Ministry of the Spirit

John 16:7-15


In Ch. 13:v.33 Jesus refers to his disciples as Little Children – Odd term to call a Bunch of grown men

A)If I am one of the disciples – I am thinking – Little Children- Lord look at my face – Full Beard – Look at my Muscles


B) What did Jesus mean – Little Children? Obviously – Term of affection { Brian – Rob my Son -


C) More than a term of AFFECTION : But it was also a declaration – sending a message – to be my followers – you need to be like children


Speaks to us of 2 Key things:  Simplicity and Dependency

A)Simplicity – trust and obey For there is no other way to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey


B) Stages in a Child’s life {Little Kids  – father can do no wrong – his word is as gold – { He has an S under his shirt -  Superman

1) Father knows best – King / Supreme- Can’t do anything Wrong!!!


C) Then comes Adolescence –Father can’t do anything / Right 

1) Father doesn’t know anything – find my own way – learn the hard way


D) Adult:  Father knows a lot – should have listened better { Hey dad can you help me w/ this – seeking advice -


As Christians the best place to be is at that Little Children Stage in our relationship w/ God –

              Simplicity – also dependency

A)Dad I need help – Dad I can’t do this alone


B)Now I want you to keep that in mind as we move into ch.16 tonight

1) First quick review of all hard things he has told them this night


C) John 13: wash feet: Do to one another as I have done to you

   1) John 13:34 – new command – love as I have loved you


D) Deny forsake / betray


Chap 14 – Two positive thoughts:  heaven / helper

Indwelling -   v.26 – helper:  teach and bring to remembrance


John 15:  Abide -  Bear Fruit

A)Again v.12 – love as I have loved you


B) v.13-25 – Hated and persecuted -  it’s coming

1) 15:26 – helper:  testify of me and help you be witnesses

    Strengthen and comfort - 


C) Ministry of the HS – sort of like rock climbing – pulled up – assurance not fall


Chapter 16 – helper again – Rd   7-15

A)v.7 – It is to your advantage that I go away -  [with them together  vs. in them apart]


B) v.8-11We see the work of the HS in the World at large:

8 And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:


C)What does the Spirit do to the blinded eye, to the hardened heart?

1) He convicts it of sin, of righteousness, of judgment.


9 of sin, because they do not believe in Me;

A)#1 Thing the Spirit seeks to do is to Convict men of their need to put their faith in Christ


B) The one and only sin the Holy Spirit will convict an unbeliever of is that of not believing in Jesus.

1)     He doesn’t convict people of smoking. He doesn’t speak to them about their swearing, drinking or partying — only of their unbelief in Jesus.


C) And this is what makes being a believer, a minister so incredible.

1) We get to share with people the good news that no matter what they’ve done or where they’ve been, if they believe in Jesus, they are forgiven of all sin


D)Doesn’t the Holy Spirit convict us of sin once we’re Christians? Yes, He does.



10 of righteousness, because I go to My Father and you see Me no more;

A)The Spirit also convicts of righteousness in that He points to the only righteous One. ‘Because I go to My Father, you see Me no more,’ said Jesus.


B)‘I’m OK,’ you say. ‘I Treat people good – I don’t cheat on my taxes – Voluntter for the Red Cross I’m pretty righteous.’


B)Oh? Righteous enough that death can’t hold you? So righteous that when you die you’ll rise again?

1)Did Ghandi? Did Mohammed? Did Confucius? Did Buddha?


C) Unlike any other figure in history, Jesus Christ alone rose from the dead and ascended to the Father.

1)     Thus, He is the only Righteous One to Whom the Spirit points, of Whom the Spirit convicts.


D) Our Righteousness – needs to match that of Jesus – Make it into heaven on our own merit


11 of judgment, because the ruler of this world is judged. 

A)When Jesus died on the Cross, the ruler of this world was judged, and his power was permanently broken. 

   It’s not we who were judged.


B) No, the one who held you in his grasp, the one who made you miserable, the one who caused you problems has been judged. That’s Good News!


C) Assurance – In Christ – Free from that Judgment { Not for me you are against me – you reject Christ – Share in Satan’s Judgment



Now Jesus preceeds to discuss the Spirit’s work in the life of the believer v.12-15

A)v.13 – guide you into all truth- What is right


B) revelation of things to come – Understand Prophecy


C) v.14 – goal – glorify Jesus

1) Sometimes the problem in Pentecostal circles – glorify gifts  - glorify the instrument


D) True spirit filled assembly  - glorifying Jesus



Now here is the thing I want you to see in the mist of Hard sayings – Jesus talked about – HS –  { INDWELLING}

A)Chpt.14  v.26 – Helper:  called alongside to strengthen and comfort


B)Chpt.15: v26 Testify of Jesus – bear witness heart – discernment


C) CH.16 Convicting the world of sin

   1) Guiding you into truth/  Revealing things to come/ Glorifying Jesus


D) That in a nutshell is ministry of Holy Spirit


When did all this Start for the Disciples

A)John 20 – Still not ready


B) Acts 2:  Go wait -  Power – empower you to live for Christ

1)     Power to Be a witness –


C) But how is that power – unleashed – made available

1) Initially thru asking – Luke Promise of the father -  ask


How develop sensitivity:  to be led and taught – guided – know the voice of spirit in my heart{ Gets back to those 2 keys words Dependency / Simplicity

A)Dependency – little kid – looking over shoulder for approval – not in a crippling way – never want to do anything wrong


B) But in a way of saying – Lord I want to Know I am doing what you want !!!!


C) Simplicity – Minding the things of the spirit – Romans 8- Great Chapter on the HS

Dwells – at home / Leads /  Groans /  Helps

1) Cries Abba


C) V.5 – Key: Mind the things of the Spirit