Being Planted

John 12 : 20-28


Intro: Have you ever imagined yourself as someone else ?

A)Sports Joe Montana throwing the winning Touch down Pass

Emmit Smith – making a great Run


B) Magic Johnson / Michael Jordan winning Basket

1)    Clock the count down – Miss He was fouled


C) Most of us guys have imagined ourselves being someone else


 Have you ever imagined yourself being SOMETHING ELSE

A)Horse Running on the Beach – pelican soaring across the waves

 Eagle – Soaring High { CAR THING W/ THE HAND


B) Dolphin riding a Wave { Most of us have a time or two imagined ourselves being something else


C) Tonight I want you to do just that – I want you to imagine yourself as being something else – A SEED


Beginning Series on the Upper room Discourse – Begin in Jn 12 – passage that really sets up  what we will look at in the coming weeks

A)Scene : Final week of Jesus life prior to His Crucifixion / He is w/ His disciples in Jerusalem for the feast of Passover  read V.20-22


B) Greeks who came to worship at the feast / say we wish to see Jesus !  Come to worship God & desire to see Jesus / True worship is about !


C)  Talk to Philip who goes to Andrew / together they go to Jesus / notice His response V. 23-28




Now this is the 1st time Jesus has ever said the hour has come that the Son of man should be glorified

A) He proceeds to talk to them about His death / about discipleship & fruit bearing by using an illustration from nature !!


B) Jesus used the image of a seed to illustrate great spiritual truth - no fruit w/out death/ no victory w/out surrender

1) For Jesus this meant the cross / He was the 1st seed to die / as He fell to the ground / leaving the glory of Heaven / became a servant / & Savoir !


C) He was Buried in the tomb – but ROSE AGAIN – bringing forth much Fruit

1)     By using this illustration Jesus was giving us a Key insight into Bearing fruit


D) As believers our main objective is to bear Fruit !!!!

John 15: 8By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit;


When we talk about Abiding in Christ & Walking in the Spirit  the objective is that Fruit would proceed from our lives

A)Fruit in our Friendships / Fruit in at our places of employment / fruit in our families / fruit in our ministries /Fruit in the mist of Trials /


B) In that the Father is glorified – meaning He is Blessed / He is Pleased & He is EXALTED – when we Bring forth FRUIT !!!


C) Now in the book of Gal.- we are told what that Fruit looks like


22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.


C) The Fruit that God is seeking to Produce in us is Love !!! True Genuine Agape Love that is Sacrificial & Unconditional –

1) A love that has many Characteristics


Joy is loves rejoicing / Peace is loves Stability ( Opposite of Chaos & confusion  / longsuffering is loves patience / Kindness is loves Grace

A)Goodness is Loves Virtue / Faithfulness is loves Dependability

Gentleness is Loves Meekness / Self-Control – Loves Discipline


B) That is what the H.S. is seeking to do in our lives – Make us into people  

    that love unconditional / people who give Sacrificially

1)     Those who’s Lives are marked by Joy / Stability / Patience & Grace/ Virtue & Dependability / Meekness & Self-Control


C) That happens when we learn How to walk in the Spirit & when we are

      abiding in Christ



But what we are told here in Jn. 12 – I believe is the door way into that Abiding kind of life of Walking & being led by the Spirit

A)This is where it all begins- We need to be like that Seed


B) 1st How we are like SEEDS

1)    A Seed is small & insignificant –but there is life in it/  That seed has the potential of becoming a tree / flower


C) You & I are small & insignificant – but we have life in us – God’s Life 


D) Now if the life that is in the seed is going to be manifested it has to be buried / planted – symbol of death


E) The same thing holds true for us – if the Life of the Lord is going to be manifested in our lives – We need to be Planted / buried /

1) There is a death that needs to take place – Death of self / My plan/ My ambition/ My desires / and aligning myself w/ His Plan






Now think about if that seed could talk - I don’t like it down here It is Dark/ Cold / Dirty / Worms bugs / Water is Cold –

A)But in order for the life in the seed to come forth all of that is Necessary


B) Diamond becoming Coal – Pressed


C) God has put His life into you –HS / but in order for him to get his life out of You / You need to be buried


D) Note the contrast: loneliness or fruitfulness, losing your life or keeping  

    your life:  serving self or serving Christ 

 1) Pleasing self or receiving God's honor


Problem of Self { How is Self Manifested

A)Self Will – disposition to want our own way !!!!  Phrases I want, I will I need,


B) Self Seeking: We seek after Adulation & Admiration { Marked by that craving to be the center of attention / focus attraction

1)     It Parades it’s achievements & accomplishments


C) Self Indulgence : Self is motivated by desire & not Principle { It wants to be gratified no matter what the Cost


D) Self Pity: Self loves to excite pity & draw out sympathy – Constantly is complaining about circumstances or relationships

1)     It is always feeling sorrow for itself & looking for listening ears/ shoulders to cry upon


F)  Self Consciousness: Self can never forget itself not even for a moment  – I am always on my mind – Crippled by always wondering others thinking


G) Self Love : Self finds that the supreme object of affection is itself

1) Pride – Person thinks they have it all together

F) Self Confidence : I can do it – I can make it happen / I can fix this mess ………………..



Now everyone single one of us has the potential for any or all of those things to be evident in our lives

A)Our biggest struggle is w/ ourselves – And the only way for the Life of the Lord to be manifested in our lives is for us to be Buried / Self dies


B) Hard our flesh rebels against it – Hard for Jesus v. 27

27 "Now My soul is troubled, and what shall I say? 'Father, save Me from this hour'? But for this purpose I came to this hour. 28 Father, glorify Your name." Then a voice came from heaven, saying, "I have both glorified it and will glorify it again."


C) Jesus made a Choice Seek the Fathers glory & the Fathers will above his own Comfort

1)     Choice that every man has to make – Love myself , glorify myself or Love God & Glorify God { Can’t have it both ways


So if our desire is to Glorify God  Like the seed we need to be planted!   But Where?

A)the soil we are to be buried in is Christ Himself / water we are to

    receive is the water of His word !


B) Our desire needs to be like that of John the B. when he said I must  decrease that He might increase !

1) John the Man – 1st Prophet in 400yrs – pointed his disciples to JESUS



Now When the seed is  buried in the ground it is covered / no longer seen

A)Covered by the dirt / watered & receives nutrients from the dirt & the combination of the watering & the dirt causes the seed to sprout roots

B) After some more watering stem comes out / later grows into a tree / later bears fruit / now here is what is really intriguing to me

1)  The seed is never seen again / only the fruit which resulted in the seed being planted in the ground !


C) That is the work that God is seeking to do in each one of us as He seeks to conform us into the image of His own Son ! Rom. 8:29

1)  that any good that comes forth from my life / any love / any compassion/ isn’t because I am a great person


D) But because Jesus is living in me / I died / buried in Him / watered by his word / get into word / word gets into me

1)  The result will be fruit that reflects Him!



Are you in a Tough Job – God has planted you there for a reason

Difficult marriage ? He wants to be Glorified in your Trial

A)Are you single presently but wanting to be married ?


B) Realize that the Lord is seeking to do something in & Thru your life right now that He couldn’t do if You were married


C)That is the place that He has You planted in presently


D)Are You sick ? Wants to be glorified in your Sickness / Show His Grace is Sufficient – Power perfected in weakness

1)   Me – 3 services – Kills to stand