each of you according to your deeds."


C) Reward of being blessed w/ responsibility in Eternity


Close today – Praying in some application


Looking Back - I see that there have been those in my life God used as Shepherds for me, who stood guard over me as a young believer, that I might be sheltered, protected for growth.


Those who put in extra time, effort, prayer on my behalf. (Prayer thanks)

Now it’s my turn to be able to do this for other.( Prayer Lord help me)

Looking Ahead - I see that the reward awaiting me in heaven may differ depending on my degree of involvement and intimacy with the Lord here.   How I interact and communicate with the Lord here will affect what  I am able to do so for a gazillion years in the future.




Looking In - I see that I am most satisfied and content when I am giving of myself to others and actively involved in service. Better give than receive 

1)   Cure for depression?  Ten step program:  Do something for someone

     else, then repeat 9 times.


  2) Who am I focused on myself or others


Looking Behind - I see that those who used to be more involved and for whatever reason have chosen to withdraw from the front lines

Reminded   In the battle with the Amelikites, they picked off the stragglers, but those on the front line were safe. 


The armor of God has no back piece - plenty of protection in the front for advancing into battle, no protection for those running away from the battle.



Looking Out - I see miserable people all around me.  How can I help but want to be involved in ministry to them? 

1)   Pray for salvation & opportunities to share


Looking Up - I see the sacrifice Jesus made for me when I look up to Mt. Calvary.  After what He has done for me, how can I help but serve Him, and minister to Him? 


Lord help that to always be my Motivation