Are You Concerned About The Future?

   Matthew 24:42-51

Be Watchful; Be Wise; Be Warned


INTRODUCTION: Jesus has just given His disciples information for end times. Now He is giving inspiration for all times.

A.)    See - prophecy was not given merely to satisfy or arouse their curiosity,/  but rather to motivate them into faithfulness & Readiness   


B.)    So after giving information concerning signs of end,  signs of

          the times in which we live.


C.)           Breaking down the verses we have just read - see Jesus is saying 3

           things essentially -

          1.)     Be watchful  - v. 42,43,44

          2.)     Be wise -  v. 45,46,47

          3.)     Be warned - v. 48-51



1st Consider - Be watchful:

A.)    He likens the situation to a man who owned a house that was     broken

           into by a thief.


Jesus said if owner knew the hour thief  was going to come he would have been ready/  he wouldn't have been caught off guard.


B.)           Likewise, Jesus said we are to be watching constantly  for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

1)   The Bible is clear that we don’t know the hour / But we can know times and seasons ( Know the Signs - )


C) Now if your  neighborhood is  being hit / Burglars are making their rounds / You are going to be  ready - bells on door

1)   watchful - neighborhood watch programs ( Not leave house unlocked)



D) Our Car in Oregon – This is Oregon – We were caught off Guard -  You

     don’t want to be caught off guard when Jesus comes !!!


E) Ever have someone just drop in worst! /  P.J.'s on,/   hair up,  House

      is a mess!!!  George on Sat. am – ( Sweats hair not combed – shaved)

          1) You don't want to be caught off guard when Jesus decides to          drop in - So we need to watch & be ready!


Now when Bible talks about being watchful - talks about certain areas.

A.)    Here - watch for His coming.


Matthew 26:41 - Watch and pray don't enter into temptation, spirit willing but flesh is weak.  Watch so don’t fall into temptation 

A) Satan has holes all over the place – we need to Watch so that we don’t fall into one  ( Be on Guard ) Certain things avoid / Internet


B.)    1 Corinthians 10:12  To him thinks he stands take heed or watch     doesn't fall -   Exhortation to Watch against spiritual pride

1)   That mentality where you think you have it together


C.)    Acts 20:31 - Paul warning Ephesians Elders Watch out for false        teachers. Wolves to fleece the flock



So we are to Watch out for temptation; spiritual pride; false teachers. Most importantly - His coming!

A.)    How are we to watch?

1.)             Matt 26:41 -  watch and pray - praying:  Prayer  strengthens my spirit - over my weak flesh


B) I am too busy to PRAY !!!! 

If you have so much business to attend to that you have no time to pray, know this  you have more business on hand than God ever intended you should have. -   D.L. Moody,


B.)    1 Cor 16:13 - watch  standing fast in the faith.

  1)  Key to standing fast is keeping eyes on Jesus - Author and Finisher of  

       my faith - not the storms/   Watch standing fast in the faith


C.)    Luke 12:35 - Waist girded (readiness/ Work / fight / serve ) - Waist girded …. Lamps burning

1.)             Being ready and letting your light shine{ Bright light in the darkness


D.)    1 Peter 5:8 - Watch and be sober; vigilant

          1.)     Speaking - being awake; being in tune - aware of what's going on - times and seasons


So watch - pray; standing fast in faith; waist girded, lights shining, sober and vigilant -    1st be watchful


2nd Be Wise:  V. 45-47

A.)    Idea here is the master is leaving his home for a season and leaving

         what he owns into the care of a servant


B) The wise servant is one who will be faithful in his master's absence carrying out commands and wishes

1)   When the master returns the servant is rewarded for his faithfulness


Jesus said - John 14 - I am going ... place for you .. . return take ... where  I am you may be also

A.)    He left and has entrusted us with certain things

 My wife goes to the Ladies retreat/  - entrusted house - kids into    my hands


B)    Now here is the question does she do  that with confidence or reservation? Make it? Be Okay?

1) Will she Comes home to a disaster? Come back surprised still there?


C.)           Jesus has entrusted things to each of us in His absence.

1)   Family / Relationships /  Ministry /  Work / Your Finances - 

D) Question What are you doing w/ that which  Jesus has entrusted into your hands


E.) The wise servant is one who is working while master comes -

          1.)     Luke 19 - Do business until I  come - occupy

                   May the Lord find us so doing


Those who are faithful w/ what the Lord has given them will

be rewarded !

A)     What a Joy to hear the Lord say  " well done good & ......


B.)    Preacher was visiting at home of wealthy - oil tycoon

          1.)     Balcony - all see I own in this direction that ...

          2.)     "How much in that direction? That is what matters


C.)    Jesus said "Store up treasure for yourself in heaven "

          I.)      How do that? Be a faithful wise servant here on earth - do what Jesus called you to


D)Use gifts given to you & take care of those He has entrusted  into your care!


3rd - Be warned - V. 48-51

A.)    As we Notice this servant/   everyone of us be warned /Note: he is a servant in the house of his master - but he is not being watchful or wise


B) Instead  he is saying my master delays his coming

  1) He is not denying the master's coming - he believes the Lord is coming - but doesn't believe happen any time soon  ( NO HURRY)


C) Note It is an evil servant who says Lord delays his coming

  1) Now word here for evil interesting:  Kakos - Something that was once

   good - now gone bad./   Used - apply instrument - goes out of tune – guitar


D)Apple once ripe - sat in barrel - now bad/ Servant once good / now bad!!

How go bad?  Lost that watchfulness - expectancy that Jesus could come back today

A)Begins saying - my master delays his coming - he begins to go bad


B) It speaks of the person who no longer believes in the imminent return of Christ -



How is it MANIFESTED How tell when you begin to go bad?. 2 THINGS

A.)    First, BRUTALITY  verse 49 - he begins to beat his fellow servants


B.)    When I stop believing that Jesus could come back today, quit watching for Him; it will effect the way I treat others

  1) Much more critical of others – Judgmental { Oregon trip


C) If I don’t believe that Jesus might come today I am going to feel a lot more liberty to react in my flesh

 1) But If you believe Jesus is coming back      today - it will affect every person you come in contact with


D.) If You believe Jesus coming back today - talk to wife differently; kids   Talk with people at work in whole different manner

 1) but if you think not coming for another 5 yrs 20yrs 50 yrs it is easy to begin beating  others - being brutal towards them


So first fruit of evil servant says Lord delays is Brutality

Second, Carnality - eat and drink with drunkards - party!

A.)Let's go hang out in lounge - tip a few - go dancing - partying


B.)    Now maybe you say liberty - can dance - drink - nothing wrong with party

          1.)     How many of you would like to be doing any of those things - when Lord comes back?


John said, 1 John 3:3  Whoever hope ... pure"

Lastly, plight of that servant. Verses 50-51

A.)           Four interpretations


1.)     Referring to unbeliever - who is also been committed a trust -    

             God has given him life - steward what does with life

                   a.)     but he parties hardy - indulges in sin - cast into hell


B)     #2     Others saved servant of God - who becomes lazy in serving the Lord and he simply loses his reward in kingdom age


#3     Others - backsliding Christian - Christian who falls back into sin lost his salvation and is condemned


#4     A professing Christian who is not one - a churchgoer - in church with servants but really doesn't know God

          a.)     Jesus says sign him portion with hypocrites - actors


Pt. Is : It really doesn't matters which you choose. Point is clear -  Be warned  not fooling around

A)I pray NONE of us - would be saying - master delays  his coming


B.)           Reap what sow! Flesh destruction / Spirit

Sow a thought - reap an action - sow an action -   reap a habit. so a habit reap a lifestyle, sow a lifestyle, reap a           destiny


E.)     I pray we would be those - sowing a lifestyle of expectancy; of faithfulness  to what Jesus has entrusted to us

          1.)     In doing so we would be storing up treasure in heaven. In due time - reap a wonderful destiny!