2 Peter 1:5-11 Clothing your Faith


Intro: In a "Peanuts'' comic strip, there was a conversation between Lucy and Charlie Brown.  Lucy said that life is like a deck chair.  Some place it so they can see where they are going; some place it so they can see where they have been; and some place it so   they can see where they are at present.  Charlie Brown's reply: "I can't even get mine unfolded."


A)One of the saddest things to see is a life w/ no vision / life that is barren & unfruitful -

 1) Peter gives us some insight into how we can avoid this – Read v.5-11


Now we have spent a few weeks making of note of what Peter says in the beginning of this book about what God has done for us

A)Sent His son ….. thru Him made righteous / Divine Power ….Given us in Christ all that we need that pertains to life & Godliness


B) All that we need for enjoying life to the Max & walking in Godliness has already been given to us – discovered in the Knowledge of Jesus

1)   1)   We simply need to grow in our understanding of Who He is & what we have in Him – and appropriate it – put it to use


C)Given us Exceedingly great & Precious Promises that all find their fulfillment in Jesus –

1)   1)   Noted last week that all those promises followed a formula Duet 11

      If/ then / if / then


D) But Jesus has fulfilled all the if ‘s so He gets all the THENS – they are yes & Amen in Him

1)   1)   How Apply to us – We have been placed in Him – so all of the Thens are available to me – because I am in Him / In Him – Yes & Amen


E) So I just need to believe it walk in it & Enjoy it



Now as we move into v.5 – Peter says For this very reason – Giving all diligence Add to your faith

A)Now understand – Peter is not suggesting – Look God has done the initial part – now you do the rest –


B) A lot of Christians think that way – God saved me now I need to Change me / Improve me / But that is not what Peter is saying here 

1)Peter’s point is this because you have been given so much because so much is at your disposal/ Use the RESOURCES that are available & GROW


C) GIVING ALL DILIGENCE- take seriously / put forth the effort / make it a priority

1)   1)   Lit. Describes an EAGERNESS TO DO ONE’S BEST – WHY?


D) Well God has done all this for me – This is what I want to do now for Him – I want to give Him the best of my efforts



A)Now this word add is very interesting – it was used in that day for the fitting of the Choruses that were a part of the Greek Plays


B) The Word Literally means – to LAVISHLY SUPPLY – meaning don’t old back anything


C) When a play was being put together there would always be a financial backer – some one who funded the production

1)   1)   Budget would be set & Musicians actors /singers were hired based upon that budget –


D) A generous backer would say here take this – and Lavishly Supply what ever is necessary for the – Production




Well our Lord is the supplier – He is the backer – He has unlimited bank account –

A)Already  told us  All we need for life & godliness is available- / Great & Precious Promises at your disposal – Grace abounding


B) Now He says take the resources & Lavishly supply your faith


C) Like one of you Ladies – getting married – Dad is going to pay for the RECEPTION & HONEY MOON  Your dad who is a Billionaire says

1)   1)   – Honey because I love you so much do what ever you want for your reception & Honeymoon it is on me/ Hold back no expense


D) Well you are not going to shop at Pic & Save – not going to be worried about nickel and Diming your way thru

1)   1)   It is not going to put a dent in Dad’s bank account – Nordstrom here I come


E) Honeymoon isn’t going to be at the OCSD Motel Six – More like Maui that place over there – heard 10,000 a night



Now when people come to the reception & they see all the beautiful decorations & fine China – here about your Honeymoon plans

A)Response is – YOUR DAD IS INCREDIBLE – AMAZING -  I wish I had a Dad like that


B) So too when the world looks at a Christians life & sees how full they are

1)   1)   See that depth of Character – and Joy in the mist of all kinds of Circumstances – response is – I wish I had a life like that


C) That is what Peter is saying – Take what God has made available in Christ & Lavishly supply your faith – don’t hold back any thing


Another illustration – Farmer – God gives the farm – the Plow the Tractor – everything needed for tilling & preparing the ground

A)He supplies the seed & the fertilizer – and says Now work the field – use what I have given you to produce a crop


B) That is our part – but ultimately the increase is still up to the Lord because it will not happen unless He supplies the rain & the sunshine


C) That is Peters Point - because of the power that is in you – I now urge you to ADD to your faith –

1)     1)     LAVISHLY SUPPLY OR CLOTHE  your faith in these things


D)It is  not  creating new things for your faith / but clothing it in what God has given & made available - don’t hold anything back


E) Now Lets  look at this list of things that Peter encourages us to clothe our faith w/ - note they can be divided into 3 Categories

  1)1st there is the Character of our faith- / 2nd emphasizes the inward dispositions / 3rd – Our RELATIONSHIPS TO OTHERS



A)Now when we think of the word virtue we think of moral excellence in a man’s Character – but not what Peter is talking about here


B) This word Virtue – speaks rather of a Energy – it describes vigorous activity – in essence what Peter is saying is this

1)   1)   See to it that your faith is an active faith – an energetic faith


C) You have faith – been saved now put your faith to use -


Some people have a tendency to view faith as a very passive thing –I am just sitting back & waiting upon the Lord

A)Too often the result of that mentality is Lethargy & Complacency in their walks – not much happening – waiting for the ground to move


B) They will look at others who are more active / serving / going for it w/ the Lord – and think – oh those guys are really striving

C) Now it is true that a Christian who is more active is going to make more messes / but at the same time they will bear more fruit

1)   1)   See true waiting on God is very active – it involves knocking on doors and exploring opportunities – seeking God’s direction


D) The person who just wants to sit back and wait for the Lord to do everything and – is like the man who buried his talent in the dirt

1)   1)   Listen the Lord wants our faith to be an active Faith / that is what Peter is saying here let your faith be an Energetic faith / Vigorous


E) God is on your side – so don’t be Shy – Go for it – using the Resources that He has provided – seizing opportunities

1)   1)   Open door into Russia – Letter from Bill Bright to Pastor Chuck –

Lets GO !!!!! -  Just think if Chuck sat back – pondered 


But then Peter says & to Virtue add Knowledge –

A)This word Knowledge refers to insight /understanding & enlightenment in the things of the Lord


B) What Peter is suggesting is that our Energy or Zeal in faith needs to be furnished w/  Knowledge

1)   1)   Energy & Activity that is governed, Controlled & qualified by Understanding & Enlightenment


C) Peter Knew about Zeal w/ out Knowledge / He was an impulsive man

1)   1)   Many examples but – good one – Jesus walking on the water – Peter says Lord if that is you tell me to come – ZEAL


D) Picture – Peter gets out of the boat in the mist of the storm – not even thinking about what he is doing

1)   1)   But it was a Lack of understanding that caused his faith to falter / takes eyes off Jesus – winds & waves – suddenly hits him – walking on water


E) Peter learned from that experience – Attaching understanding to his Zeal if I am going to walk on water – need keep eyes on Jesus – Enabler

Remember how Zealous you were when first saved – did certain things that latter – realized – that wasn’t right or smart / best way to handle

A)Knowledge comes from two things – EXPERIENCE – some of which are mistakes  and from a greater understanding of  the word –


B)  So the Character of our faith is to include this perfect blending of Zeal energy w/ Discernment / Understanding & Enlightenment

  1) That is developed over time


Now lets consider the inward Dispositions : Self Control & Perseverance

A)1st Self Control – Prov.25:28   Whoever has no rule over his own spirit

  Is like a city broken down, without walls.


Prov. 16:32 He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty,

  And he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.


B) SELF CONTROL-  means to hold the desires & passions of the flesh under control – Liberty in Christ / also want to be wise / Edify

1)   1)   Although we are born again – as long as we are in these bodies are going to wrestle & struggle w/ our flesh


C) The Devil is constantly using the things of this world to appeal to that old nature – to appeal to our flesh – every turn

1)   1)   Satan would like to see us get out of CONTROL –


D) But the Lord as placed His Spirit in us – given new Nature – so that our lives may be marked by SELF CONTROL 


Harry Emerson Fosdick   No horse gets anywhere until he is harnessed. No steam or gas ever drives anything until it is confined.  Niagara is Never turned into light & power until it is tunneled. No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined.



How do we gain self Control over the Flesh ? Paul gives the answer in Col .3:5  Says To mortify or put to death your members that are on the earth

A)Daily dying to self & bringing our lives under the submission of J.C.


 B)So Peter says – supply your faith w/ Self control – that is going to be born out of Knowledge that comes from – Listening to the Spirit

1)   1)   Learning from our experiences and growing in Word



Next Perseverance – Patient endurance

A)Thing that most of us have come to understand is that there are no Short cuts to spiritual growth -    ( Driving – I want short cut- doesn’t exist )


B) No Short cuts – no fast food Christianity - 

1)   1)   Barnhouse – seminary student – on air plane – Put down that Mag pick up your bible


C) We do the same – look at some one that we admire in the Lord / I want to be like them – Forget that it is going to take time & Work

1)   1)   Two words that – we don’t like in our Culture – We want it now –


Think how many people sign up at Gyms in Jan. – New yrs resolution going to get in shape –  stop going by March or April – some not that far

A)Diet programs – quick and easy – lose 30 lbs in 10 hrs


B) We do the same thing spiritually – Microwave  faith –

1)   1)   See it every yr. New Men or Women’s study – or New Book on Wed. nights -  Flock of People – many never make it thru the study


C) What is lacking is this virtue of Patient endurance – HUPOMONE


D) Same word used in Heb. 12 describing Jesus – who for the Joy set before him he endured the cross – Endured is HUPOMONE  

1)   1)   It describes not a passive barely making it – endurance but a conquering

That is what Jesus was doing at Calvary. Conquering Sin etc

Now Jesus example gives us some insight into how we are to do this

A)Phrase – Who for the Joy set before Him – He patiently endured the cross – Joy set before Him was heaven & many saved


B) We are to clothe ourselves in patient endurance because we realize what is on the other side of this life –

1)   1)   We need to always keep that in the forefront of our minds


C) Gal. 6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.


D) Talk more about in a minute – Move on to relationships to Others



Godliness / Brotherly Kindness & Love

A)Some find it odd that Godliness is mentioned here at this point –


B) I think  the obvious reason here is dealing in the realm of relationships  

      First & Most important relationship is our relationship w/ God


C) In other words – While you are controlling the passions from w/ in & while you are going on in the spirit in patient endurance

1)   1)   Remember why you are doing these things -  REMEMBER IT IS FOR THE GLORY OF GOD


D) Not just because I want to be a better person / husband / wife / that is all secondary – first & for most – is my desire to Please the Lord

1)   1)   Glorify the Lord – so everything is going to be filtered thru that Funnel of what does God think – how does this encourage me in Him



The Harry Potter books are THE NUMBER ONE selling children's books in the nation today.- Tool for subtly introducing kids to Witchcraft & Satanism



Now if you want to let this author to influence the mind of your Child you are a fool -  Knowledge – says  Get it away –

A)Adding Godliness – makes me want to avoid – Left Behind Series

Brotherly Kindness – Our Relationships to other Christians

A)Two reactions to our Church from People- So warm & friendly / We fit right in – those by in large are people who got involved


B) Came Sundays / Wed. / Men’s & Woman’s / or maybe a Home group

1)   1)   Others – Cold & Not very friendly – -


C) Ask most of those people – when come – only on Sundays – Impossible to establish relationships – 3 services time factor

1)   1)   Answer is always the same – you have to come more than Sundays – have to get involved – Go to home group


But here is the interesting thing – the Closer that we get to each other

A)To me this is family -  Come back to this Church - coming home Family – But the closer we get the harder it gets – Why?


B) EXPECTATIONS/ We expect our brothers & sisters to be a certain way

    To do certain things 

1)   1)   SUGGESTION:  Instead of heaping Expectations – Lets show love


1 Cor. 13 7bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8Love never fails.     /       Love covers a Multitude of sins


C) Result – be surprised more & Disappointed less –

1)   1)   Easy to see what isn’t happening – what is wrong – that is what happens when we put our focus on the Body


D) Instead lets put our focus on the Head – Jesus – Understand He loves His body & is working on His body –


Last Love for all men – Love for the Lost

A)Jesus loved the Lost – came to seek & Save the Lost / we also need to love the lost – See the World way He does – Harvest is ripe …..few..pray



C) The Person who is growing in Christ – their life is going to be marked by 3 distinct things – Love for God - / Love for the Body / Love for the Lost

1)   1)   Now we can Cultivate that love for the lost by doing 2 simple things


D) 1st Remembering when we were lost / 2nd Praying for a Burden

1)   1)   Look at both more tonight in EV – series



Last of all Results - If we are using the resources that God has given / embracing the blessings & walking in the promises – to lavishly supply our faith in these things – this will be the result




B) The word shortsighted or nearsighted & describes the person who Can’t see things at a distance

1)   1)   It describes the man who can only see what is immediately in front of him / he is the man / woman only concerned w/ temporal things


C) He cannot see what is in front of him – HEAVEN  and he can’t see what is behind him – he has been purged from his old sins

1)   1)   All he sees is what is TODAY – he is man who wants to enjoy life here and now & forgets about the life that is to come


D) He is like a man who has started out on a journey & has forgotten where

     he is going / as well as the reason that He has started out

1)   1)   He is a man who doesn’t see the ultimate end of the Christian life – who

     doesn’t see the final goal


What is goal of Christian life? To know God – to become like Him – to live with Him forever!        Life is short – heaven is where it is at      


A)He who lavishly supplies His faith – with these things – won’t be near sighted – focused on temporal happiness

  1.)  realize all trials – all the hard times – all preparing me for heaven

2nd – He won’t be barren:   actually is idle- NOT BORING

A.)Person isn’t going to just be sitting around  - happy he is saved – but serving – pursuing Christ


3rd  not unfruitful    Not a Barren Busyness -   john 15 -  Here in Father is glorified bear much fruit! 

A)Result of activity – fruit – fruit of spirit abounding in that person


B) Fruit is the by product of His service – here on earth as others are blessed & built up in the Lord / and introduced to Christ


4th Assurance – v.10-   Not stumbling around – “am I really saved”

A)But because clothing my faith – virtue , love, knowledge – result is fruit

       Know them by their fruits


B) Seeing work of God in my life molding me – Assurance of Salvation



Lastly – Abundant Entrance

A)Not just Purpose here / active here / fruitful here/  but blessed there


B) Not shortsighted / living for Heaven & waiting for my King to come

1)   1)   Active doing business


C) See All that we do now for the Lord  results in heavenly rewards – that is our abundant entrance

1)   1)   All Christians are going to end up in heaven – thru the work of Christ


D) But our capacity to enjoy Heaven is going to be based on what we do here – All full some Dixie cup / others 32oz big gulp/ others  55 gallon drum

1)   1)   All crowns – some no jewels barely seen / others some jewels / still others all jewels


You want to have an Abundant Entrance ? Take the resources that and lavishly supply