Ephesians 5:1-7

Walk in Love


The Book of Ephesians is easily divided into Two Parts. Chapters 1-3 are  doctrinal. Chapters 4,5,& 6, are practical.

A) Chapters 1,2, and 3, tell us where we sit. 4,5,and 6 tells us how to walk. 


B) But notice, the sitting comes before the walking. Response to how we have been Blessed – Who we are in Christ

1) We walk because of the calling that God has placed upon our lives. How we have been blessed


C) If you reverse the order, which is what religion does, you walk in order to sit, then all that you have is legalism, rules & regulations

1)  it just won’t work.


D) You end up trying to earn God’s blessings or to earn God’s favor, which leaves you destined for burn out/ Frustration / Condemnation

1) But when you realize that You already have God’s favor because of who you are in Jesus – Motivation for Walking / living / worship / serving 


We are currently in the middle of that Section – Paul is talking about The walk of the believer  ( 4:1 ) Worthy walk ( 4:17) Diff. from worlds

A) (5:8) Walk in the light / ( 5: 15) Walk in wisdom /


B) But here in the 1st part of Ch. 5 Paul’s exhortation to us is to WALK IN LOVE !!!        Read v.1-7


C)  Now these 1st seven verses of this Ch. can be outlined in this way

    1) V.1 The Plea / V.1,2  The pattern / V. 3,4 Perversion

     V. 5-7 The punishment!  Focus tonight




If you want to know the heart and soul of the Christian life it is right here, our lives SHOULD IMITATE THE God that we serve : Especially in Love

A) Jesus said by this men will know that you are my Disciples –Not  Bible Knowledge / Worship / Programs / No – Love for each other !


B) The word that Paul uses here “imitate” in the NKJV is translated in the as MIMIC { And I like Mimic better then imitate,

Because an imitation can be a phony, But a mimic strives to be an exact copy


C) Now there are those in the entertainment business who make their money

mimicking the famous people of our day.

1) The convincing they are, the more money they are going to make.


D) So they will spend hours of studying some one looking for little things that they do – hrs watching tape / listen voice mannerisms


See you can’t really mimic someone that you don’t intimately know!

A) You can’t pattern your life after someone that who is not consistently in

front of you.


B) The reason why Paul uses the phrase as dear Children – is two fold

1) On the one side it is a MOTIVATION – Walk in love – because I love Him and want to do what He wants –


C) Also it is the By product of a good close relationship : Kids want to imitate or mimic their parents { Dad shaving }

1) Sometimes it is embarrassing -    You jerk - ………. 


D)  To mimic God, you have to know God, to pattern your life after Jesus , His example needs to be constantly before you.

1) Happens as you dig into the word !!!! – Study Christ response –

 Devotions – where read ?  - Mark ……………………


E) Lord help me to be that way to those people in my life { Tracing your life

   Over His

Next lets consider the Pattern of that Love v.2 as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.

A) The Pattern of love that we are to walk in is the Love of Christ – Love that is marked by the fact that He gave himself for us


B) That love we are to mimic is a love that is willing to Sacrifice for the well being of others – Sacrifice so that others can be blessed / built up /SERVICE

1) Unconditional – Not Performance based – loved us even though sinners / Forgiving love / Patient love / PERFECT LOVE


C) The greatest and most comprehensive description of the Love of Christ is found in 1 Cor 13:4-8 

4 Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;5 does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;6 does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth;7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.8 Love never fails.


D) Now right away - we think – I can’t do that / I can’t love in that way

1) Right you can’t – But that is another reason why I believe Paul says as dear Children – See Children Know where to go with their needs


D) Hallelujah night – in 5 minute – Dad …money / Amy …. / Amanda / Then Denise / Strangers


Our father has a supply of love to give us as we come to Him as dear Children expressing our need: Rom 5:5 The love of God has been poured out upon us – by the Holy Spirit who was given to us”

A) Young Children often learn to draw by tracing . The more carefully he traces the truer his picture is to the original


B) Our pattern for Christian LOVE is Christ Himself / He is the

          one in whom every believer is to trace his life!

  1) Our goal is to allow God's spirit to pattern us after His Son!

The Pattern of our love will stem from how much we know we have been Loved – How much we have been forgiven

A) Jesus was eating in the home of a Pharisee / woman came in / who was a prostitute

     1) Anointed Jesus feet w/ her tears & w/ perfume./ Hair   

          " If truly a prophet he know what type of woman this was !


B) Jesus story Moneylender two men 2 depths / one 500denari

     other 50 / he graciously forgave both !  Which love more?

     1) One forgiven the most     Right -  her sins which are many have been

          forgiven for she loved much .


     2) but he who has been forgiven of little  loves little!


C) Simon had no sense of the enormity of his own sin & therefore

     sensed no need of forgiveness . 

     1) Result : He was unforgiving of others!


D) Our ability to walk in love & therefore forgive depends on our sense of

     how much God Has forgiven us! 



Paul said here that the example of Christ’s love was like a sweet smelling aroma to God!

A.) A living testimony of Worship to the Lord / Our lives / that Sweet Fragrance – { Paul 2 Cor 5 Fragrance of Christ ……


B) Basketball - close encounter sport - "get in guys shirt" - stay      close.  Gene Hackman "Flavor gum chewing"

1) Bad B.O. - hard to guard - hard to get close to!  Poor      sinuses


C)     A Christian /a fellowship  that doesn't love is like a person with bad B.O. - just don't want to be around them!  Stink!

     1.)     Hard to get close to - fragrance isn't sweet!


"Now note that Whatever God establishes, Satan will seek to counterfeit! And that is exactly what Paul describes in these next V's

A.)    The perversion of love!  v.3-4


In the1970s popular song World used to sing "What the world needs now is love sweet love, it's the only thing that there is just too little of

A) The song expressed the heart of people world wide who were longing for love / and realized it was lacking!!!  


B) But then came another song that depicted the Problem – with man’s quest at finding love – that Song? "looking for love in all the wrong places!"


C) World is desperately looking for true love. But Satan has duped the world into seeking after a counterfeit love that really is lust!


D) God's love is unconditional, unselfish, forgiving - self sacrificing

1)The world's description of love is lustful, self indulgent and self      seeking!

    It loves because the object is attractive, enjoyable, pleasant


The world loves for what it can get.  Not give!  The world's view of love is what will this do to satisfy me;  my needs!

A) . In the context that Paul has laid out here, the opposite of Love is not

hate, it’s lust.


B) Let me define some of these terms for you, fornication is any sex out side of marriage – Includes Oral – Kids today{ Immorality - Arousal

1) the Greek word here is Porneia from which we get our word pornography


C) Huge problem today: The revenues for the Internet porn industry are in the billions every year

1) According to a recent Study MSNBC – 25 million Americans visit cyber sex sites between 1 and 10 hrs a week { sex is #1 topic searched on internet

  60 % of all website visits are sexual in nature { Filter


Uncleanness a more general word then Proneia and would cover all

kinds of sexual perversity.

A)In our world today, the sky is the limit on this one, there is no end to the sexual perversion that is available in our world today


B) Never before has the sexual perversion of the age been so accessible to the average person- lewdness = w/out reservation Harvard – Skin Mag


C) Now What is really interesting in Paul links these two things with covetousness - why?

1) Covetousness is self centered greed and I think that you can get the connection here.

1) Sexual perversion begins with covetousness which is the desire to satisfy your lusts at any cost. 


D) Covetousness is that which says - I want - a guy might say to a girl,

I want to make love to you - not married

1.) Really saying - I covet you! I want to make lust with you.


D.)    When any person says I want to make love to you what they are      really doing is coveting: it is taking from someone else

     1.)     It is destroying the person you are "making love to"


In the book of Proverbs - it says that He who commits sexual sin is unwise - He destroys his own soul. Prv 6:32

A.) Now within the confines of marriage SEX is a wonderful thing because your soul is merging with your spouses soul and the two become one.


B) In marriage Sex becomes a wonderful oneness builder !!

1) But  When you do it out side of the bonds of marriage you are allowing part of your soul to be ripped off.


C) You are allowing a part of your soul your inner person to be destroyed.

1) You are opening up the very essence of who you are and your letting someone tear a chunk of that right off.

The world doesn't understand that, the world thinks that it is only two bodies coming together enjoy moment passion

A) The   Bible says it's two souls joined as one.  Outside of marriage you are ripping that person off permanently - you are taking a part of their soul


B)     Look at Brittney of Christina  - do you look at her and think there's a      substantial person wow !- what a rich deep substantial person!

1) Or do you look at her and say what a tragedy - nothing there!   

                                       What happened?


C) They have exploited themselves so much sexually – nothing left

1) Folks  that's what we need to tell our kids-   The Issue isn't Just AIDS; V.D. - unwanted pregnancy - it's losing a part of      your soul


D) The essential essence of your person is being stripped away      each time you fornicate

1)Like the layers of an onion being peeled away so that there is nothing left


E) God is not prejudiced folks - He made sex! Designed sex to be an expression of love - in marriage

     1.)     Two become one soul! He looked at the two and said they are Adam! 

                                       One flesh - one soul


F)      Person who commits sexual impure acts - loses his soul - (not      salvation)   but giving away a part you will never get back

     1.)     God can forgive and He will - true repentance - means    change


Paul links it with coveting - ripping off getting a piece you are demanding your way at their expense!

A.)    Paul says don't let it be named once among you!- Not fitting for saints


B) Not how close can I get – How pure can I be !!!!!



Paul goes from speaking of the perversion of the body and mind to what comes out of our mouths - v.4

A.)    Filthiness - language that is obscene, degrading, disgraceful


B.) foolish talking - comes from grk word in which we get our English word "moron"

1)   That which is stupid (talk shows)  Moronic


Prov 15:2 - "The tongue of the wise commends knowledge - but the mouth of the fool gushes folly"


C) Empty, wasteful idiotic talk is not fitting saints!



Paul also mention course jesting - refers to the speech that quickly turns that which is said into which is obscene or suggestive.

A.)    It is the filthy talk of a person who uses every circumstance to      display his immoral wit { Always sexual in nature{ Sexual innuendo {


B) Again Paul says – Not fitting for the Saints – Not named among us

We shouldn’t even talk about them or read about them or refer to them.


C) Paul says that none of this is fitting for the Saints, the people of God.

1) Romans 1 taking pleasure in those who do it !!!! MOVIES


D) Standards we are setting: TV Guardian Screen it.com


E) Yes Satan has done his best to Pervert God’s Picture of Love !!!!


Lastly  - the punishment!  v.5-7