2009 Spiritual Warfare Series, Part 5

Ephesians 6:10-15

Boots for the Battle


It was 1985 I was youth Pastor – here at CCV – Single living w/ a family by the beach OCSD

A) Morning walk -  THE STAIR – Doberman


B) I was so glad that I had some good shoes on that day! - 


C) High School baseball game – Outfield – Line drive


My Pt Good Shoes are a necessity!

A) And when talking about soldiers a good pair is vital part of their equipment


B) Needed for marching / climbing / running / being sure footed in fighting the enemy!


C) Shoe of the Roman solider was especially designed / sandal w/ the thickest leather bottom possible.

1) In the leather was attached nails called hobnails 


D) When wearing this sandal the solider could step on stakes thorns, rocks -& not be fazed at all!

1) {Ad Campaign – Super sandal {Gaius Marius


E) In hand to hand combat the nails would grab into any surface allowing him to stand steadfast & fight!


So they had this especially designed shoe for battle


Now we who are soldiers in the Lords army have been given a special shoe to wear that we might stand strong against.....

A) That we might move swiftly & confidently in ministry as well as in our walks


B) Now reading thru this text we see an emphasis on standing.

1) Mentioned 4 times in these few verses.


C) We are called to stand up for the Lord in a world that is becoming more antagonistic against God

1) Stand against – temptation to become carnal


D) We are called to Stand – against the attacks of the enemy to cause us to become Shipwrecked


Now when we think about standing there are different ways that we stand – concerning the situation

A) The Bible employs different Hebrew and Greek words – to describe those different ways of standing


B) For instance – Standing in a line – Disneyland or Grocery Store – {always the longest line

1) Abiding stand – Shifting weight – just abiding


C) Different from a guard who is standing watch –

Alert Stand


D) That is different from what we might call an at ease stand - 

1) Family Photo – “Do I really have to do this”

2) Amy and Aaron – Amanda – Someone say Camera


The word used here in Ephesians 6 – Stand describes an available stand – A ready Stand.

A) It looks like this: Hand are lifted facing my savior – “Lord I am available – I am Ready


B) Bring it on – Lord I am available for whatever you want to do! – Where-ever you want me to go.


C) Eagerness – Prepared – I know where my strength lies –


D) The Point is I am standing with a purpose!

1) Not just a desire to hold my ground & not lose ground


E) It is standing with the goal of gaining ground of moving forward.


That is huge thing to understand: The Christian life is never meant to be for standing still

A) Our goal is never to maintain – Always to move forward – always to push ahead


B) Always growing – line an offensive linemen in football – pushing the defenders aside so the ball can advance

C) We can get into serious trouble in the Christian life if we start thinking – I need to maintain

1) Key is how am I growing


D) That is what I want us to keep in mind tonight as we consider the shoes of Peace

1) The purpose of these shoes is not just so I don’t slip of fall – but it is so I can advance in the faith


There are 3 things I want to consider tonight about these shoes!

#1 What do these shoes represent?

#2  How do these shoes affect my walk?

#3  How do they relate to the Battle?


#1 What do these shoes represent?

A) 1st what it isn't: There is a common misinterpretation that occurs when talking about - feet being shod w/ prep ... peace!


B) In Romans10:15 - Paul said how beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace:  who bring glad tidings of good things!"


C) Because of that some have taught that having your feet covered w/ the gospel of peace means - to be preaching the gospel


D) But a simple rule of interpretation in scripture is to take the verse in context w/ rest of passage

This passage is about standing strong in spiritual battle it is not about evangelizing!

A) Also - noted last week these 1st 3 pieces of armor are not pieces you put on - but already have!


B) Having = past tense - moment you became saved! 


C) Not talking about something you do / but what you have already in Christ


I will say that knowing what this represents will inspire you to share the gospel –

A) Inspire you to be more bold in your walk!


B) So what do these shoes represent?-

1) Two Shoes that describe 2 aspects of our relationship with God.


C) 1st shoe speaks of being at peace with God through Christ.


Romans 5:1,2   “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace w/ God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.”


In Romans 1-5 Paul builds a case for how our sin separated us from God – left us as enemies of God

A) Lost and doomed to spend eternity separated from God.

B) But God intervened by sending Christ – We are justified by faith in Jesus

1) Result we have PEACE WITH GOD 


C) It is knowing your sins are forgiven, for Christ sake - knowing you have been reconciled to God by the death of His son!


Cc) Knowing that when God looks on you it is w/ infinite affection 

1) Cleansed from every speck of sin and accepted in the     beloved


D) Frig:  your picture; wallet - your photo


Now look again at v. 11 Paul instructs us to put on the whole armor of God. So important

A) Football player – runs out without his helmet

Or Shoulder pads – He needs it all


B) We need it all – the pieces are connected!

1) Next time – Above all taking the shield of faith


C) Why above all – it is because it is thru faith that we appropriate the reality of these first 3 pieces


Starts with the Truth of Who Jesus is – what He did for us – on Calvary

A) I embrace that by faith – confident in God’s truth


B) It is the truth that tells me – I am now covered in the righteousness of Christ


C) And because I am now righteous in Christ – I can have fellowship with a Holy God

1) I can experience what it means to be at peace with God. 


This is why Paul puts it this way: “feet shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace.”

A) Preparation = equipped with


B) The message of the Gospel – the truth of the Gospel is that we can be RECONCILED TO GOD!



That is the peace that every man is seeking! Some unknowingly live trying to fill the void! Emptiness

A) In fact a whole sub culture was formed because of their desire & longing after Peace!


B) (Created a symbol peace sign)


C) That same sub culture has been rebirthed many times in the subsequent generations looking for peace

1) That symbol has remained



Let me suggest to you that prior to coming to the Lord all of us were looking for these shoes / shoes of peace/

A) Some shopped for these shoes in places like bars & clubs parties (spent a lot of time & money)


B) Others sought them in vices like drugs & sexual relationship.

1) Indulging in those things & places looking for Peace


C) Peace of mind:   Peace from the emptiness we felt inside;


Peace from the guilt we couldn't escape

Peace from the feeling of not knowing what awaited us

A) After this life / peace from the feeling of being away ...God


B) But not everyone went the way of Pleasure & indulgence /no some went to the other extreme


C) Sought in morality - (they sought to clean up their act - good honest people)

1) So they dabbled in religion - maybe starting going to church we       studied philosophy and theology


D) Became very religious – it is possible to be religious and not be at peace with God

1) Inherit a Christless Eternity!


The peace that FILLS the emptiness inside and RELEAVES the frustration: 

RELEASES THE guilt isn't found in religion

A) Not found in philosophy - not found in knowledge of God   but in knowing God!


B) The peace that covers my feet and helps me to walk swiftly -  confidently and Stand Strong & firm –

1) Found in only one place / Found in Jesus!!!!


C) Now once we Know that we are at Peace with God Through – Jesus

1) We are clothed in that 


That then affects our walks – :  Being at peace w/ God results in experiencing the peace of God in our lives!  This is the 2nd shoe – Peace of God

A) When you begin to realize and believe that God is for you - who can be against you? 


B) Results in   Confidence!


Bb) When you begin to believe - His thoughts for you are precious thoughts - future and hope - affects you -hope!

1) Realize: knows # of hairs on head –

Encouraging - God thinks about you that much


C.)You are not a # / not a speck in an enormous mass:  not a file: on         a computer program

1) No - have a name - He knows /  you have a heart that he has chosen to live in! 

Isaiah 26:3     You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.

A) Why trusting? Belief what He says about me / He cares {Truth


B) That means that I can approach life knowing that God is for me – He is with me!



PSALM  27:1 - The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear?  The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?


C) That is the attitude of the man living in the Peace of God!


D) I can step out of the boat like Peter and walk on water when he says come


E) I can run out to meet the enemy - like David because He is w/ me - I am at peace w/ Him!

1)    I can face any situation because He is w/ me!


Peace is not a hallowed feeling that comes over us in church; it is the result of a heart set deep in God.


Peace comes not from the absence of trouble, but from the presence of God.    Alexander Maclaren



JESUS SAID: John 14:27 - "My Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.



How does the peace of God differ from the world’s peace!

A)     Paul gives us the answer in Philippians  4:6,7   Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God ;and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


B) Do you hear that? Peace that surpasses understanding!


Bb) In the world - I have peace when I understand what is going on!       


C) Doctor says problem - need to run test?  For a week I am a      wreck!

1) Until he says here are the results - here is how we are going to deal with it!  Peace comes from understanding


D) But the peace of God is different - It says I don't know what           future holds - know Him who holds the future - Peace

My life is in His hands!  Quiet Confidence


So knowing I am at peace with God affects my walk in such a way that I can experience the peace of God

A) Peace that results in confidence, firmness and effectiveness.


B) That leads us to consider


#3 How does it relate to the battle:

A) Jesus described the enemy John 10 as a thief and a robber!


B) Satan seeks to rob us of our peace!


C) One tactic of the enemy is to make you feel being at peace with God isn't as easy as just believing in Jesus /

1) Loves to get us thinking we must do more)


D) Jesus plus – something else –

1) Not Grace but you need to earn it


One of the quickest ways to rob us of our peace is to get us on that performance treadmill - 

A) Never can do enough - always frustrated


B) Instead of just receiving & enjoying Him / Tries to get us to seek to earn favor we already have!

1) Not to be earned / can't / just enjoyed!   There is Peace



Major tactic today: Question truth – Postmodernism

A) No absolute truth – brings instability


B) Everyone doing what is right in their own eyes – results in Chaos


C) Buying into the view that truth is relative and ultimately unknowable in any certain way, the emerging church has also attacked the atonement of Christ.


D) It proclaims a tolerant, all-inclusive universalism that does not confront sinners with their need to repent and believe the gospel.


Another way is thru the storms & trials he seeks to bring into our lives

A) What is opposite of peaceful setting - stormy - exactly what he seeks to do - bring storms into your life!


B) What is the opposite of peace of mind? Confusion!

He is the author of confusion: of chaos!


C) Having my feet shod w/ the preparation of the gospel of peace doesn't mean - I won't experience storms / confusion

1) Doesn't mean chaos - won't invade my life!


John 16:33

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."


D) It is a given that as believers we are going to face difficulties - but having my feet shod w/ the prep of gospel of peace

1) Means that I can experience the peace of God in the midst of that situation - because I know I'm at peace w/ God!


E) I know that God is not going to abandon me –

1) Gave me Jesus – Not going to let me go now!



Mark 4 - Jesus is w/ his disciples in a boat crossing Sea of Galilee - Jesus is asleep - Total rest - (storms comes out of nowhere)

A)  "Master save us" - "Oh ye of little faith" - peace be still! (point is He was at rest and He was w/ them: they should have been at rest")


B) Mark 6:  - Sends them back - key he sent them - (storm develops again (this time their fighting it)


C) That is application of peace of God - not going to give up or freak out - press forward - knowing there is a reason


D) Knowing - My God in His time will deliver me - come through! (Jesus came walking on water)


E) Shad. Mesh. Abed-Nego - "Our God is able to deliver"   Even if He chooses not to we won’t bow

1) Peace w/ God - resulted in peace of God!  In midst of fire!


The Spirit–filled believer who is fully clad in God’s armor can sing confidently with John Newton,

Though many foes beset you round,

And feeble is your arm,

Your life is hid with Christ in God

Beyond the realm of harm.


Weak as you are you shall not fade,

Or fainting shall not die;

Jesus the strength of every saint

Will aid you from on high.


Though unperceived by mortal sense,

Faith sees Him always near,

A guide, a glory, a defense,

What have you to fear?


As surely as He overcame,

And triumphed once for you,

So surely you that love His name

Shall in Him triumph too.