Are You Concerned About The Future?

Ezekiel 38-39 Antichrist Part 1


Intro: Jim Chicago – Brutal winter / vacation Home in Florida for a few days escape cold /   Wife away on Business – left note …Meet me there

A)   E-Mail that He made it safely - Accidentally wrong e-mail #


B)   His message went to a Little old lady in Neb. – the wife of a Pastor who had died earlier in the Week –

1)   She was Shocked when turned on her computer to Check her e-mail Messages


My Darling wife – I just wanted you to know that I arrived safely here & I am looking forward to You Joining me – here tomorrow

                                  Signed Your Beloved Husband

                                                           P.S. it is HOT DOWN HERE !!!!!


C) Talk about a Misunderstanding - Well, When it comes to Bible Prophecy – There is a lot of Misunderstanding

1)  But one Purpose of Matt. 24 is to give us indicators to be watching out for like Rd. signs that we are getting closer to our Lords Return


We have noted so far in this study that Jesus is describing events that will precede his 2nd coming:

A)Increase in Spiritual deception - False Christ / Increase in Earthquakes / Wars /Disease/ Persecution


B) These signs are going to be indicators like contractions of a woman who is pregnant that will grow in their FREQUENCY & INTENSITY 

  1) the closer we get to our LORD’S RETURN 


C) Every time we hear of one of these things happening /every news report – is a contraction – reminder one step closer to full blown labor


Tonight I want to talk about one of the most Fascinating indicators the coming of the ANTICHRIST – Jesus introduces this subject v.15 –22


Here Jesus describes an event that will take place at the 31/2 yr mark of the Tribulation – event called the Abomination of Desolation

A)It is an event that is described in Dan.9 – and we are going to get into that in our study next week


B) Because before we look at this I want to discuss what the Bible tells us about this one called the Antichrist

1) How he comes into Power & what his power looks like & what are some of the things that will transpire leading up to this Event


C) First note: the word Anti – can mean against something – here against Christ / but it can also mean the same as – Both are applicable in this case

1)   The Bible declares that in order to deceive people one thing that Satan does is he disguises himself as an Angel of light


D) That is one of the things the Antichrist will do – this man who I believe is alive right now – is going to be a great Charismatic leader

1)  Not going to look like Charles Manson – He is going to be charming / skilled orator / Wise / probably good looking { Steal hearts of Millions


Been said that this man is going to have the Charisma of a JFK

A)  Oratorical skills of a Winston Churchill / the Determination of a Joseph Stalin / the Vision of a Carl Marx / the respectability of a Gandhi


B)  The Military Prowess of a Douglas MacArthur & the Charm of a Paul Newman


C)  He is going to have the answers to much of the Worlds Problems


Now the Bible declares in 2 Thes ch.2 that the lawless one{Antichrist} cannot come into power until he who restrains is first taken out

A)The Restraining influence against =lawlessness in the world today is the Church – Our influence is removed at the rapture{ Evidence Pretrib


B) But when the rapture happens it will be a devastating time for those who are left on Planet earth - Mass pandemonium

1) Burglaries / Wrecks / Jobs to fill / People emotionally distraught


C) We are still cleaning up the Mess from Sept. 11th in New York – people are still grieving – Magnify that 1000 fold – Multiply world wide

1)    Begin to get a glimpse of what the condition of the world is going to be like after the rapture


D) The World is going to be in a state of Shock but he is going to rise to the occasion – Provide answers - UFO’s – Bad Karma – whatever–

1)   Bible also Indicates in 2 Thes 2 there will be a Strong Delusion – that comes upon mankind – that helps him set up a New Empire


E)  An Empire that is going to be marked by a One world Govt./ a One world monetary system – Cashless Society / One world religious system

1)   And he is going to solve the current Israeli Palestinian Conflict – find a way for them to peaceably co-exist


Tonight I want to begin discussing What the Bible says about each of those things & how the world is being primed for those  things –

A)Turn to Dan 2 tonight we are going to lay the frame work of his empire look at a couple of amazing Prophecies that tell us how his kingdom arrives


B)And then  next week – we will get into some specific details concerning each of these Characteristics of his Kingdom : Rd v.1-13


C) King Neb. of Babylon was the most powerful, Prosperous, prestigious & prominent man of His day

1)   You would think a guy like that would have no problem sleeping / not the case here in Dan. 2{Material wealth – no Satisfaction





Neb was awakened by a troubling dream / called his magicians

Sorcerers, astrologers & Chaldeans ( those studied ancient Lit

" Bad dream need you to tell me what it meant "  "   No problem tell us the dream   "    


A) But Neb says  if you guys are as wise as you claim to be you should have no problem being able to tell me my dream

          1)      Neb was suspect of these guys


B) " Oh King live forever "        Impossible what you ask! No man on earth can do such a thing !


C) Neb. was furious at this pt.   You tell me the dream & interpret it or you die!"

 1) Neb ordered the execution of all these guys & all the wise men (that would include Dan. Shad ..........   Exile)



So Neb. sends his servant Arioch out w/ the order that all the         wise men are to be executed that is where we pick up our story!

A)Comes to Dan. w/ the news  ( retells the story ) Dan. says  ask the King give us a little time


B) Dan goes to Shad. ..........   & says guys we got to Pray !

The Lord gives Him the Dream & the Interpretation  rd v.24- 30


C) Daniel gives God the Credit – then he tells Neb his dream & the Interpretation of it v.31-45


Now This a most amazing  Prophecy : Because Neb. Given a sneak Preview of the the History of the World

A)from the time of Neb. until the time the Lord comes back


B)The statue represents 5 world empires -  that are going to rule the world!


The head of gold / gold is the most valuable of metals Head of represents King Neb.

A)     Neb. ruled the most powerful empire / Bab. 600BC

          Neb. was an Absolute Monarch    ( What He says goes absolute power)


B)     After Neb. & Bab. comes a 2nd empire ( Dan. 8 identifies this

          Empire directly Chest & arms of silver Medo-Persian Empire

          1)Sure enough 70yrs after this dream the Meads & the       Persians 

                united ( two arms ) and overthrew Bab.


C)     Chest & arms of silver ( silver is inferior to gold & they were

          an inferior empire !   Constitutional monarchy

          1)Meaning the King had power but he was also bound by laws ! 



D)Remember King Darius tricked into signing the law / Dan. in lions den He couldn't break that law even though he knew .......  tricked!


200 yrs After the Medes & the Persians came  Greece & Alexander the great ( age 32 conquered the known world )

A)     Greece the belly & thighs of bronze are also identified in Ch. 8            Greece was weaker still it wasn’t a monarchy but an oligarchy)


B) Small group of men ruling together / no one had absolute power  -became that way after Alexander died at age 33 drunk- pneumonia)


C) After Greece came the legs of Iron / Rome w/ its powerful   marching Army!

          1)It is interesting that Rome was described by the 2 legs of  Iron

             because it was eventually split into 2 parts East & West


D) Iron is even weaker than Bronze & Rome was weaker than Greece in that it was a limited democracy

          1)      Assassinations & overthrows !


4 ruling empires were prophesied by Dan. in his Interpret.

4 empires that would come in succession of each other

A)     Incredible how this came about & was fulfilled


B)     But Daniel also saw a 5th empire described as a rock not made w/ hands that came & crushed the statue & destroyed it!

          1)      The rock not made w/ human hands speaks of the kingdom

                   of Jesus Christ & what will take place at 2nd coming!


C)     The last part of this proph. has not been fulfilled / Roman Empire  was

          never overthrown by another empire / collapsed internally


D) Now Notice also that Dan. saw connected to those legs of Iron = Rome

          feet part Iron  & Part clay .

          1)      Now What does this speak of & has this happened Yet?


The feet of Iron & clay & the 10 toes speaks of the Revival

of the Roman Empire that will take place in the last days

A)     A  10 nation confederacy ! 10 nations coming together in the last days to form a unity economically, politically, militarily!


B)     Now Dan. lays this out in Dan. 7 even more clearly in his vision

          of 4 ugly beast  ( Same scene in history is being laid out )

          1)      Not being seen as a huge statue of a man but of 4 ugly beast


C)     Because That is Gods perspective of human endeavor & human Gov't

          4 ugly beast    Rd. Dan.7 :1-7  { 4 Kingdoms  

          1)Interpretation V.24-25  The 10 horns are 10 kings coming from  the

             4th  beast/ from Rome !


D)     Rome has never been ruled by 10 Kings at one time in history

          such an alliance has never been seen until recently

          1)      Get to that in a minute



Dan. saw 4 empires coming in succession of one another & out of the 4th would come 10 kings / nations united / 4th is Rome

A)Question Why Doesn't Dan. Prophecy mention or speak about the

Empires of Charlemagne, Napoleon, Mussolini or U.S.


B)Good question / got a good answer  ( Very simple if you catch this           help incredibly in understanding Bible Proph.


C) The focus of Bible Proph. is Israel / these 4 empires are empires that were ruling & dominating over Israel

          1)God isn't dealing w/ those other nations/ No only those           who  are connected w/ ruling over Israel!


Cc)    Catch this:  A.D. 70 Titus Rome / Jerusalem / the nation of Israel

          ceased to be !

          1)   Israel was no longer a nation in the days of those 2 Iron legs


 D)    Understand this:  Israel is God's Divine stop watch / in AD 70

          Israel ceased to be & the  stopwatch stopped!

1)               And it stayed stopped for 2000yrs / Charlemagne ...Nap/ Hit....etc all come on the scene


E) But God is not dealing w/ those dynasties / they are irrelevant from the Biblical perspective


The Divine stopwatch is stopped until May 14, 1948 / Then the Stopwatch starts again after 2000yrs Israel becomes a nation again!

A)     2yrs later something incredible takes place 1950 Gene

          Monet of France (called the father of modern Europe)


B)     Calls together 6 nations to Rome to form an alliance known as

          The club of Rome!

          1)      France, W. Germany, Italy (Rome) Belgium, Luxemburg

                   And the Netherlands / formed this union of Nations

        2) Their goal was to establish the united states of Europe!

In 1957 became known as the Common market / these 6 nations / all a part of the old Roman Empire / 6 toes all extensions of Rome!

A)1948 Stopwatch starts 1950 here comes the Toes / Wait I thought there were 10 Toes


B) In 1957 when club of Rome signed the treaty of Rome they wrote in their contract that they would be known as the big 10   

1)     Their plan was to form an alliance of 10 nations from the beginning /

     they erected 10 flags poles headquarters in Brussels!


C)     They were counting on 10 nations from the start that would be united economically militarily & Politically!

          1)      1959 added England, Ireland & Denmark making 9

                   And in 1981 came #10 GREECE!    WOW!!! In Place


2)     Then 1986 came #11 Spain / then #12 Portugal / 1995 Austria Finland & Sweden – Bringing # to 15 nations / 386 Million pp


D) And this European Common Market became known as the Europe. Economic Community EEC/ Then the Europe. Comm.  (E.C.)

1)               Now known as the Europe. Union or the E. U. / This E. U.


I believe it is possible that this EU is the Revived Roman Empire Dan. spoke of

A) But now there are 15 nations how can it work? 2 Scenarios


B) 1st is Practical – several nations that merge into one – Some   Modern Maps of Europe have already done that

1)               Belgium the Netherlands & Luxemburg / Betelelux


C) So that is one way that the 15 could easily be trimmed down to 10

1) Dan. 7 :8 I believe gives us another  answer – Read


D) A little horn comes up among the other horns - & 3 are plucked out

1) Little horn is the Antichrist

Not sure exactly how it is going to happen but it will or if the EU is not the foundation of the Revived Roman Empire – something like it

A)In fact the EU has had talks in the past year of making some radical changes – Including the Formation of European Super government


German Chancellor Gerhard Schrφder has proposed a new plan calling for the formation of a European super government. His proposal calls for the non-elected, bureaucratic European Commission in Brussels to form a new government, possessing wide-ranging powers. 


Schrφder also envisions a president, who would be chosen by one or both of the chambers of the EU Parliament.{ Say -   Little horn


B) Others have talked about a EU Police force / EU Army Although There is still debate among EU members as to whether or not the RRF will become a European armyBritish leader William Hague said, "If it looks like an elephant and sounds like an elephant, it is an elephant.  And this sounds and looks like a European army however much [the government] tries to deny it."


C) There has been talk The establishing of a Central EU treasury { Say Common Economic System

1)And the EU definitely took a step in that direction last month when they launched the Euro dollar – common Currency in Europe among these nations


D) Each coin is the same on the front – but the backs are different for each Country – { One was the Picture of a woman riding a beast -


Guys need to  understand something:  we have had the incredible

Privilege of all people in History of seeing Prophecy fulfill

A)     Rebirth of Israel / Reemergence of Russia / Russia linking itself w/ the Arab nations prophesied in Ezk 38 supplying Arms


B)The unification of Europe these 15 nations forming a union / common currency/ military/ Police – talking of making a Super Govt – Exciting

Note Ch. 2 V.44  "And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed;

A)     In the days of these Kings ( 10 Kings make up the Revived

          Roman Empire ) When see that Know the Lord is Coming Back


B)     In those days ( the days we are Living in ) the Lord is coming back


45Inasmuch as you saw that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it broke in pieces the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver, and the gold—the great God has made known to the king what will come to pass after this. The dream is certain, and its interpretation is sure.”


C) The Bible refers to Jesus as a Stone that to some is a stumbling Block –affects the way they live – Conviction – Reject

1)   Others he is a stone that they fall on & are saved


D.)    Duet 32 - He is the strong rock to those who believe our Rock is a Deliverer - a fortress

          1.)     Foundation we build our lives upon!


V.46-49 - Neb says Dan you are right - that's it and what you        say makes sense

A)Neb praises God - above all gods!


B) But in Ch. 3 20yrs pass Neb decides to erect a statue -  Head of gold - chest, legs, feet all gold!  Why?


C) Suggest to you this was Nebs attempt to say I will change the dream - I am going to rule forever!

          1.)     Make my own dream!  Babylon forever


D) 20 years had past!  Perhaps Neb thought hey, 20 years have   gone by since Daniels prophecy and nothing has happened

 1) Maybe it's not going to happen: I am going to build up my kingdom


Consider this Neb who for a time was so excited about the prophecy about the true God - turns his eyes to himself -

A)We might say how could he be so idiotic


B) I suggest to you many Christians have done the same thing

  1) The first time they heard about events of prophecy - maybe 20       years ago - CCCM - Chuck or late Great Planet Earth


C) They Thought wow - got on fire turned on for the Lord but time passed - rapture didn't happen! So they began to take their eyes off the Lord

 1) They quit looking for His coming - got sidetracked / started building their own kingdom so to speak here on earth


D) Became like the man in Luke 11 Build bigger barns - kick back - not be so serious so intense/ Fool …….not rich toward God!


Guys, it doesn't matter what doing 10 years ago - what is going on in your life - your heart now

A.)    Early church believed in the eminent return of Christ so should we!