Getting Vertical Part 1

2 Chronicles Ch.14


Jim was an avid hunter – Went every chance that he could get – Deer Season – didn’t want to miss a Sat.

A) Problem was wife – was complaining about them not spending enough time together


B) So he thought to himself for a moment – Why not bring her along – She agreed


C) Gave her her own loaded rifle – I will head down this path you – that one …. Hear shots ….

1) Thinking his wife wasn’t going to shoot at Bambi

Wouldn’t hear from her for hrs


D) Not more than 10 minutes later he hear pop……

1) Starts running in the direction of the sound – hears another pop….


What is going on – He gets to this clearing in the field – sees a peculiar sight – Cowboy – wife gun pointed

A) She is yelling get away from my deer  Cowboy – Ok fine lady – can I at least take off the saddle


B) Yes it is true – Important to see things Correctly

1) Important to have the right perspective  


C) To be looking at things correctly -  It is easy in this life for our perspective to get out of wack –


I think that happens the most when we are focused on the Horizontal aspects of life

A) Everything on this plane ….. 


B) Problems this week – Disappointments –

1) Everything is out of Sync


C) You need to get Vertical


Tonight series – several weeks – look at 3 kings – who understood the most important relationship was between them and God

A) Chaos could be happening on a Physical plane


B) Eyes on the Lord


Tonight Start off by looking at a Young guy named Asa  Read Verse 1-2

A) Asa was 25 yrs old when he came to the throne:

Reminds us, never too young to make an impact for God


David 15, killed Goliath

1) CHS – teen preaching to 1,000’s

2) Greg Laurie 18

3) Robert Moffat 18 answered a call to Africa, 25yrs


One of my favorites Evan Roberts who at 16yrs old heard a message – the need for the Baptism of the HS

A) During the 7pm meeting Evan was deeply moved and he broke down completely at the close of the service. Then when Seth Joshua used the words "BEND US, OH LORD," Evan entered such travail that he heard nothing more.

He later testified that the Spirit of God whispered to him: "This is what you need." "Bend me, Oh Lord," he cried. But the fire did not fall.


At the 9 o'clock meeting the spirit of intercession was moving on the congregation in great power.

Evan was bursting to pray. Then the Spirit of God told him to do so publicly.


With tears streaming down his face Evan just began to cry: "BEND ME! BEND ME! BEND ME! BEND US".


Then the Holy Spirit came upon him with a mighty baptism that filled Evan with Calvary's love and a love for Calvary.


That night the message of the cross was so branded upon Evan's heart that there would be no other theme of the great revival he would soon help lead.

Passion to Preach Christ


100,000 Young people would come to Christ – Welsh revival swept – Wales and the world


God can still work in that kind of way. –

A) Asa was a young man who was used in that way as well.


Now the first thing I want you to notice about Asa is we are told in V.2 It is said of Asa – “Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord.”

A) This is an interesting Statement because in our culture doing what is good and right is really subjective


B) A college girl might say: I only have sex with someone I love – No casual sex

1) That is what is good and right


C) A young drug dealer says: When I sell drugs I make sure everyone gets a fair amount

1) Never cut a person short – Good and right to them


D) Lying – It is ok to lie in these Certain situations

Study UCSB Prof. Most people lie twice a day


Listen: People make Choices by 3 standards

A) Those who do what is right in their own eyes


B) Those who do what is right in the eyes of others


C) Those who do what is good and right in the eyes of the Lord


D) That was Asa - He is the only one who is given that title – Good and right



Here is what else this tells me – The Christian life is really meant to be simple: Doing what is good and right

A) Don’t complicate our walks with the Lord


B) Walking with God is as simple as doing what is good and right in His eyes


C) Lord, I sense in my heart – I shouldn’t be watching this / listening to that – right now leave

1) Instead of rationalizing – well it is really not that bad – Only say the F word once, God’s name twice


C) Me – movie recently – Checked review – didn’t seem that bad Check in my heart – later review wow!

1) Listen to someone call my wife a nasty name – Once would be too much


So Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord – Here is what that looked like in His life – I want to note 4 things  Read verses 3-5


#1 He removed the idols – all of them !

A) Searched high and low – NO COMPROMISE

1) High Places – SECRET -


B) In other words He got rid of the things that didn’t belong


C) One of the first steps to seeing revival happen in your life - 

1) Get rid of the things that don’t belong!

True repentance will be seen in Change

A) Bear fruits worthy of repentance” – More than just tears and feeling sorry –


B) Many Christians fail here – they get convicted, they have sorrow – over something in their lives

1) But they actually stop short of removing the things that are causing the problems


C) Man with a Pet Lion – Cub – Got bigger – locked in Bathroom at night –

1) Mauled him to death –


D) When we hang on to sinful habits – secret sins

1) Allow compromise to be a pet in our lives – It is going to grow – eventually take over


E) Asa makes sweeping reforms –

1) Verse 3 Removed – Broke down – Cut down


F) He got active and aggressive !


#2 He got passionate about Seeking God! Verse 4 He commanded the nation to seek The Lord

A) He used his position as King to call the nation back to a place of seeking God


B) Can’t legislate Christianity – Can’t make it law

1) Can’t sanction Revival - Can’t disciple someone who doesn’t want to be Discipled.


C) But APP for us – After removing the things that were wrong he started doing what was right


A) SN – Sometimes it only takes one person – or a handful of people – lead a whole group – a School


Diana Chavez { One person impact a school


B) One group, a youth group

1) I am praying for our youth group / School here


C) Sometimes – The Carnal lead -

1) Praying – strong will stand



#3 He Strengthened what He had. RDV.6-8  

A) He built and fortified his cities


B) During those 10 yrs - there was rest in the Land – Could have cruised –

1) Could have sought to maintain – He Built


C) Greatest Danger = Maintain


D) Skate boarding up hill






How do we grow: There are Two ways that the Bible says that you can BUILD or EDIFY

A) God’s Word Builds Us Up


1 Peter 2:2  As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:


The word GROW is actually the Greek word translated as EDIFY, it means to Build up


There are those who say: “Well that is talking to new believers. They need to be going to a lot of Bible studies.”


NOTE: It does NOT say: “IF you are a new born babe”. It says “AS new born babes desire.”


On average, a newborn in the first month consumes about 1.5 to 2 ounces every 2 hours. 8-12 times a day.


We all should be desiring the milk of the Word, AS new born babes.


You moms can recall the DESIRE for milk that your babies had. They CRAVED it. THAT is how we are to be. CRAVING it and GULPING it down.


Craving the Word { Ask God – More you eat more happens


A) God’s word Builds us up

B) Our Words Can Build Up

Proverbs 18:21  Death and life are in the power of the tongue:


Why David Prayed!

Psalm 141:3  Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth;

Keep watch over the door of my lips.


Please remember that EVERY WORD that you speak will either BUILD up or TEAR down.

You will be building up and encouraging or undermining, questioning, poisoning and polluting.


Colossians 4:6  Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer every man.


Proverbs 25:11A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold

In settings of silver.


Meaning Apples…silver – it is attractive – It is valuable -  Presentable – want people to see it!

A) When your speech is that which builds others up – Attractive


B) Encourager -  Find something this week – Affirm others


C) Youth group – Divide groups – What is something that blesses you about this person

1) Tears – moving – someone to see how others saw them


So Asa was a Builder – Strengthened what He had – in the Process strengthened others –


Notice after growing / Building After 10 yrs of rest the enemy comes – Always does

A) Rest doesn’t last – there is an attack just around the corner!   Read Verses  9-10


B) Zerah the Ethiopian comes w/ an army of 1 million men

1) Suddenly Asa’s army of 580,000 doesn’t look so big


C) Plus they have 300 Chariots – TANKS

1) 1 Man vs tank – no match unless you are Jack Bauer


D) This Asa’s first test – He is going to pass it with flying colors


At a time when He could have got overwhelmed by everything that was happening to him on the horizontal plane – Asa got Vertical –


#4 He got Vertical V.11

A) Great Prayer– He focuses on the greatness of God


B) Nothing for you! – Able to save with many or few

Joshua / Jonathan


C) Biggest thing – he ever faced but nothing to God

1) God is not overwhelmed by your problems

D) In it He acknowledged their Weakness – Lord we have no power –

1) Poor in Spirit


In your NAME we will go against this multitude

A) The name of the Lord was representative of His person –


B) All His power / glory –


Psalm 9:9-10


“The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed,

A refuge in times of trouble.

10 And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.”


I love this basically what Asa is saying is Lord we are not going out in our Name – Kingdom of Judah

A) Not going out in my name – People of Asa


B) Not about us – We are going out in our Name


C) This is the Problem that many people have – it is all about them –

1) Their name – their ministry



1) Your Rep is on the line – Prevail against you


            Read Verses 12-16

Tonight -  Here


Sin to remove


Serious about seeking God –

          Been Cruising


Lord, doing stuff in my name, my strength


Lord, I need to shift it to you.