1 Peter 5:8,9 Running to the ROAR!


Intro: My son Aaron & I were hanging out together the other day – talking about who our favorite Bible Characters were

A)His – Moses or David -  gave reasons why – and I agreed those were great guys –


B) But I had to admit that the guy who was definitely ranked way up there as one of my favorites was the apostle Peter : THE REASON 

1)      I find him SO RELATABLE 


C) You recall when Peter was asked to go w/ Jesus there in the garden of Gethsemane. On the night of Jesus betrayal – day before Crucifixion

1)   Jesus asked Peter to pray w/ him for 1 hr. – but Peter fell asleep –

     not once but 2 times


D) After the 2nd time – Jesus made this remark – about Peter – The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak


Now this is why we can relate to Peter – He had a spirit that was willing but he struggled w/ the frailties of his flesh AND  so do We !!!!!

A)He had a willing spirit – but weak flesh – that caused him to struggle


B) You recall when Jesus first called Peter – fishing – hauling in fish

1)   Follow me & I will make you a fisher of men  - Immediately he left the nets & followed the Lord


C) But then after 3 yrs of following Jesus – on that night when Jesus was betrayed and led away to be tried – we read – Peter followed from a far!

1)   Now there was a Distance between Peter & his Lord – and on that night Peter did what he swore he would never do – didn’t want to do – DENY




Earlier in his following of the Lord – Stormy night –Jesus coming walking on the Water – Peter Lord that you tell me to come –

A) Willing Spirit -  But after getting out of the boat – and walking a short distance – Weak flesh set in – Eyes off Jesus – wind waves - sank


B) Caesarea Philippi – Who do men say that I am – Peter –gets Revelation

Commended by Jesus –

  1) But 5 verses later –  Jesus talking about His death – Peter – Not so Lord

       rebuked – Get behind me Satan !!!!


D) Great moments followed by Deep defeats –  I can relate



Now it shouldn’t be surprising to us that Peter went thru these struggles because Jesus said in Lk. 22

A)Peter Satan has desired to sift you like wheat – he wants to grind you up and do you in – BUT I HAVE PRAYED FOR YOU


B) PTL. That Jesus is our Intercessor – Lives to Intercede –

     Constantly – continually – Praying for us


C) So Jesus says Satan is after you Peter – but I am praying for you – and after you have recovered – Strengthen Your Brethren / Bros & Sisters


D) So we are sitting here today @ CCV 2,000 yrs later – listening to our Brother Peter – doing Just that – Strengthening us /

1)   Giving Insight into the battle – subject of spiritual Warfare


E) See Peter came to understand about spiritual Warfare and how the enemy seeks to use the things of this world & its system to appeal to our flesh.

1)   In hopes of Devouring us & Bringing us down


But Peter was an overcomer – and we can be overcomers as well – by taking heed to Peter’s instruction – He begins by saying

A)Be SOBER & BE VIGILANT -     ( Vista Ice box story)

B) Be Sober = TO wake up / be on guard / to save the mind – being self-controlled ( Opposite of being careless)

1)   A lot of Christians today act like life is a play ground – Peter is reminding us that this life is a battle ground – Be sober / on guard


C) BE VIGLIANT – simply means to WATCH

1)   Why Be Sober & Vigilant ? 



A)Note not Generic – The adversary – No ! – Your Adversary – He is against you !!!! He is after You /


B) Satan = Adversary – one who is an enemy – He is against you

1)   The DEVIL -  The Accuser – one of the ways he comes against us

Accuser of the brethren


C) Pause Reminder – Satan is not Omni Present – Not everywhere at once like God – Limited to being in one place at one time / Lots of helpers

1)   Nor is he All powerful – But  Power he has / was given by God

  More on Par w/ Michael the Arch Angel


D) Alive & well in the world/ definitely has power – but his power is limited



Question: Why does Satan want to pick on Me? – Several reasons

A)1st – Because of my Citizenship – I belong to Christ – he hates Christ and since you are a Believer in Jesus – Citizen of His Kingdom = hated


B)2nd – God’s Plan for You – Romans 8:29 Conform into image …..son !!!

1)   Satan doesn’t want to see you grow in the Lord – he doesn’t want you to go to Bible studies/ study on your own – He knows the word transforms


C) He wants to keep you from it !!!

1)   Earlier in my walk – any time I would get serious about growing in the

     Lord & studying the word I would get sick / Last thing wanted do study

D) Now that is one main things I do if I get sick – rarely get sick – tactic doesn’t work

1) Satan hates Jesus so much – the last thing he wants is to see you become more like Jesus – so he is going to discourage you from seeking/ studying


3rd Usefulness : He doesn’t want to see you used in bringing others to Christ or helping them grow in the Lord

A)Which is why when people really get serious about growing in the Lord & serving Him –Bringing others to Christ – count on ATTACK


B) Want to avoid being attacked: Don't seek to grow in the Lord! Don’t  

      Be content w/ where you are at!

  1.)   Don't seek to make a difference or an impact - to be involved                in ministry ( The minute you do - Enemy perks up)


C) Understand even those who live complacent lives are still attacked - 

     It is Just subtle /  The enemy seeks to subtly pull them back into world

1.)             Compromise and carnality!



Now Peter’s next description of Satan gives us some insight into how Satan seeks to come against us – One of main tricks – Intimidation

A)Peter describes him as a ROARING LION  seeking whom he may…..


B) Now the phrase the Roaring Lion – was one that was understood in Bible times & even in some cultures today – to be a Title ( Illuminates this)


C) The Roaring Lion was the former  King of the Pride of Lions

1)   Older Lion who – used to be the King – but now was too old to really function in that capacity/ not ENERGY he used to have

2)   Not the  hunter he used to be -  / But WISE


D) Sort of like a Chancellor at a college – He used to be the President

1)   But Now not young enough / lacking the energy to function day to day in that capacity – Dr. John Walvoord

That is what the Roaring Lion was – Old – not as much energy but one thing he could still do was ROAR !!!!

A)This is what they do: time for a hunt – find an area where deer or Zebras are grazing – Roaring lion goes on one end / other lions / opposite


B)He would roar to startle those grazing animals – they would run in the opposite direction of the roar – but straight toward the other waiting Lions


b)  Tactic that the Lions have used forever – Now if we were going to give counsel to the Deer / Zebra – what say

  1) When You hear the Roar – don’t run in the opposite direction – in reality

      the best thing that you could do is run towards the roar


C) Now here is the Application to us – Satan is the Roaring Lion & one of his #1 Tactics is INTIMIDATION  - He Roars

1)   The Roar of Mocking – You are going to Fail – We freak out and run right into FAILURE


D) Roar of TEMPTATION  - You are going to fall – We freak out and run right into Temptation

1)   The ROAR OF DOUBT & CONDEMNATION – God doesn’t love you He is fed up w/ you -  We panic & run from the Lord



But here is the thing that we need to Understand – The ROAR cannot hurt you !!!!

A)Satan is in the life of the Believer a Roaring Lion – but that is all that He can do is Roar – His teeth have been kicked out / declawed / Calvary


B) Paul makes clear in Col. 2:15 Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.


C) Now for Those who are not covered by the Cross / not in Christ – He is still very much alive & Potent – but in our lives/ our Battle – He Roars

1)Fiery darts into our thought life / Lust / doubt /accusations /condemnation

So we are called not to Run – But to resist :

A)Resist = to stand against – to oppose / opposite of being intimidated


DOG STORY – worse thing you can do is show – fear –be intimidated

Then I Ran – like I have never ran in my life – fence – neighbor



We are  not to Run we are to Resist – To set ourselves against in Battle

A)Paul makes this clear in Eph. 6 Armor of God – Purpose given

Stand / with stand / Stand firm / Having done all to STAND


B) List the Armor – Belt of Truth / Helmet of Salvation/ Sword … / Breastplate of …./ Feet covered

1)   Purpose was not to Run but to stand & go on the offensive


C) Father  Never intended that we run / never the Lord’s strategy

1)   But rather – the Lord has clothed us and equipped us to RESIST and even to attack the enemy !!!!


D) RESIST – also means to not listen to : Satan comes with his lies and we are not to listen to them -  Like Being in a restaurant- Music

1)   Hear the noise – but not paying attention to the song because you are so engaged in Conversation – that is Resist /  not listening


E) EASIER SAID THAN DONE – sometimes Satan’s voice is so loud !!!


James 4:7 Gives us – good insight into how this works – turn



We often here this verse quoted – resist the Devil and he will flee from You – but so important to remember what is said before

A)Submit to God – Resist the Devil and He will flee from You


B) Resisting the Devil & being able to stand against the devil – begins w/ being submitted to God

C) To Submit to God is to surrender my Will into His Keeping and to rank myself under His word


   E. Stanley Jones- Missionary to India

If you make a compromise with surrender, you can remain interested in the abundant life, all the riches of freedom, love, and peace, but it is the same as looking at a display in a shop window. You look through the window but do not go in and buy. You will not pay the price-surrender.


D) The Blessing of God for our lives / the Power of God that is available to us – all begins w/ Surrender


Elizabeth Elliot "Resignation is surrender to fate; acceptance is surrender to God,"  "Resignation lies down quietly in an empty universe. Acceptance rises up to meet the God who fills that universe with purpose and destiny. Resignation says, 'I can't,' and God says, 'I can.' Resignation says, 'It's all over for me.' Acceptance asks, 'Now that I'm here, Lord, what's next?' Resignation says, 'What a waste.' Acceptance says, 'In what redemptive way can you use this mess, Lord?'"


E) The Power available to Resist the Devil is discovered in those moments when we Submit to the Lord

  1) Illustration and an Application and we will be done


Illustration from the O.T. Familiar Story – but perhaps never considered in this way : 1 Sam. 16 David & Goliath

A)Scene – 2 Armies – 2 mts – Giant in the Valley


B) Goliath is the Roaring Lion in the Valley Send me a Man

1)   The army of Israel was intimidated – by his Roar/ no one wanted to fight


C) Now you might be thinking – this doesn’t fit – because Goliath was the Philistine Champion – He was a great warrior

1)   And as king Saul told David – He had been a fighting & Killing Machine from his Youth

D) That is true & that is how he appeared to those who  weren’t submitted to or trusting the Lord

1)   They saw this great Intimidating Warrior !!!!!


But Along comes David – Who’s life was Submitted to the Lord – David was a Believer in God /Worshipper of God / man who trusted in the Lord

A)He was dependent upon the Lord & Knew that it was in the Lord that he found life & strength


B) It was the Lord who had already given him Victory over a Lion who had come against his Sheep as well as a Bear

1)   David comes upon this battle scene because he was running an errand for his earthly father – food to his older Bros.


C) His submission to his earthly Father – was merely a By product of his submission to His Heavenly father


When David comes upon the Scene he sees the Giant Goliath and hears the words of Goliath –

A) But he views the scene differently from everyone else


B) He is not intimidated by the Philistine Champion – He doesn’t see Goliath as this great warrior – but David sees him for what he was

1)   An uncircumcised Philistine who was defying the Armies of the Living God


C) An OBSTUCTION keeping the Israelites from Possessing the Land that the Lord had already given to them !!!


D) After Volunteering to fight the Giant – and being sent out by Saul

1)   David picks up 5 smooth stones – One for Goliath and one for each of Goliaths  4 Brothers


Love what it says next – David – Ran out to meet Goliath

A)Note that he wasn’t running from Goliath – but he was running to him – Coming in the power & strength of the Lord -  David Knew was his


B) That is what we are to do – that is how we are to be – Not running from the enemy / being intimidated by the enemy

1)   But rather standing in the power & Strength that is ours in Jesus


C) Being submitted to the Lord & His Word !!!!

1)   After nailing Goliath w/ the Stone – David puts an exclamation pt. On the Victory by taking Goliaths own sword and Cutting his head off


D) The Very weapon that Goliath was wanting to use on David – David in turn uses on Goliath – Result the Philistines Fled


You want Satan to flee – Submit to God like David – resist the Devil – don’t be intimidated by him – but knowing who you are in Christ

A)Knowing who is w/ you / Who is in You – Greater is He ……. The World


B) Knowing the Power that is available to You – Stand firm – Go on the offensive in the Battle  

1)   What does that mean – how does that work  - Practical App – done


C) Temptation to Lust – Driving – girl – thought – fiery dart

1)   Now you could say – just don’t think about it  - Like saying – Red Giraffe -  All you can think about


D) So How do I resist how do I not listen – By engaging my mind in another Conversation – Start to pray – 10 guys here at CCV – Victory over Lust

1)   That is going on the Offensive by submitting to the Lord – doing what You already Know is His will – praying for one another


E) Men everywhere ought to pray & not faint


That is how I resist the Devil by submitting to the Lord –

A)Taking the very weapon that Satan is seeking to use on me & turning it on him by doing what the Lord instructed me to do –

                                                     Praying for other men same thing


B) Result – Satan flees – Not going to bug him about this if – every time we try to temp him he starts praying for others

1)   Listen it works – Prayer binds the enemy


C) You are a lady at the office or w/ a group of friends – someone starts to gossip and cut down another – gal –

1)   You are tempted to join in – but don’t want to – what do


Submit Yourself to the Lord & Resist the Devil by doing what the Lord has told you to do

A)Instead of joining in and cutting down – Start affirming


B) Speech be w/ grace seasoned w/ salt – Someone says something bad

1)   You say – 5 things that are nice


C) You will put an end to that type of thing real fast

1)   Be great to be known as one – who never has anything bad to say about anyone !!!!  Gayle Irwin – M.N. all he would say-  Not doing to well


One More : Depression – fiery dart – Woe is me

A)Submit to the Lord and resist the Devil – by worshipping the Lord


B) Put in a C.D. – just start praising Jesus –

1)   Listen the Devil hates Worship – hates it – like finger nails on a Chalk board –


C) He wants to be worshipped – not us worshipping the Lord

1)   If he can get us depressed rob our Joy it is like – music to his ears


D) But do what the Lord says – Offer up a Sacrifice of Praise – Satan Flee

How do I know this works – Because this is what Jesus did – every time the Devil came at Him to tempt Him – Jesus gave the devil a Bible study

A)What would happen – us – every time – starts tempting


B) Praying – Praising / Affirming – Doing a study – going to one

  1) Devil says – We are out of here