2 Peter 1:12-21 Overwhelming Evidence


Intro: 5 yrs ago – most of our nation watched w/ much interest the trial of a man named Orathal James Simpson – O.J.

A)He was the man w/ the Story book life – the boy who grew up w/ legs so crooked he needed to where Leg braces – never  straight/ never run


B) But not only did he walk / learn to run / he ran w/ great passion –

1)   He went on to be a standout – H.S. athlete / Scholarship to USC

Where he won the Heisman trophy and set many records/ TAILBACK


C) That led to a Hall of fame NFL career –

1)   To Jumping Chairs in Airports in Hertz commercials / and to making movies


D)It  is the kind of story that heart warming movies are made of – an under privileged partially crippled kid from the Hood – makes good


But then came the chase of the white Bronco on National T.V. – followed by the arrest - & Trial for the murder of Wife Nicole / R. Goldman

A)Now as most of us watched read & listened to the reports of the trial in what has become – most –famous trials in U.S. history


B) But as people watched the evidence seemed concrete – O.J. the Hero was O.J. the Murderer – most of us were convinced


C) The evidence seemed overwhelming – Especially the most sighted evidence the DNA – the BLOOD EVIDENCE

1)   That according to the statistical probability – if indeed the sample was not contaminated pointed to Simpson conclusively


D) Most of us wondered how in the world the jurors could deny the evidence the statistical probability the DNA evidence

1)   And on the basis of a reasonable doubt – pronounce this man not guilty –

What is WRONG W/ THOSE PEOPLE -  moron that decision

Well today despite where you may stand on the Simpson situation today you have an opportunity to be on the judgment seat

A)You have an opportunity to be in the Jurors box


B) See It is easy for people to look at another jury & wonder how they can come to that conclusion / why didn’t look at that evidence more carefully

1)   We can bring up those questions


C) But this morning every one of us – whether you intended to be or not are now  in the Jurors Box

1)   Bigger question – than was O.J. guilty/ the Question is Jesus the Christ ?


D) In Matt. 22 Jesus asked this question – What think ye of the Christ – who’s son is He/    Question that was asked Universally

1)   And to each person specifically / Is Jesus the Son of God / Is Jesus the promised Messiah /  who is He to YOU



Well we have an Eyewitness – Former Fisherman -big guy- PETER

Quick review – To Peter- Jesus was it-  His Focus in v.1-11 Ch.1

A)He is the Redeemer our Savior v. 1 / He is the Provider v.3 All things that pertain to life & Godliness already given


B) Promise Securer – v.4 Given Exceedingly great & Precious Promises

   1) All find their fulfillment in JESUS / if / then ( Yes in Him & We are in

       Him )


C) Then Peter says – in v. 5 For that very Reason – because God has done so much for you – Giving all Diligence add to your faith virtue …..

1)   Word ADD is Key – Looked last study – Key study in my opinion


D)Add – Grk plays – financial backer – using these resources supply the play w/ actors musicians / singers etc. – Lavishly supply – don’t’ hold back

1)   That is what Peter is saying here – given this faith – Go forward – grow using the resources that God has given / The H.S. / Word / Grace / Power

Using the resources add to your faith – LAVISHLY SUPPLY

A)With Virtue = Zeal / Knowledge / …. So on & so forth


B) Result – V.8 –Not barren or unfruitful in your walks / v.9 Not shortsighted or nearsighted only focused on temporal

1)   V.10 Not stumbling around in your faith – but having an assurance

2)   V.11 – Abundant entrance into the Kingdom


C) Then Peter says – v.12 –For this Reason – I will not be negligent to remind you of these things


Steadfast & Not moved – ( False teachers – theme – deny Christ)


D) We need to be reminded – We are so forgetful

1)   So Peter says – I am going to continue to Stir you up – Continue to awaken you


Listen those of you involved in teaching or Parenting – Key thing is putting people in remembrance of things that they already Know

A)Temptation is for a teacher to think I need to be creative / innovative come up w/ some new twist / fresh slant / new insight /


B) So people are impressed / Wowed by my insight & teaching ability     that is such Carnal tendency –


C) Listen Peter would say  the Key to learning is REPITION

1)   Amazing how our carnal fleshly minds forget the things that we should remember & remember the things we want to forget


D) Forget sermons – Bible verses – remember theme songs to T.V. shows

1)   Friday at the Encounter – Jon Courson – a few other Pastors flew in for a special meeting – Encounter – George Jetson / Elevator – music


E) Sitting there talking about – Prophecy stuff –

    1) Get smart theme song -   Agent 99 / Code of silence shoe phone

Now I don’t care about that stuff – but I remember it / but things I want to remember – can’t – forget / you are the same way

A)Therefore my Job as a Pastor / yours as a parent is to remind you of things that you already know – to stir you up – awaken your heart




C) Listen it is not how much you know that counts it is what you do w/ what you know that matters

1)   You might say I know THAT truth – Ok  but are you ESTABLISHED in it  WALKING IN IT /  is it a REALITY IN YOUR LIFE 


D) That is what matters – how deep are those truths sinking into the soil of your Souls

1)   So Peter says – I am convinced of these things – Jesus is the Key / He is it / Everything is from Him / Life is to revolve around Him/ Remind You



But someone might say – ok that is great for Peter that is His opinion – but I have a different view – what makes His opinion right

A)That is what Peter addresses in the following verses v.16 –18


B) Now what event is Peter referring to here?  Matt. 17 – the Mt. Of transfiguration Peter James & John

1)   They see Jesus in aspect of His glory !!!!


C) Jesus fully God / Fully man – Hero in disguise -  Glory was hidden in His humanity – but on that day they got a glimpse

1)   They saw Jesus shinning – Glow on the inside that was radiating thru the outside


D) And they heard the voice of the Father – Peter let me built

1)   Father – No Peter – This is my beloved so HEAR HIM



So we have an Eyewitness testimony – But wait a minute one might say

A)Peter & the boys were fisherman & you know what liars & exaggerators fishermen can be -


B) Suppose there is some truth to that, but here is the thing – This fisherman Peter we read in Jn. 20 fishing- after Resurrection.

1)   Jesus on the shore – hey guys catch anything -  MIRACLE HAPPENED

Peter answered –No – caught nothing


C) He didn’t say – We have caught a lot – you just can’t see them in the boat

   Didn’t’ say  - should have seen the one that got away

1)   Simply said – No – nothing


D) So we know Peter was capable of telling the truth



But even more so Peter & the rest of the disciples were so convinced Jesus was the Messiah / Savior / coming back –

A)They were willing to die for that belief & they did


B)James beheaded /  Peter Crucified upside down / John Boiled in oil/  / Thomas lit. brains beat out/  others were  sawn in two


C) You would think that – if a lie – HOAX – one of them would have cracked / one of them would have – broke –

1)   I mean 40 days before they all fled – ran for their lives at his arrest

Peter denied 3 times – fire w/ some young girls


D) 4o days later stands up in front of a crowd of at least 3,000 proclaiming Jesus is risen -   RESULT – many believed -& Persecution followed

1)   Didn’t win a Popularity contest


So Peter says – How do we Know ? Eyewitnesses – John also 1Jn.1:1-4

Eternal life & fellowship


But Maybe you are still skeptical – Don’t believe Peter & the Boys – somehow they pulled off the biggest scam /

A)They risked their families / became poor & outcast as a result & eventually lost their lives ( Swamp land in Florida to sell you  )


B) Maybe you are still skeptical – Peter then says – Not only eyewitness testimony – we have the sure word of Prophecy v.19

1)   O.T. Prophets – Prophesied  300 prophecies concerning the first coming of Jesus / Life / death / Resurrection


C) And all 300 prophecies have been fulfilled to the T.



 Literally a 1,000 yrs before Christ came men of old were moved by the H.S. to write Prophetic sign post / give Prophetic markers

A)That would prove that Jesus is indeed the Messiah the one that was promised


B)300 Prophecies written in the O.T. before Christ came that give us great detail into his Life – Consider a SOME – Reminder


#1 – MICAH 5:2 725 B.C. – Messiah would be born in Beth.

A)Mary & Joseph from Nazareth. – Caesar idea Census – just happened to be when Mary was 9 months pregnant


B)Now what is the statistical Probability that a man could be born in Beth. ?

1)   We know that the Pop. Of Beth. In 725 BC was about 7,000 & the average Pop. Of world from time of recorded History to now 700 Mill.


C) So 7,000 in Beth. – 700 Million in the world – make the Statistical Probability of a man being born in Beth. In any given yr. 1in 100,000


#2 Mal.3:1 – The Messiah would have a forerunner – come announcing his coming -  What is the Statistical Probability of that happening ?

A)Conservative – 1in 1,000

#3 Zech. 9:9 – The Messiah would come into the city of Jerusalem – Lowly and riding on a Donkey

A)Again what is the Statistical Probability that a great world leader would choose those lowly means for his triumphal entry


B) Picture – Al Gore – showing up at the Democratic convention – riding on a Donkey -   Conservative -  say 1 in 1,000


#4 Zech. 11:12,13  – This Messiah would be betrayed for exactly 30 pieces of silver – And silver used to by a Potters field

A)What think – very generous – 1 in 20,000


#5 Psa.22:16 – Pierced in hands & feet – describing His death by persecution – 100’s yrs before Crucifixion was even invented

A)Statistical Probability – 1 in 1,000


#6 Psa. 22:18 – That they would cast lots for his garments – 1 in 5,000


# 7 Isa. 53:7 When he was tried He would offer no defense –

A)What is the Statistical Probability that an innocent man who was being – tried for death – would try to defend himself 1 in 10,000


#8 – Isa. 53:9 – Although He was to be buried w/ the wicked / He would end up being buried in the tomb of a Rich man   1 in 1,000



Now I just ran thru 8 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled to the T. –

A)Now using the Law of Compound Probability what would be the Chances of 1 man fulfilling – 8 prophecies over 1,000 yrs


B) Peter Stoner – Science speaks -  1 in ten  to the 17th power – a 1 w/ 17 zero’s after it -  How much is that


C)Stoner illustrates this by "supposing that we take one in  ten to the seventeenth power silver dollars and lay them on the face of Texas.

D) If we did that - it would be so many silver dollars that it would cover the whole state 2 ft. deep in silver dollars ! Houston / Dallas / Corpus Christi

1)  . Now mark one of these silver dollars and stir the whole mass thoroughly, all over the state.


E) Then Blindfold a man and tell him that he can travel as far as he wishes, but he must pick up one silver dollar and say this is the right one.

1)  What chance would he have of getting the right one?  1 in ten to the 17th power !


That is just 8 prophecies what if double it to 16 – then becomes 1 in 10 to the 45th power – 1 w/ 45 zeroes after it How big is that ?

A) Take same silver dollars place them in a huge ball – how big is this ball – reaches to the sun & back 15 times – HUGE BALL


B) The Sun is 93 million miles away – talking a ball reaches there & back 15 times – full of silver dollars – your blind folded friend finds the right on

1)   That is only 16 Prophecies –


C) What if you go 48 – get into electrons – practically inconceivable



But there were 300 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled – 300 fulfilled to the T

A)So Peter says it is not just our testimony – but we have the sure word of Prophecy – 300 prophecies all fulfilled in life / death / Resurrection


B) If a person chooses to still reject – Basically an idiot

    1) Faith in Jesus is based on the Reliability of Scripture



Close w/ 3 thoughts that Peter – gives us concerning the Word in this section

A)#1 v,14,15 –Men die but the WORD LIVES !! Peter knows his time is short – days are getting thin Shortly I will put off this tent – Body is a tent


B) TENT CAMPING – about a week – House on Wheels/ body a tent 



1)   That was Peter’s motivation for reminding them – His voice would be gone – but the word continues – Need to Remind Kids – Get it


#2 – Experiences Fade – but the Word endures forever v.16-19

A)Experiences pass – but we have the sure word of Prophecy


B) Experiences don’t produce lasting faith – if any thing they produce a craving for more experiences

1)   EXAMPLE – People w/ the most experiences in the History of the World – Children of Israel when delivered from Egypt


C) All of  the Plagues upon Egypt – the Angel of death / Red Sea / Manna water from Rock – on &on

1)   Whole first Generation – didn’t enter into the Promised land – why?



D) Experiences fade – but the Word – Endures forever



#3 The World gets darker v.19 but the word Shines Brighter

A)The world is getting darker – getting murky –but the Word shines brighter


B)Because of so many things we see happening in world – right now is exactly what the Bible says would be happening


C) V.20 Now Prophecy is of Private interpretation – Nothing New

1)   Person is going to have new insight sell to you for 29.95


D) Listen if New not true / if is True it is not New


E) But this also means – scriptures linked together – none Private / Isolate

    For that Reason – as World gets darker- word shines Brighter – LINK

We you look at the current Middle East Situation – it looks dark / Murky / but thru the lens of the word – it is bright

A)It began 2 wks ago when Gen. Airel Sharon – great military leader & now HEAD of Likud party – possibly the next Prime Minister


B) 2Wks ago Sharon went up on the temple mount. There in Jerusalem – was making a statement – this belongs to Israel –

1)   We are letting the Arabs use it – ( the mosque- built during time of Israel didn’t occupy the land


C) Sharon’s actions put the Palestinians in an uproar – that has left Israel defending itself


This same issue caused the break down of the camp David peace talks

A)Clintons legacy – Monica or Middle East peace


B) It was there at Camp David that –Barak made enormous – concessions to the Palestinians – But Arafat was not satisfied /

 1) Israel has 1/10 of land promised to Abe – Arabs have 99% / not enough


C) Arafat has said all along that the Palestinians will not rest until Jerusalem is the capital city of Palestine / & they have Sov. Control of temple MT.


D) Now Barak of Israel has said that when he made those concessions which almost cost him his Job / Israel was demanding for a recall

1)   He did it to show that the Palestinians are not interested in peace – but only in Sov. Control


E) Barak was hoping to gain the support of the world – that was his mistake

1)   According to scripture – Israel will never gain the support of the world but they don’t need it because they have the support of God


The tension is rising – Last Sat. the U.N. security counsel voted 14 to 0 to condemn Israel of using excessive force in trying to stop the Palestinian uprising


A)On Friday – Barak said that “W/ the same determination that we have used in seeking peace leaving no stone un turned – We will use the same determination to fight & defend our nation / our people & soldiers even if it is against the whole world”  He knows they stand alone – no allies


B) Many of the leaders of the nations around Israel are saying that the only solution to this current conflict is to continue Holy war against the enemies of ISALM     


C) Libya’s Pres. Kadafi – visiting Jordan blamed Arab leadership for Israel’s upper hand in Jordan – Israel is not the problem we are – Israel could vanish in a matter of hrs if all of the Arab nations attacked it


D) Saddam Hussein Pres of Iraq – was quoted last week as saying that his forces could destroy Israel in a short period of time

1)   If the Arab nations would let us place some troops near by Israel – give us emotional support & stay out of the way – We would put an end to Zionism


F) That statement prompted Israel to launch some planes in the air armed w/ Nuclear bombs – Israel intelligence threatened that if Iraq attacked they would in turn – immediately destroy Baghdad



Now what is the scriptural significance of all of this ?

A)Ezk 37 –In the last days  the nation of Israel would be reborn – back to home land – fulfilled in 1948


B) In 1967 – reclaimed Jerusalem as it’s capital – tension ever since

1)   Really dating back to Abe – Isaac & Ishmael


C) The hatred would get so intense in the last days – Ezk 38 – Russia & several of the nations around Israel would  attack / God would intervene


B) Zech. 12:2-4

“I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. 3On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. 4On that day I will strike every horse with panic and its rider with madness,” declares the LORD. “I will keep a watchful eye over the house of Judah, but I will blind all the horses of the nations. 5Then the leaders of Judah will say in their hearts, ‘The people of Jerusalem are strong, because the LORD Almighty is their God.’


C) Psa. 83 O God, do not keep silent; be not quiet, O God, be not still.

2    See how your enemies are astir, how your foes rear their heads.

3    W/ cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish.

4    “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.”

5    With one mind they plot together;  they form an alliance against you—



Now what we are seeing could  be the setting of the stage for the battle described in Ezk.38 / Prophecies of Zech.12 / Psa. 83

A)It is Possible –not sure /  it could just be a warning of what is to come

     Summit – Egypt - Indications are it is going to get more intense


B) U.N. – pulled out all dependents of non essential staff living in the Gaza / west bank area have been ordered to leave

  1) U.N. official have said that this the first time in recent past such action has been taken – MEANING – anticipating further & greater conflicts -



    Targeting Christians & Jews

 1)At Summit – General Sharon wants concessions made at camp

     David to be cancelled -


E) Sat. in Cairo first all Arab nation summit in 11 yrs

1)   Arafat – wants backing from other nations to Demand Sov. Control

    over East Jerusalem that would include the Temple Mt.

Here is what you need to know about this  Target circle is getting tighter

A)1948 Israel nation – reborn / 1967 – Jerusalem reclaimed as capital city


B) Saw collapse of communism in ____  / then came the gulf war /

1)   Little skirmishes over Lebanon / then Gaza –


C) Now the focus in on Jerusalem – then finally – the Temple Mt.

1)   Sig. Is Rev. 11/ Ezk. 40/42  – Court of Gentiles


D) Is this the Ezk. 38 scenario ? – Don’t know – could be – Keep your eyes on Russia – sent Officials to Gaza / been supplying Arabs with/ Tech. For yrs

1)   Could this take place before the rapture ? Definitely although Rapture would be soon after –


E)Islam weakened for anti- Christ to come

1)   Rev. 11 – weakened for compromise to be accepted


The World is indeed getting darker –but the Word gets Brighter – begins to all add up

A)Bible says – No one knows the day or the hr. coming of son of man / but we can know the times & the seasons


B) In the same way look at Horizon – tell storm – or sunny / as we look at the Horizon – Say a storm is brewing


C) Like the days of Noah – Eating …… Business as usual – talking to a guy the other day – What think about going on in Israel – I’m not

1)   Tell me anything I wanted to know about – Raider football / B. Ball


D)Don’t be guilty of Bus. as usual – Not saved – Overwhelming Evidence Jesus is who He said He was

  1) Over whelming Evidence – He is coming back like said He would