1Peter 5:10-14 Standing in the Grace of God


Intro: Today we come to the Conclusion of Peter’s first Epistle

A)Here in v.10-14 we see that Peter finishes this letter by giving some final thoughts & by mentioning some Friends / Helpers


A)He starts w/ Silvanus in v.12 / Silvanus is also Silas, it’s the same name.


B) Most Bible Scholars & Historians Believe that this is the same Silas who Traveled w/ Paul on his 2nd missionary journey.

  1) Paul and Barnabas split over the desire of Barnabas to take his nephew

      Mark, and Barnabas took off with Mark, headed for Cyprus


C) Paul took Silas and they headed for Asia Minor.

1)   The same Silas that was imprisoned with Paul in Philippi when they were singing together at midnight in the inner prison


D) Now Peter mentions here that Silas was actually the one who wrote down this epistle – who put it on paper

1)   Probably as Peter dictated it to Him !!!!- Common way Books were written / Silas being a Greek / Mastery of the Greek Language


E) First Peter has some of the most Classic well written Greek Language in all of the N.T.


Silvanus was one of those men the Church can never do without.

A)He was content to take the second place and to serve almost in the background so long as God's work was done. 

1)   It was enough for him that he was Paul's assistant, even if Paul for ever

      overshadowed him.


B)It was enough for him to be Peter's penman, even if it meant only a bare mention of his name at the end of the letter.

1) He would go down in the history of the Church as a faithful Servant on whom both Peter & Paul depended. / Church always needs people like that!!

In V.13 Peter mentions the Church (SHE) in Babylon – which another name at that time for Rome / As Well as Mark  

A)Again this is most likely John Mark – who was the Writer of the gospel of Mark – which was really Peter’s account of the Life of Christ


B) So he is with Peter there in Rome in Babylon, and Peter joins him in the closing remarks. "Peace to all of you that are in Christ,"


C) Peter  leaves those who were experiencing great persecution  to the Peace that is only found in Christ

1)     He leaves his people to the peace of God which is greater than all the

       troubles and distresses the world can bring.



Now I want to go back to v.10 – Peter’s final WORD to these believers who were in the mist of PERSECUTION

A)What he says here is really the Lord’s ultimate desire for all of us that we would be  Perfected / Established/ Strengthen & Settled in the Lord


B) Perfect = is used of mending nets that have been broken or stretched / damaged


C) In this life we can get stretched & broken – but the Lord is in the business of fixing that which has been broken / damaged

1)   Taking that which the world would think has been stretched beyond repair – and fixing it


C) The word also speaks of that which is well fitting /Framing of the Body & the World – Everything is well fitting – GREAT DESIGN / ear / nose

1)   God is doing a work in us – that is Well fitting – When he is done – fits well- Tux – too big – tailor - 


D) Perfect fit for you – ( Place where – This is where I belong – this is what I was made to being doing – right now – Eric Little – All I know is that God made me fast & I feel his Pleasure when I run

The Lord’s Perfecting of you – involves the perfect fitting of 2 things

A)1st there is The individual plan that He has for your life /The Lord has a plan a ministry that He is preparing you for that is Well Fitting – Glove


B)2nd Also the Big Picture – To make you like Jesus


Establish = To Fix or to Set – Like Cement – The Lord wants to Establish us – So that we are Unwavering in the faith

A)1 Thes. 3:13 Paul talks about Establishing our hearts – not driven by our emotions – not unsettled by our feelings


B) 2 Thes. 2:17 Established in the Work – Direction / focus

1)   2 Peter 1:12 Established in the truth


C) Strengthen= To Make Strong to / Used Literally of Muscles being built up – The Lord wants to develop your Spiritual muscles



SETTLE YOU: This is used in several ways – It refers to the foundation of a House – that which cannot be shaken to ground securely

A)It is used to speak of the roots of a Tree going down deep


B) Peter says here  the way to be Perfected / Established / Strengthened & settled in every season of Life/  it is Thru the work of the God of all grace

1)   Then in v.12 – He repeats this idea – by saying that it is thru the Grace of God that we stand !!! 


C) So Peter ends this letter by placing an emphasis upon the grace of God !! AND Peter ends his 2nd Epistle in much the same way – there in 2 Pet. 3 :18

1)   Peter says GROW -  yes / Peter Grow in holiness / dedication / Zeal

 Doesn’t say any of that – Grow in the grace & Knowledge of the Lord


D) Amazing – this Great Apostle / Evangelist / Big Man/ Former fisherman at the end of his life – Crucified shortly after writing 2 Peter

1)   Ends it all by encouraging his Bros/sisters in Christ to grow in Grace !!!

Paul last words also contained similar exhortation / last Book 2 Tim. Writing from Rome before beheaded

A)Paul ends the book like this 2 Tim. 3:15 Grace be w/ you all – Amen


B) Ch.2 of 2nd Tim. Words to young Timothy – Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus

1)   So Paul ends in much the same way as Peter – Emphasizing the Grace of God !!!!


C) In fact the Last Phrase in the entire Bible ends on this note of Grace

   as well / Rev.22: 21 The Grace of our Lord Jesus be w/ you all – Amen !!!

  1) The Word Grace – appears 137 times in the pages of Scripture


D) This is much more than a nice – Greeting / or a neat way to end a letter

  1) It is  important truth that needs to be grasped & understood



What is Grace ? God’s Unmerited undeserved unearned Favor

A)Grace is God giving and blessing / not because of what you are doing but in spite of what you are doing or have done


B) Grace is receiving Unmerited Favor/ Unearned Blessing / Undeserved kindness from the Lord

1)   Acrostic – G.R.A.C.E. – God’s riches at Christ Expense


C) In other words all of the blessings & Riches of God are poured out upon you because of what Jesus did for you

1)   Died at Calvary/ took upon Himself – your sin / shame / & in return you are forgiven / freed / cleansed / Declared righteous / Abundantly Blessed



Now we know that our Salvation is based upon the grace of God

Eph.2 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9not of works, lest anyone should boast.


A)There is no reason to be boasting about our Salvation – why?

  It is purely a work of God’s grace that we are saved


B) John 1:12 2But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name:/


C) 13who were born, not of blood, Not a Christian because Parents are Christians – not genetic – not in the blood line

1)  nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.


D) Not saved because of the will of the flesh or of man – not because of my effort / my ingenuity / not because I was intently seeking God

1)   Salvation is a Work of God – In His Grace -He sent His Son to Die / He sends the Spirit to Convict & Drawn – all we have to do is Respond


E) So we are sitting here today –SAVED – we are going to Heaven – for one reason only – God’s Grace

1)   He extended to us – Undeserved / Unmerited / Unearned Favor


So it is by the Grace of God that we are saved – Grace is the Beg. Pt.

A)But it is also in the Grace of God that we stand – Grace is also the

     middle pt. –


B) And Peter says that it is the God of all grace who is going to Perfect / Establish / Strengthen & Settle You -  Realize it is the Ending Pt.

1)   When we get to heaven – see that we have been made like Christ – the Transformation will be complete – ( We won’t take any credit )


C) It was those ten steps to inner peace / - No Way – IT IS GRACE

1)   That is why Paul told Timothy to be Strong in Grace / that is why Peter tells us to GROW IN GRACE !!!!!


See Peter understood the Importance of the Grace of God in his own life

A)Consider that here in Ch.5 Peter wrote some Challenging exhortations

    He begins the Chapter. By addressing the Shepherds / insight into pasturing

B) He talks about Submission / and Humility / and Spiritual Warfare

1)   I can read these things and think – Man I have blown it here / failing in

      this area / never going to have the right attitude


C)But here is the interesting thing: Peter failed in everyone of these areas

1)   Peter wasn’t writing from the Stand pt. Of saying –Hey I have it

    altogether – so here is what you do


D) But here is a guy who failed in everyone of these areas & is writing from a stand point of  what it means to STAND & WALK  in Grace


Consider: V.1 Peter says he was a witness to the sufferings of Christ

A)Interesting – How was Peter a witness to the sufferings of Christ ?

    We read in the Gospel accounts that when Jesus was taken to be tried

1)   PETER FOLLOWED FROM AFAR – ends up denying


B) When Christ was on the Cross – Peter saw the scene from a distance if he saw it at all !!! Only John was at the foot of the Cross

1)   So Peter wasn’t a close witness at all to the sufferings of Christ


Then we read that Peter says that he was a Partaker or a witness of the Glory of God . Matt. 17 Mt of Transfiguration

A)Jesus there in an aspect of his glory w/ Moses & Elijah – First Peter almost missed it – because he was asleep


B) Then he wakes up -  Lord it is good …. Let me build ……

1)   Marks Gospel – tells us that Peter said this because he didn’t know what to say – but felt like he needed to say something


C) What he basically was suggesting – We will build 3 Monuments – Put you on the same Plain w/ Moses –Law / & Elijah – Prophets

1)   While Peter is still talking God interrupts him- This is my Beloved son hear ye Him-  Be quiet Peter !!!!! Other words


D)– Don’t try & put my son on the same level as the Law & the Prophets

E) So we see although Peter was there –saw the Glory  he botched up that situation & opened his mouth when he should have stayed quiet

1)   Guess what – I have done that too!!!  - Why did I say anything



V.2 Peter  exhorts the Elders to Shepherd the flock of God among you !!

A)When did Peter hear this same exhortation from JESUS ?


B) John 21 – After the Resurrection. – The Disciples were told to wait for the Lord – he would give them instructions on what next move was to be

1)   Peter grows impatient –goes fishing – like usual catches nothing


C) Jesus calls from the Shore / result / Peter comes in/ Fish/ Bread fire /

1)   Peter knows that he has blown it again – he wasn’t where he was supposed to be


D) But it was there on that beach –in this moment of disobedience in Peters life that  Jesus gives Peter this same Commission – to Shepherd the Flock –

1)   Feed & to tend – Guys that is GRACE



Then Peter says that the those who are overseers- They are to Watch/pray

A)Did Peter Watch ? Garden should have been/ Praying watching/ sleeping


B) Peter also says that their ministry is not to be by Constraint – Not Forced nor being lords over the people / Muscle /Intimidation / – but Examples

1)   Again in the garden – ARREST – what does Peter do – he awakes from his sleep / applies FORCE  and cuts off the ear of Malchus


C) Great Example – Jesus looks at Peter – Put away your sword






V.5 Younger people submit to Elders

A)Matt. 16:22 Jesus spoke to the Disciples – go to Jerusalem …die


B) Peter attitude of submission to Jesus – Hardly – rebukes him


C) Again v.5 Be clothed w/ humility – Jn.13 Jesus clothed w/ Humility washing feet

1)   Comes to Peter – what does Peter say ? You are not going to wash my feet Lord  


D) Peter was too Proud to let Jesus wash His feet !! Total lack of Humility 

1)   Peter was too proud to wash anyone else’s feet / and in his pride he didn’t want JESUS  wash his feet



V.8 Be Sober & Vigilant – we are in a spiritual battle

A)Was Peter sober & Vigilant ?   Lk.22 Jesus says to Peter that Satan is after him to sift him like wheat


B) What does Peter say? Not me Lord – the rest of these guys maybe – but not me !!!!  They might need to hear about spiritual warfare

1)   You know what happened !!! – Peter ends up being Seduced by Satan & denies the Lord w/in hrs of making that Statement !!!


C) Peter didn’t believe that there was an enemy who was out to get him but now he is telling us / You be awake & on guard because enemy is after you

1)   He is telling us to do exactly what he didn’t do !!!


D) So as you go thru the first 9 verses of this Chapter here  You begin to realize that Peter failed at every Pt. In what he is telling us to do


Now was Peter a Hypocrite ? Telling others to do the very things that he himself didn’t do? Not at all !!!!

A)Peter could write w/ Authority – because he learned thru his failures what it means to stand in the Grace of God

B) See in our failures we have  a Choice to make – we can stand in our Guilt / We can stand under the Condemnation of the enemy

1)   I can retreat from seeking to be an example to my kids / or being involved in Ministry / I can focus on my failures & be disqualified


C) Or I can stand in Grace – Knowing that Jesus Paid the price for my sin / for that specific failure / When I confess it / Repent from it – TURN


D) He forgives / forgets / totally cleansed – restored and blessed

1)   This is what Peter came to understand /  Standing in the Grace of God is Standing in the Forgiveness & the Restoration that God offers


E) And Standing in the RESOURCES that God supplies

1)   Peter learned – no longer lean on his flesh – his strength / but on the Spirit of God and the Resources that God offered  thru His Grace


F) Peter failed miserably and didn’t deserve anything that God gave to him

 But he excepted it & learned to walk in the Resources God Provided



See it is the grace of God that he doesn’t consume us when we fail

A)It is the grace of God that he doesn’t write us off – when we mess up /

    When we misrepresent the Lord


B) You Might get fired for messing up at work – but God doesn’t get rid of you when you mess up !!!!


C) It is the Grace of God that He gives us 2nd & 3rd Chances – not 3 strikes and you are OUT – mentality w/ God – Mercies New morning by morning


D) It is the grace of God who takes sinners like us / imperfect People and allows us to be used by a Totally Perfect God – who doesn’t need us 

1)   It is the Grace of God – that when we pick up the Bible – He ministers to our Heart – even at times – Desire isn’t there


It is purely in the Grace of God – that He chooses to have anything to do w/ us –

A)When I realize just how Holy / perfect / righteous / wonderful – God is and understand that He wants a relationship w/ me


B) He wants to bless my life / He wants to use my life – I am completely Blown away – Marvel at His Grace / I respond in Worship/ Devotion


C) But w/ the Grace of God – comes a RESPONSIBILITY to learn from our Mistakes & failures/ this is what Peter understood & did /   Turn to Titus 2


11For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, 12teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, 13looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, 14who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works.



Peter was used incredibly even after all of his failings not because of his impeccability / his excellence /

A)It wasn’t his impeccability but rather it was his teachability


B) See WE can fail - but we like Peter can learn lessons from our failures /

1)   That God is Good / He forgives / He restores / He Empowers


C) I can learn to Stand in His Grace – The Forgiveness & the restoration that He offers as well as the Resources that He supplies

   1) We like Peter can speak w/ AUTHORITY


D) Here is what you need to do – Don’t go there / or Be Sober – this is why

I know first hand how difficult the battle can be


E) All of you who feel that way – take heart & learn from Peter

1)   He failed miserably and was stilled used mightily

D) He didn’t focus on his failings but instead he focused on the grace of God

1)   Peter learned from his mistakes & didn’t repeat them


E) He wants us to learn what it means to walk in the Spirit & depending upon the Power of His spirit in our lives to get it right next time