1 Chronicles 29:1-30  (Passionate Preparation)


RD V.1-2


David is here Passing the Baton of leadership to his Son Solomon. – Gathered the pp / the Leaders

A)David has been preparing for this day for a long time.


B) Prepared with all my might = Passionately – with a sense of vigor – Vigor = healthy physical or mental energy or power; vitality energetic activity or intensity



C) David was Passionate about the things of the Lord

1) He was passionate about God’s house


D) It is a good thing to be passionate about the things of the Lord –

1) What are you passionate about ? Do with Vigor?


David Prepared all the materials and He prepared his son Solomon.

A)To do one without the other would have been a big mistake


B) A Prepared Solomon – but with no resources would have left Solomon – overwhelmed

1) it would have left him – no doubt frustrated.


C) “Great vision Dad – way to get the pp excited about this new house for God – but how in the world am I supposed to pull this off.”

D) But it would have been equally wrong for David to prepared on the materials and resources – all that wealth and put it in the hands of Solomon


E) That be very irresponsible as well as dangerous



So David did it right – prepared with all His heart

His Son / The Resources AND – the people

A)That also was an important part of seeing the task thru – David wanted to make sure the pp were behind Solomon and the vision.


B) That is what is taking place here in Ch.29


C) He begins by showing them the reason why they need to be a part of this


My Son is young and inexperienced.

A)David was thirty years old when he began to reign in Hebron (2 Sam. 5:1–5), and he reigned seven years there


B)and thirty-three years in Jerusalem, total of 40 yrs making him seventy years old when he died.

1)David was fifty when he committed adultery with Bathsheba, their baby Died


C) Now if Solomon was the son born next after the death of their 1st baby , then Solomon could have been eighteen or nineteen years old when he became king


D) Solomon is young { 18-19 } Inexperienced =  He hasn’t walked this way before !

1) he hasn’t been down this road


Last week I shared with you how I often feel this way

A)Lord I don’t know what I am doing – Young – inexperienced – THIS BUILDING THING


B) God likes working IN SPITE of our Inexperience

1) He gets the Glory


Bb)Example: Peter to the Jews / Paul to the Gentiles

1) It would have made all the sense in the world to do the opposite.


C) Peter a man’s man – worldly – hard worker fisherman – fit in with the gentiles – relate to him


D) Paul the Scholar the thinker – the EXPERT in Judaism – and the Law


But remember what was said of Peter and John – Marveled uneducated / untrained men

A)But they could tell they had been with Jesus


B) They wouldn’t have marveled about Paul.


C) God is so good at breaking us out of our comfort zones.



Here in America we are so into comfort.

A)Cars that do everything – Homes created for comfort


B)We are so into being comfortable! –

1) Physically – not a problem – but Spiritually - God isn’t into to making us comfortable


C) He likes to keep us uncomfortable here.

1) This world not your home


D) He likes to put us in uncomfortable situations – In over our heads – Keeps us dependent


My Problem is I keep waiting for this to feel comfortable –

A)I am starting to realize – that is not going to happen { By Design


B) And that is a good thing – Being uncomfortable keep us on our knees

1) Monday golf with Chris – Condition – buzz in the ear static – Heal me{ good thing in his life


C) So Solomon is being put in this uncomfortable place in over his head – but God has a plan


                                 RD V.2-5a





David Gave of his own special treasure

A)David gave from his own storehouse  of wealth that he had accumulated for the building of the temple.


B)According to Ch. 22:14, the spoils of battle devoted to the Lord amounted to 3,750 tons of gold and 37,500 tons of silver.


C) Here David added from his own wealth 110 tons of gold and 260 tons of silver (v. 4).

1) This means that David was responsible for providing 3,860 tons of gold and 37,760 tons of silver.


D) David set the example as a leader!


E) People have asked me before – if I tithed

1) Absolutely – Weird – you give 10% of your paycheck back to your employer


If you looked at it that way- could seem weird – but I am not giving to CCV – I am giving to the Lord

A)1 Corinthians 16 – First day of the week – bring first fruits{ tithe}into the storehouse – Local Church


B) Giving to the Lord – I am not uncomfortable sharing that –

1) Pastor friend – In front of the whole church


C) Pastors & Elders are called to lead by example


David is setting the example – but he takes it one step further in v.5b – Challenges the others leaders Who then is willing to consecrate himself this day to the LORD?"


A)Interesting that giving is seen as a form of consecration


B) Consecration – being full of – giving fully of themselves –

1) Pocket book reveals my heart – DL Moody – tell more about a persons spirituality from Check book – Prayer book


C) Where your treasure is your heart will be there also

1) Treasure here on earth – Home ? Stuff or is it in the Kingdom


 The leaders answered big time.  RD V.6-9

A)They contributed 190 tons of gold, plus another  375 tons of silver,

675 tons of bronze, and 3,750 tons of iron, as well as precious stones.


B)The Key word in the section is willingly – 2 ideas

1)With all their heart-

2) and freely


C) They weren’t  coerced – they gave willingly – freely out of love for the Lord


During World War II this slogan was often heard: "Give until it hurts." And people did!
A)Some have taken this same SLOGAN and applied it to Christian GIVING.


B)I’ve heard preachers say, "If you haven’t GIVEN UNTIL IT HURTS, then you haven’t GIVEN nearly enough."

1) Yet, this principle of "Giving until it hurts," goes against what Scripture says about our ATTITUDE in giving.

II Corinthians 9:7- ". . . God loves a cheerful giver."
Acts 20:35- "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

 C) Bible Mentality Don’t give UNTIL IT FEELS GOOD."

D) So the Leaders gave Willfully



A)The pp rejoiced - - Pp Were excited to see everyone getting behind the vision! 

1) Praise is erupting


David breaks out into Spontaneous SONG! 

                       RD V.10-15





Note V.14-15  Who are we Lord that we can do anything for you!

A)GOOD TO REMEMBER – God doesn’t need us – Doesn’t need me or you to accomplish His Purpose


B) God doesn’t need us but He Chooses to let us be involved in what He is doing

1) Not only that He promises to reward our involvement in eternity.


C) Support a missionary – Part of your Fruit

1) Tithe to the Church = Your Fruit


D) Give for the Building – Everything that happens in the New Facility – Part of your reward


E) As David thinks about – that – Reaction is who are we that we can do anything for God


End of v.15 Our days are like a Shadow – or a Vapor

A)Idea being TEMPERAL – what better way to use those days than in service to the Lord


B) Give back to Him for what He has given to us.

                          RD V.16-19


God test our hearts w/ what He gives us

A)Not oh I have got to tithe – But I get to tithe


B)He wants to see – will our possessions possess us

   Or will we use them for the Lord

C) When it comes to our Possession – interesting - God says – Make you a Steward –


B) Take 90% to use as you see fit – I want you to invest 10% in my work – what I am passionate about


C) He wants to see how we are going to handle that arrangement


D)Test is what are we going to do with what He gives us

1)Human nature is to spend everything we have on ourselves


What is left over – we give to God – Hey left overs are for the dog – not the Lord


Arthur DeMoss, a gifted and godly BUSINESSMAN, built one of the most successful businesses of its kind in America and in the process gained a fortune of an estimated half-billion dollars. You may have seen some commercials on television promoting the PRO-LIFE STANCE and SEXUAL ABSTINENCE funded by the Arthur DeMoss Foundation.


During an ECONOMIC recession, STOCK in Demoss’ company PLUMMETED. He lost $360 million dollars in only four months, an average of $3 million dollars a day more than anyone had previously LOST in such a short time.

DeMoss was a GENEROUS GIVER to his home congregation and other Christian organizations. One would think that his LOSS would be so DEVASTATING that it would force him to CUT BACK on his Christian GIVING.

Instead, he JOYFULLY INCREASED it. "The Lord GAVE me everything I have," he explained to a friend. "It all belongs to Him, and if He wants to take it away that’s His business. I don’t lose any SLEEP. I still have a wonderful family. I will do anything God wants me to do. If He takes away EVERYTHING He has entrusted to me and calls me to the MISSION FIELD, I’m ready to go. All He needs to do is OPEN the DOOR."

Arthur DeMoss placed his COMPLETE TRUST in God and not in his FORTUNE. God HONORED his FAITH and OBEDIENCE and eventually RESTORED all that he had LOST and much MORE. Arthur passed away some time ago, but his FORTUNE is still being used for the GLORY of God.


There’s a guy who understood – it is not mine to begin with. Daughter Nancy Leigh DeMoss


RD V. 20-29