Suffering Servant Series, Part 2

Isaiah 53:1-3

The Servant Humbled


The OT is riddled by the failure of man!

A) Adam sinned – started the whole deal sin entered into the world -   Weeds Aaron “Stupid Adam”


B) Noah – after the flood – got drunk exposed


C) Abraham sinned – Moses sinned


D) The law was unable to bring pp to righteousness


E) The Children of Israel were unable to possess the promise land

1) Time of the Judges Prophets Kings – Constant failing


We come to Isaiah find the prophet preaching to a nation that was not listening – He is failing.

A) All of a sudden in this train of failure – We hear the voice of God.





B) He shall deal prudently – He shall accomplish the purpose of why He came.


C) In the first stanza of the song – the last 3 verses of Isaiah 52 – The ministry of Christ in a nutshell  

1) Suffering/ Resurrection / 2nd Coming – {looked at last time

Tonight we pick it up in Ch. 53 –– His humble beginnings

A) Begins – Who has believed our report? To whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?


B) God’s arm is often connected in scripture to Salvation.

1) Exodus 6:6 “I will redeem you with an outstretched arm.”


C) Here Isaiah is telling us something very important that: Salvation is connected to Faith – to belief.


D) God’s arm of Salvation is revealed to those who believe – embrace it by faith.


Romans 1:16-17

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, {The Report} for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. 17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, "The just shall live by faith." 


The Problem is there have always been those who have refused to believe the report. John 12:37-38

 But although He had done so many signs before them, they did not believe in Him, 38 that the word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled, which he spoke:

  "Lord, who has believed our report?

And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?"

Isaiah tells us here V.2 why some pp had a hard time believing the report -  Isaiah 53:2

For He {God the son Jesus} shall grow up before Him {God the father} as a tender plant,

And as a root out of dry ground.


A) His coming – He was not what the nation of Israel was looking for in a Messiah.


B) They were looking for a King who would ride in on a white Stallion – over throw Rome / set up his throne

1) Had he come in that way – the nation would have gotten in line behind him


Bb) But he didn’t come that way – He came in Humility.

1) He came in a way that you and I could know he could relate to us


C) He came in the slow process of birth – born in a manger – born to a poor family – family struggling financially –


D) When Mary and Joseph came to dedicate him they offered up two turtle doves instead of a lamb

1) Which was allowed according to the law for people who could not afford a lamb.


He grew up in Nazareth which was the arm pit of Israel

A) This was like nothing you would expect – from a King / a messiah/ God in the flesh {1st coming purpose


A tender plant tells us of His nature.

A) TENDER – He was the most tender human being who has ever walked the face of planet earth


B) He was disarming – kids loved him – all types of pp were drawn to him –


C) Something extremely different about him


D) Tender plant- Isaiah 11 – he is called a stem out of Jesse {line of David} – but that is talking about his millennial kingdom


Here in Isaiah 53 it is talking about his humiliation

A) God’s servant Humbled


B) A tender plant:  Study on line – plants and trees


C) Classify growth in 3 Categories – Hearty / Tolerant and tender


1. Hearty is a plant that is in its natural environment. A) It is from that climate


B) Thrives in that area and climate – Eucalyptus trees

Around here –

2. Tolerant: A plant or tree that come from somewhere else – but it is able to adapt to the environment.


3. A Tender plant is one that is exotic.

It comes from a great distance – one that is never going to be at home in that place.


Never feels native in the place that it is put

A) It takes continual care in regards to nutrients and protection from the environment


B) A root out of dry ground – Abnormal – nothing in the soil that sustained him.


B) Nothing in this life sustained him – He was sustained from above


The tender plant is one that is not home or native to the environment –

A) That is what He was – He was the transplant from eternity- the son of eternity come into time –


B) Invading time – a tender plant – not at home here


C) He would say – to one young man who wished to follow him Matthew 8:20

”Foxes have holes and birds have nest – but the son of man has no where to lay his head.”


Birds have their nest – they are hearty – this is their environment –

A) Foxes have their holes- they fit


B) But He is saying – the son of man has no where to lay his head – this is not my environment –

1) I am not native to this world


D) I have no place of rest here – Just passing thru


E) I am never going to adapt – never going to become tolerant –


In fact the only place where it says that Jesus rested his head was on the cross at Calvary – when he gave up His Spirit John 19:30

“So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, "It is finished!" And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit.”


A) He bowed his head – When? After he cried it is finished! –


B) He finally found a place in this world to rest his head – it was on the cross

1) When He completed the mission – He rested


I want to sort of camp here tonight on this thought before we come to the table of communion

A) “Jesus said if any man wants to be my disciple let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me.”  

B) He says of us – this world is not our home we are sojourners here – we are just passing thru

1) That means we are NOT going to find rest here


C) There is nothing in the soil of this earth that can sustain us.

1) Nothing that this life has to offer that is going to fully satisfy us.


D) Not a person/ Not a position/ not a place / not a possession


That is why there is restlessness in your heart –

A) You are longing for something else


B) As a believer you have this Built in longing for heaven


C) That is why you can get a great new job and still feel restless – meet the right person –married

1) Still feel there is something missing


D) Go to some exotic vacation spot and experience

rest and relaxation {body rest / mind rest

1) Our spirit can feel refreshed – but there is still restlessness - Disappointment when it is over


E) That is because the Spirit of God in our hearts reminding us that there is something better


This is where we can learn something from Jesus – He finally rested when He had accomplished the work – that the Father intended for Him to do


His rest was in doing his fathers will – the same way his nourishments came from that as well

A) John 4 – Samaria – woman at the well – disciples head into town for lunch - 


B) Come back here Lord is your burger – Not hungry – I have food that you don’t know about


C) My food is to do the will of Him who sent me


When Jesus says – pick up your cross and follow me he is inviting us to live this kind of life

A) Life that says – Lord not my will but your will be done – today in me – in this situation


B)A life that says I realize that the place I am going to be able to find rest in this world is in my relationship with you and your calling for my life.


C) Made for fellowship with God – He has redeemed us to serve Him – not self

1) You will be the most fulfilled in life when you are engaged in that relationship and that calling


D) Picking up the cross – finding rest in the Lord and being in the center of His will

You will never be at rest in this world – there will always be restlessness


Try to please yourself in this world there will always be a frustration – there will always be a sense of not truly being satisfied –


But in Jesus – there is Rest – In living to please the Father – there is rest – there is nourishment

A) When I am accomplishing that for which he has laid hold of me – there is rest


B) That is where the rest is found – satisfied and nourished.


C) He was a tender plant – not from this place – a root out of dry ground – not nourished by this place  


D) He was different – but not in appearance in appearance He was ordinary.

1) American idol – Simon – it was ordinary


No form or comeliness {Nothing majestic

A) He laid aside everything that the Seraphim in Isaiah 6 covered their faces w/ their wings – to not look at


B) Isaiah 6 On the throne – train robe ….. Seraphim covered faces – cried holy –

1) Laid aside his glory – concealed -  


C) No beauty – Nothing desirable

V.3 He is despised and rejected by men,

A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.

A) Sorrow = pain – grief = suffering and sickness


Aa) Understand though that Jesus wasn’t bummed out all the time – downer – Eeyore guy


B) Children were drawn to Him - ….. Looked like you..

Pp were drawn to him – he enjoyed life – he went to wedding feast – parties – maybe he danced


C) He enjoyed those celebrations – perhaps those celebrations were a tiny glimpse of the celebration that awaited him


D) But in the midst of all that He could take enjoyment in, in life –

1) There was always this inner sense or perspective that he carried


2) That everything he saw was all flawed – it wasn’t the way that He 1st created it to be –


E) Man was no longer what He was intended to be –


The world He had created in perfection was now marred by sin –

A) Man living in it was plagued by the pain of sin


B) He saw it every day – The grief that comes when a loved one dies

C) The pain that follows a marriage that breaks up

1) The pain caused by religious pride


He could never put that pain away from His heart – Wasn’t always manifested or apparent in his outward appearance – but He carried it deep within


We seek to escape – turn that off

Watch a movie/ comedy - that makes us laugh


We want to forget for a little while the grief and the pain that is around us. – Can’t watch the news 24/7


He never escaped it – It was too clear in his perception what it was supposed to be – it was etched into the very core of who He was


I was thinking about this today: The one person that I think – sums up this description of the Lord maybe better than anyone I know – was Floyd.

A) He was one of the most Tender pp I have ever met


B) Everyone loved him – kids – adults – teens – all of them.


C) He wasn’t the kind of man who stood out in a crowd – easily unnoticed –

1) But spend 5 minutes with him and you would never forget him. –


In the 12 yrs privilege of being his Pastor: I have never met anyone who loved to rejoice in the goodness of God more than Floyd

A) Almost every Wed night – Floyd would come up to talk to me after the service –


B) Tell me something about how the message encouraged him


C) He always had a Victory to share – something to be thankful for.


D) But Floyd maybe more than anyone I have ever known grieved for the pain that sinned caused –


E) Often times – There would be tears too about someone in the fellowship that was sick

1) Just tore him up – A sports figure who was being a bad example – grieved


E) A Christian who was backslid or had fallen – He wept -   Tender heart

1) A man of sorrows – acquainted with grief


That is what happens when you become a Jesus Lover - Transformed into the image of Jesus



Jesus was a tender plant – root out of dry ground a man of sorrows acquainted with grief


So He could be our High Priest who sympathizes with our weakness.

A) There is not a person in this room tonight who has suffered as much as He suffered


B) There is not a physical pain tonight in this room that has gone to the depths of his physical pain


C)There is no one who has been forsaken by friends of relatives that has any idea what it really means to say: “My God my God why has … me!


D) He went thru all of that so He could be our Savior and High Priest –

1) But we despised Him – and did not esteem Him


Looking for a Conqueror they got a Carpenter

                         Lion                               Lamb


Looking for A Sovereign/ they heard Him say my kingdom is not of this world


We can esteem Him tonight – by coming to Him with hearts of gratitude – hearts of dependence

A) You and I say Lord I am in pain – Lord I feel forsaken, lonely, I am out of strength


B) He is there to fellowship with us – He relates to us


C) To say to us tonight – I was a tender plant a root out of dry ground

I didn’t find nourishment from anything that this life offered.

A) So we can come tonight – and receive from Jesus what we cannot receive from this world


B) Tonight we Esteem Him – come to the table to say – Lord I want to follow you


C) Your cross – not my will – not my way – but yours Lord


You are my all in all – you are it!