Are You Concerned About The Future?

LK 17:22-30  The Last Days


Intro: Last week we finished our Series Are You Concerned About The Future – Matt 24

A)Where Jesus told His disciples of events that would  be happening on the earth Prior to His Return


B) The series was an indicator to us – that we are living in the Latter days

  1) The things that Jesus described would be taking place in those days are happening now w/ a Frequency & Intensity never seen before man’s history


C) Tonight is kind of a Bonus Study – You see in the passage that we just read we are told an interesting thing concerning the Last days

  1) { Like the days of Noah / Like the days of Lot


Noah & Lot are both good examples of last days believers – both men lived at a time & in a place that received severe Judgment from God

A)Noah lived in a world that had grown so wicked that God declared that it would be destroyed by a flood


B) And LOT lived in a city that had become so perverse that God decided to destroy it by FIRE !!!


C) These Two men that were last days believers – living in the last days before the judgment of God came upon their cultures

1)   Both were saved / both were described as JUST MEN  - but that is where the comparisons end


C) See Noah is listed in the Hall of faith – Heb. 11 – mentioned w/ that group that had faith in the Lord & did great exploits for the Lord

1)   Lot was given no such Honor


D) Tonight I want to do a contrast between Noah & Lot – see what was different about these two men – One in the Hall of faith – Much fruit

1)   The other described as a Saved Soul but a wasted life / no fruit

First lets look at NOAH – Gen. 6

A) Scene – described in v. 5-7 5Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6And the LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. 7So the LORD said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.”


B) And then we read - 8But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.


C) Noah was ALSO a sinner &  Wages of sin is death –

1)   So Noah deserved to die like the rest of the world – But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord



I love that phrase – when the rest of the world turned their backs on the Lord & wandered FAR from the Lord

A)Noah turned to the Lord & found GRACE IN HIS EYES


MH. God looks down upon those with an eye of favour, who sincerely look up to him with an eye of faith.


B) Grace is Unmerited / Undeserved favor -  God looks favorably upon your life even though you don’t deserve it .

 1) So the first thing we want to note about Noah is that He was a recipient of the grace of God –


C) Next let’s see the Result of having received that Grace 3 things Heb. 11:7


1st is that Noah Walked by faith believing in the word of God

A) God came to Noah & gave him  a promise  I am going to flood the earth / water will come down from  the sky  & cover the earth .


B) Noah live in a time when there was a water canopy that covered the earth / it had never rained before But Noah didn't question God how happened

C) Noah's attitude was one that I believe we should have/ one of " God said it I believe it & that settles it!

1) Although Noah had never seen rain he believed in the word of God & acted accordingly


D) He was living his life for an event that was to happen in the future

1)   His life was marked His faith in the word of God – that this event that would NOT take place for 120 yrs was a reality


Application for us – Jesus has given us a Promise – JN 14 Going to my fathers house to prepare a place for you – return receive you to myself

A)We need to believe that word & act accordingly – Our lives / our priorities /our choices need to be marked by the reality of that event


B) It was said of the early Church They were not looking for a cleft in the ground, called the grave, but a clearing in the sky called glory! They were not watching for the undertaker but the upper taker!


J.S. When we are consumed w/ the reality of Heaven, Christ is free to Consume us on earth. When we realize that our final gain is there & then, we are free to live for Him here & now.  When heaven is the transcendent target of our living – then we indeed have the best of both worlds: Christ HERE and Gain there.


CS Lewis – Aim at heaven & you will get earth thrown in too, Aim at earth & you will get neither –


2nd He moved w/ Godly fear

A)The Bible declares that the fear of the Lord is the Beg. Of wisdom / but it also tells us that THE FEAR OF MAN IS A SNARE.


B) FEAR OF GOD means – Utter dread of doing anything that would displease Him.


C) In any given situation we are going to be led & motivated by one of 2 things – Fear of MAN / Fear of GOD.

1)   Going to ask what do you think Lord -or what are they going to think –


D) If you are worrying about what People think – it will snare you / it will trip you up – it will knock you down./ God thinks = strength 


Noah moved w/ godly fear so he wasn’t worried about what People thought of Him

A)Noah went against the grain / He swam against the tide – he lived in the mist of a wicked & perverse Generation – but he loved God


B) In a time when it was not popular to believe in God / walk w/ God / to stand for the Lord – NOAH WAS FAITHFUL 


C) It is easy to be a Christian when Christianity is in fashion; but it is an evidence of strong faith and resolution to swim against the stream


Story of Danny – neat Christian boy in the 7th grade at a public middle school. Great kid – Bible to school- desk -

A)1st day Science teacher – who was an ATHIEST – made a statement – by the end of semester – Prove Evolution right


B)All semester long – went for it – pressure – make these little stabs & Danny for being a Christian – carrying his bible

1)   Danny hung in there didn’t budge or give into the pressure  - finally last day the semester -  ULTIMATE TEST – THE EGG


Class what is this  Egg / Danny EGG SIR / PRAY God will make it not break

A)    Ok Sir PRAY OUT LOUD – Break into 1000 pieces & pray that my teacher drops dead!!!!!

1)  TEACHER – Looked at  Danny … EGG … AGAIN / Class dismissed


B) Danny like Noah moved w/ Godly fear – Fear of the Lord strength instead of the fear of man being a snare

3rd   Turn 2Pet.2:5 Noah was a preacher of Righteousness! We are to be preachers too!  



1Pet.3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;


A)The world is falling apart around us but we have Hope ! Why?

          we Know the Lord /  Future holds  ...... know who holds the future !


B) Noah preached for 120 yrs  /  crazy Noah  /  Kept on working

          kept on preaching !  How many converts in 120 yrs?  Seven!

          1)      May we be as faithful to share the Lord in this day!


C) So Noah is listed in the hall of faith – He has a glorious entrance



Now lets consider Lot who is not listed in the  Hall of faith/ In fact  Lot’s epitaph could read :  Saved Soul but a Wasted life

A)Now Lot ALSO found grace in the eyes of the Lord – In Gen. 12:5 Abe leaves Ur – that wicked city – told take his wife / but also took Lot


B) The Lord permitted Lot to go w/ Abe – That was grace

1)   And Lot was blessed because of Abe – that was grace


C) Like Abe Lot Believed in Jehovah God – for that reason he is referred to in 2 Peter as Just Lot / Righteous man read v.7,8 again

1)   He had faith in the Lord – but that was about as far as it went


D) Abe was called the friend of God – but Lot had no such title

1)   Abe like Noah – walked w/ God but Lot radically back slid – Lets consider the steps to Lot’s Backsliding



1st –He was attracted to the world – Gen.13:10

A)Conflict w/ Abe & Lot’s servants – time to separate – Abe – I will go one way you can go the other – Abe lets LOT –choose !!!


10And Lot lifted his eyes and saw all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered everywhere (before the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah) like the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt as you go toward Zoar.


B) Notice that phrase – it was like ….of  EGYPT – Egypt = the world

1)   Egypt at the time was THEE PLACE  - Capital of all Wealth Luxury Power & Perversion { great Place raising Cattle / not Kids


C) Listen close: Lots’ Problem began when he went w/ Abe down to Egypt /Gen 12 Famine – Abe says lets go to Egypt { Realized a Mistake – Soon left

1)   Although Lot left Egypt – Egypt never left Lot{Didn’t Crave Ur 


D) In Lot’s heart a Seed was planted for the things of the world – a Craving was birthed that would only grow over time & would lead to his Demise


Many believers today are following in Lot’s Sandals – There in their hearts a seed has been planted for the World –

A)They begin to water that seed / they allow it to take root – thru Secret Fantasies & little compromises / Secret Fantasies turn into secret sins 


B) A little glance at some Porn on the Internet / a drink / start listening to Secular music again/  they Rationalize not a big deal

1)   Suddenly the Life that they once left behind is starring at them in the rear view Mirror looking more Appealing than ever !!!!


C)  That Craving for the things of the World – begins to overtake any longing and desire that they have for the Lord & the things of the Lord


Seen Young people brought up in Christian homes do the same thing/ it starts w/ this Curiosity – sense I am missing out on something

A)That seed is planted – in a movie / Mag / Music / a friend /

B) They start craving to experience a little bit more of the world – failing to realize that their Flesh is drawn toward those things

1)   Seen Christian Young men & women fall big time & it all started w/ a giving over to the fleshly appetites


C) We are in a battle we World / Flesh / Devil – Devices appeals to the Lust of the flesh / Lust eyes / pride of life – to entice us /

1)   Plant that seed –Hoping to get that Craving Started but we need to dig it up & cast it out – Pursuing the things of the Lord


D) Flee youthful lust – By Pursuing righteousness……… pure heart

1)   Make yourself Accountable –


E) Question: Are nursing in your heart a Craving a curiosity for the things of the World – Watch  what happens to LOT



2nd – v.12 Lot Pitched his tent toward Sodom

A)It was bad enough that Lot wanted to live on the plains near the city but he faced his tent so he could see the city lights


B) He would look w/ longing eyes upon that wicked city

1) Everyday that Lot looked at that wicked city his desire for heaven got smaller & smaller { Craving for the World Grew Bigger & bigger


C) Which direction is your tent facing today – What has your view { Here or Heaven { If raised Seek those things which are above ….not here on earth

1)   Many believers are so earthly minded they are no heavenly good


D)Caught up in a mentality that is Primarily  Temporal Satisfaction oriented

    They  want to be happy / Healthy /  wealthy here

1)   That was the mistake Lot made when he pitched his tent toward Sodom

That move led to a progression – deeper sin



3rd Lot moves into the city Ch. 14:12

A)Ch. 14 Describes when these foreign kings raided the cities of the plain and took their people captive –


B) Note v.12 They also took Lot, Abram’s brother’s son who dwelt in Sodom, and his goods, and departed.


C) Lot goes from being on the outskirts to living inside this wicked city

1)   More Convenient – closer to the grocery store / restaurants / Theaters


D)We will save on travel cost – if we are not going in there all the time

1)   it is always that way w/ sin Progression / gets deeper / darker/ more Perverse over time – Because the Flesh cannot be Satisfied


E) People find themselves in bondage doing things that they never thought that they would do { Like an Addiction they can’t get over



At this point Lot is on the verge of being totally sucked in / God gives Him a Wake up call – but Lot ignores it –

A)The kings come in & besiege the city – Lot & his family are taken plus all of their goods


B)4th thing  At that point Lot should have realized – that he was in the wrong place / but it didn’t even enter his mind

1)   Listen the Bible teaches that whom the Lord loves he chastens


E)  The Lord loves you enough that when you are fooling around in sin / He will allow you to suffer for it – WAKE YOU UP

1)  Sermon / confrontation/ Tragedy


Lot is rescued does - he leaves – does he wake up – No – goes deeper

A)Ch.19 Sitting in the gate – LEADER NOW  – that is where the Judges were – Lot is now in a place of Judging – SITTING IN THE GATES


Now lets consider the Dreadful Result of Lot’s Backsliding 2 Pet 2

1st – He was miserable : 2 Peter 2 :7,8


Lot, who was oppressed by the filthy conduct of the wicked 8(for that righteous man, dwelling among them, tormented his righteous soul from day to day by seeing and hearing their lawless deeds)



  1) Lot goes to Sodom hoping to be refreshed – to be blessed w/ abundance – the riches & pleasures of the World – leaves him – Worn down


B) Tormented his soul- from day to day – He was tormented


C) Here is the thing that I want you to Note – Lot lived oppressed & tormented by the sin of Sodom / but it was his own fault

1)   He didn’t have to live in that place – He was Miserable


D) That is the case w/ those who try to live for this world – Never be satisfied / always empty


E) Also the Plight of those who try to live w/ one foot in world …..Lord

1) MISERABLE WAY TO LIVE !/ They have Too much of the Lord to really enjoy the world / but too much of the world to really enjoy the Lord –


2nd Lot had no impact on that city – Gen. 18

A)Abe intercedes – 50 righteous / 45 / 40/ 30/ 20/ 10/


B) Stops at 10 let’s see there is Lot – Mrs. Lot / there is Lots two married daughters / their two husbands - / Lots 2 virgin daughters

 1)So there are 8 people / Surely Lot has lead 2 people to the Lord in that city


C) But the fact of the Matter is that Lot hadn’t even led his son in laws to the Lord

1)   All of the yrs there – Lot hadn’t had an impact on Sodom / but Sodom had made an impact on his family

D) So that when the city was finally destroyed – Lot goes to get his 2 daughters and their husbands – they laugh at Him

1) Lot's wife looks back -   Only Lot & His two younger daughters survive – Tragic Story


What is true of Lot can be true of us if we try to live w/ one foot in the world & one foot in the Lord/   Never deal w/ that Craving 

A)First need to Repent – Change your mind see that sin for what it is Against God


B) 2nd Get Accountability – Another Brother or sister who can say – How is it going

1) 3rd Instead of flirting w/ the World – Start Pursuing after the Lord w/ all of your heart –



Lot’s story is a tragic story - Yes called righteous Lot – He believed in the Lord

A) But He didn’t walk w/ the Lord as he should have & as he could have


B) RESULT : Saved Soul but a wasted life


C) Now some people might  say SO WHAT at least He made it to heaven / seem like he got the best of both worlds – not really –

1)   Remember – Miserable oppressed & tormented Life – Instead of the Abundant life the Lord had for him- 



1)   Might not care now / but you will care then


E) NOAH OR LOT – which do you prefer?  !!!!!!