Out of this World Kind of Love Vista

1 John 3:1-3

Intro: As we come to chapter 3 of 1st John the focus is on Sonship - we are children of God. We could breakdown - v. 1-3 as follows

V.1 - The wonder Balboa discovered Pacific Ocean fell down on knees & thanked God!

  1. Johnís attitude here - this is so amazing what God has done for us to make us His children
  1. V.2 - The Hope - Going to Heaven ! One day we are going to see Jesus & by Godís grace & work of transformation - be like Him!
    1. Right now see through glass/ foggy/ then face to face be like Him! Hope!
  1. V.3 - Lifestyle - because we are children of God/ & because we have this hope - how should we live? Lives marked by a Purity


John begins Behold: Now if we could hear Johns voice here / we would hear

a sense of wonder & amazement in his voice at what he is about to say

  1. Awestruck / Wow! - That is what is meant by using this word behold

Means that we Put this under the microscope - meditate on this

Aa) What I am about to say here is so incredible so powerful, so wonderful

We need to give Give this some serious thought & consideration /

B) Something so awesome / so incredible need to take a good look at ! Be amazed

    1. Important that we donít lose this sense of wonder & amazement!
  1. If we do / if the the reality that the living God who holds world in the

in the palm of His hand loves you & me/ if no longer moves us

    1. Begin to grow indifferent / complacent / our lives begin to lack

worship / just going through motions

  1. Come here & it is the same old thing routine / No passion / no heart

because not blown away any more !

    1. Our walks can become stagnate : Which is the 1st step towards compromise & barrenness .


David was Awestruck w/ God !

Psa144:1 LORD is my Rock, My lovingkindness and my fortress, My high tower and my deliverer, My shield and the One in whom I take refuge,

Psa 9:1,2 I will praise You, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works. I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.

Psa. 108: O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory. Awake, lute and harp! I will awaken the dawn.

I will praise You, O LORD, among the peoples, And I will sing praises to You among the nations. For Your mercy is great above the heavens, And Your truth reaches to the clouds. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens, And Your glory above all the earth;

Remember what David did in 2 Samuel Ch. 6 When they were bringing the ark back to Jerusalem after it had been captured by their enemies

  1. He took off his royal robes & put on this Linen Ephod ( Simple linen garment)

In essence saying I want all the attention to be on Jehovah .

  1. David got out before the Procession & danced and worshipped the Lord w/ all his might it says .
    1. Catch the significance in this ! The King took the form of a servant in the processional & led the people in worship.
  1. It was a bit uncharacteristic for a King to be seen in this way but David wanted to magnify the real king of kings !
    1. But where was David's wife Michael in that scene ? Everyone else was in the celebration / Michael was in the Palace watching David w/ scorn.

D) She had lost sight of the awesomeness of God ! She was more grieved that David had taken off his royal robes & that the kings dance about that way

    1. She was more grieved by that then she was excited that the ark had returned !
  1. That whole section ends w/ these somber words 23 Therefore Michael the daughter of Saul had no children to the day of her death.
    1. Her disrespectful heart & lack of worship resulted in her being barren .
  1. Same is true in our lives when we lose that sense of being awestruck of being amazed of just being blown away - that results in worship /
    1. we can become spiritually barren ! Lives lack Joy !


If that is where you are at today listen to what Jon says here . Lets behold / Even if your not in that Place : take a deep look - at what Jon says & be amazed

  1. John wants us to be amazed by the love of God . 3 Things to Behold 3 things that he wants us to see about this love !


1st What kind of love is this ?

  1. Phrase what manner = from what country/ Tribe or race
  1. Same phrase used in Mark 4 - Jesus calmed the sea "What manner of man is this Ö obey Him"
    1. Idea - this guy is not like us! He is not from among us! Normal people donít do this kind of thing !
  1. Same idea: What manner of love? Foreign love - love that is different from our love! Other worldly

1) What manner of love is this? Called Agape. - Godís love

That God should pity the world I understand, because when I walk down a hospital and see a sick child, I pity the child...but that God should love the world-the more I think about it, the more staggered I am. F.B. Meyer

  1. It is a love that loves those who are undeserving - Rom.5 "Enemies of God - Christ died for us"
    1. Love that is forgiving - forgives wrong done - love that is patient w/ short comings

Dd) Love that doesnít seek itís own but the well being of others !

  1. Love that is not forgetful? Is 49 - Woman forget her nursing child? No! Likewise I wonít forget you
    1. I have you graven on the palms of my hands
  1. Love that is self sacrificing - nail prints in hands - sacrifice made for us - give us life - love held to cross

This Agape love is so unlike the love of man

  1. Manís love is conditional - restrictions - it responds to how Iím treated -

Perhaps you heard about the guy who fell in love with an opera singer. He hardly knew her, since his only view of the singer was through binoculars -- from the third balcony. But he was convinced he could live "happily ever after" married to a voice like that.

He didnít notice she was considerably older than he was. Nor did he care that she walked with a limp. Her great -soprano voice would take them through whatever might come. After a whirlwind romance and a hurry-up ceremony, they were off for their honeymoon together.

She began to prepare for their first night together. As he watched, his chin dropped to his chest. She plucked out her glass eye and plopped it into a container on the nightstand. She pulled off her wig, ripped off her false eyelashes, yanked out her dentures, unstrapped her artificial leg, and smiled at him as she slipped off her glasses that hid her hearing aid. Stunned and horrified, he gasped, "For goodness sake, woman, sing, sing, SING!

  1. Mans love is conditional / restrictions / focused on appearances/ It responds to how it is treated/ & Manís love focuses on what it can get!

B) Godís love on what it can give ! Godís love unconditional

    1. Saw us at our worst & loved us any way Nothing to do w/ me - all to do w/ Him
  1. Manís love - is focused a lot on feelings & emotions
  1. Godís love is based on a choice - He made to love man regardless of

manís actions

In the days of the American Revolutionary War there lived at Ephrata, Pennsylvania, a Baptist pastor by the name of Peter Miller who enjoyed the friendship of General Washington. There also dwelt in that town a man named Michael Wittman, he was an evil-minded man who did all in his power to abuse and oppose this pastor.

One day Michael Wittman was involved in treason and was arrested and sentenced to death. This old preacher started out on foot and walked the whole seventy miles to Philadelphia to plead for this man's life.

He was admitted into Washington's presence and at once begged for the life of the traitor. Washington said, "No, Peter, I cannot grant you the life of your friend." "My friend! The preacher exclaimed,, he is the bitterest enemy I have." Washington cried, "What? You've walked seventy miles to save the life of an enemy? That puts the matter in a different light. I will grant the pardon." And he did. And Peter Miller took Michael Wittman from the very shadow of death back to his own home in Ephrata -- no longer as an enemy, but as a friend.

Thatís the kind of love that God displayed toward us & John says behold Ö manner / this out of this world kind of love


2nd thing note: who is loving? Significant picture:

  1. John doesnít say Behold Ö love God has Ö nor does he say the Lord! Or the King/ All - fine! But He says Behold the love the Father has .
  1. I meet people all the time who have a difficult time relating to God as their father because their earthly dads did such a bad Job!
    1. And as a result they have such a pour relationship w/ their fathers / been hurt or abandoned / or neglected .
  1. Well that is why we need to pay such close attention to what John is saying here . This Father kind of love is an out of this world kind of love !
    1. In other words donít measure it by human standards ! It canít be measured on a human scale .
  1. Often when I am talking to someone who has had a bad experience w/ an earthly father I ask them What do you wish your dad was like .
    1. Whatís your opinion of the Perfect Dad! ( Realistic)
  1. Now realize God is all those things & more ! Take the perfect earthly dad / guy who would win the " Dad of the year award "
    1. Magnify it 1000 times begin to get a glimpse of the fathers love !


I think that I am a good Father . My son Aaron always tells me Iím the best dad he has ever had ! I respond ( Also the only dad you have ever had!)

  1. But I do love my kids but my love for them is flawed .
  1. Iíve disciplined my kids unjustly / reacted before Iíve had all the facts !
    1. Been times when I have pushed them away because I was busy & didnít want to be interrupted !
  1. Been times when I havenít been as patient w/ them as I should have !
  1. But the Lord is never that way ! He is a perfect father who always responds in a perfect manner / Even when it doesnít make sense to us what Heís doing !


So by using the term Father it is very Significant because John is painting a mental picture for us

Check out this out of this world kind of love that the Father has bestowed on us!

A) This is a Father kind of love/ Love that speaks of Protection :

    1. A few nights ago I laid down w/ my daughter Amanda 1 to give her her bottle & get her to sleep
  1. At 1st she was restless / moving around a lot / but it didnít take long for her to fall asleep / she was just laying there totally at rest / breathing still.
  1. I donít know about you but as a parent those are some of my favorite times/ I sometimes go from room to room watch my kids sleep .
    1. It brings me great Joy in knowing they feel safe & secure in our home !


In the same way I think it blesses our heavenly father when He sees us at rest in Him!

  1. Spiritual rest doesnít mean that I am complacent or doing nothing / but it means I am resting in His finished work!
  1. I am resting in who I am in Him ! Resting in His faithfulness in my life !

Love that speaks of pride! School play who are your eyes on? Who is your focus ( Did you see my son/ daughter )

  1. Max Lucado God is a proud papa Frig picture: wallet - photo


Love that speaks of acceptance :

A)Think about when a baby is born - honest - most are kind of ugly - but to that parent gorgeous

    1. "He is so beautiful" - no he isnít - maternal love - thatís my girl
  1. Never seen parents hold a conference: should we keep it !

Nor do they lay out a Criteria :

    1. When my daughter Amanda was born I didnít sit down & say now if you are going to be a Salvato certain rules of house need to abide by !
  1. When She was born & she was in ! Born again? Your in !

It is a love that says I will be there you can count on me ! Iíll be there !

In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics Derek Redmond of the US was favored win 400 meter race!

A.) But Halfway through semifinal heat, fiery pain seared through right let - crumpled to track with torn hamstring

1) As medical attendants approaching - Redmond fought to his feet Pushing away coaches - medical people - determined to finish race!

B) When he reached the home stretch, a big man wearing a t-shirt read "Have you hugged your child today?" and a hat that challenged Just do it!

1.) Fought through crowd and security on to track the man was Derek's Dad

C)"You don't have to do this?" - he told his weeping son! "Yes, I do" Derek said I have to finish the race . Well then, Dad said - We are going to finish together

D)And w/ his arm around his son the two finished the race together in what was one of the most touching moments in Olympic History !

In one sense that is like what the heavenly Father did for us - saw us crumpled on the track

A.) Unsuccessful - in trying to keep law / to do right / fallen short/ down

Not a prayer in the world of finishing the race - let alone winning!

B.) He, in His love; compassion sent His son/ to win it for us / to pick us up & to even carry us at times toward the finish line !

1.)And as we continue to run the race of life - given H.S. come along side!

  1. So its a love that peaks of Protection pride /of acceptance / Says Iíll be there/ A love that never gives up!

D) Story of the Prodigal / Jesus told in describing the love of the Father ! Love that line " Saw him a long way off " Didnít give up !

So - John Says Behold this Love/ out of this world Fatherly kind of love / that God has given to us! - (Protection, Pride, acceptance, Iíll be there, give up)

3rd thing he wants us to see What it results in / John mentions 4 things

we will look at next week : But I want to Break it down Results in

A) Sonship v.1 / World doesnít know us v.1/ Hope v.2 / results in a Purity v.3


I know there are some people here today who have lost sight of the wonder Result: walks have become routine / Mechanical / Lives barren

  1. God wants to restore you today ! As you really are !

Be reminded of His awesome & amazing love He has for You !

I know there are some who have yet to become Sons &daughters because you have had a different view of God .

  1. Seen Him as being angry & uptight ! One you could never please or do enough for .
  1. He wants you to see that He did it all in sending His Beloved Son to die on the cross / take on Himself the punishment meant for us
    1. Through faith in Him We can receive forgiveness sin ( Cleansed set free )

Freedom guilt / freedom from bondage / freedom pain .

  1. So simple just receive the gift He gave in His Son! Join the family !


I believe there are some here today who have lost sight of how good the father is & like the Prodigal you have wandered off / thinking :

  1. The father doesnít know best ! the grass is greener on other side
  1. Now you may not have ended up in your pig pen yet but you are realizing the world is not where its at after all / empty / unfulfilling
    1. The Father wants you to come home today & be restored !

Your Heavenly Father is waiting / Restore & Forgive / he loves You!

I love being a Christian & I love talking about the Lord . I think it is so amazing that God loves you & me . Its w/ a love that is so pure / so righteous / so giving / a love that protects/ a love that provides / love that never gives up / love that carries us / picks us up A love that is truly out of this world !