1 JOHN 3:4-6

INTRO: We are in the Christmas season now / and I find it interesting that where the Lord has us in our study of 1st John.

A. As I sat down to study & looked at the next passage we would be covering I thought it was interesting that that John gives us 2 insights into Purpose of our Lord’s Coming

AA.              V.5 Purpose Might take away our sins / v.8 Might Destroy the works of the Devil

B. So as we look at this passage the next two weeks I want to tie this into the theme of Christmas / Hearts prepared for Christmas .

C) Christmas is an Exciting time of year where stop focus on the coming of J.C.

1.   I remember as a kid being excited about Christmas for all the wrong reasons - presents! Candy Canes!

D) We opened our presents Christmas day Which made Christmas Eve the longest day of the year/ wake up 4 or 5 times - time yet!

1.   One year - expecting a new bike / underwear, socks, couple of shirts (gee, thanks mom) Dad take trash out - garage -

E. When I walked out to the garage there was this brand new purple huffy stingray w/ big bow! Waited all year! I was so excited !

1.   Waiting can be tough on kids / check the packages /


Think about how long the world waited for the Savior! The Prince of Peace

Consider the Christmas story for a moment !

A.Mary and Joseph were a young couple living in the town of Naz they were espoused to be married

Aa) In That culture: marriages were by arrangement: "Your daughter my son - engaged at any age!" My mom - red head across street

B) One year before the couple would reach the age where they could get married - become espoused or betrothed to each other

1) This espousal could only be broken by death or divorce - that       serious!


C) The couple was completely committed to each other except their marriage wasn't consummated!

1) So Mary and Joseph had entered this period of espousal!


D) It was during this time of their relationship - that the Angel      Gabriel appeared to Mary - "Favored above all women"

1.   She would be the human instrument for bringing God's Son into the world!

E) Mary - "Lord how can this be?" - How can I have a child when I am not married?

1.   Power of Lord come upon you - H.S. overshadow you - give birth to one called Son of the Most High

F) Mary submitted unto the Lord said "Be it unto Your maiden as       you have said" Problem - How do I tell this to Joseph?


When Joseph First heard he was shocked! Probably thought Mary flipped her lid by story pregnant by H.S. - right!

A.Now in that day infidelity during espousal - looked upon as a        shameful act.

1.   Joseph two choices: Stone as an adulterer - or put away quietly - certificate of divorce - Joseph pondered - what do I do?

B) Decided to put her away quietly when Gabriel appeared to him

told him not to be afraid to take Mary as wife what she said was true

1.   She will have a son and you shall call him name Joshua for he will save his people from their sins!

C. Glorious name Joshua / Jesus in Greek / Joshua in Hebrew   means "The Lord has become our salvation"

Man was in a most frustrating place / bound in sin / separated from his creator / meandering through life seeking meaning & purpose.

A) But always confronted w/ the guilt of not being able to measure up to the standard the Lord set / keep his law ! Plagued by the affects of sin!

B)But God the Father saw man in His meandering state; plagued by Guilt /bound in sin separated from Him because of sin

C) The world was in desperate need of a savior & the Lord sent His Son born of the virgin Mary to be the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world

1) He was manifested to take away our sins!

Sin is that damning force that destroys man! And at the heart of sin is self - centeredness

A) It is only appropriate that the letter (I) is in the middle of the word sin! Heart of it self centeredness

B.  You hurt me; I was wronged - I didn't get my way! I didn't get to     do my thing/ I I I / I'm angry I'm upset - I'm offended - I'm going to get even!

1) I'm going to do it my way!

C) Man by nature is selfish and all men the Bible says all have sinned - fallen short of glory of God

1.   Aaron can be a silly boy/ we were having a discussion one time about how there are times to be silly times not / class at school is not the time

D) If you are silly in class/ you will find yourself getting in trouble ! He responded dad "Everyone gets in trouble sometimes because All sinners!"

E) True all sinners - heart of sin is selfishness /- but God did not     intend for us to live a self centered life

1) He wanted us to know the richness and joy of a God centered life

A life that manifests itself in giving to others and in the interest of others!

F.  Sin is that Damning force that destroys man! And at the heart of sin is self But Jesus was manifested that He might take away our sin !

Now understand John is speaking here of a lifestyle of sin

A) The phrase commits sin in v. 4 should be translated continually sins / speaks of one who habitually lives in sin

B. John says That person also commits Lawlessness = Rebellion . I’ll do what I want Speaks of one practicing sin / living in it ! Lifestyle

1.   person who even when confronted keeps on sinning

C) Obvious context from V. 7 & v. 10 Practice righteousness vs Practicing sin !

1.   But He was manifested / the Purpose of His coming was to take away our sins !

D) The phrase take away our sins means to take it away completely


In What way would He take away ? Note 3Things

A.1st - take away the penalty

B. The bible declared that the soul that sinned would surely die / the wages of sin was death. = eternal separation from God !

C. But in Jn. 3:17 tells us that God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved !

D) Jesus didn't come to condemn / to pt a finger / or to judge came to save! Make a way for man to have fellowship w/ God !

1) Took away the penalty of our sin by taking our sin!

Is 53:6 400yrs before birth But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned, every one, to his own way; and the LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.

E) That was the picture of our lives marred by our iniquities & transgressions

He took away our sin - by taking it all on Him. He paid the price - "My God, my God……… "

A) At that moment the Son felt separation from the Father! Broke His heart!

"God made Him who knew no sin to become sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God through Him"

B) He took the penalty He paid the price !


2ndly - He took away the presence of sin!

A) In Luke 7 Jesus was at the home of Simon the Pharisee - sat down to eat when a woman / who was a prostitute / (sinner) came in!

B) Took an alabaster flask of fragrant oil / wash feet w/ tears / dry w/ hair - anoint feet w/ oil!

C. Now Simon was upset that Jesus allowed this woman to touch him "if real prophet he would know She knew she was a sinner

1.   Jesus did know that this woman was a sinner / But he also realized that she knew what she was that’s why she was here !

Cc) Real Question was How did Simon Know who she was ( another time )

D) But this woman knew that she was a sinner she knew the presence of sin had   permeated her life - she was rotting

E) She didn't know what real love was anymore - but she knew where to go to find out!

1)When Jesus said to her your sins are forgiven - it meant taken away removed! Forgiven & forgotten

F.  Amanda & the Calculator ........ Clear That's what happens   to our sins when God forgives us.

1.   The consequences may remain, but the guilt, the legal        condemnation for the offense is gone.

G. Our sin is forgiven & forgotten by the Lord when we confess it to Him 1JN1:9

1.   Now we are still sinners but each time we confess & repent He forgives & forgets / He takes it away !

Karl Menninger, the famous psychiatrist, says that if he could convince the patients in his psychiatric hospitals that their sins are forgiven guilt removed 75 percent of them could walk out the next day.


When He takes away our sin - It is complete! Penalty / Presence 3rd - saved from the Power of Sin

A) Whatever sin had a grip on me in the past ( In Christ we have the Power to overcome ! ) Turn Romans 6


In Romans 6 we see this principle laid out very clearly of how the the power of sin has been broken in our lives because We died w/ Christ -- dead to sin

A.V.6 - knowing this old man has been crucified w/ Christ & His power in our lives done away w/ no longer slaves to sin ! ( No more bondage )

B. Phrase done away w/ is Katargeo = rendered inactive/ or paralyzed !

        1) Note it doesn’t say annihilated / but rendered in active !

C) Coach Clark / Give me 50 push ups Salvato / Not today / no more power

1.   All the old man can do is make a lot of noise / seek to tempt us /condemn us & intimidate us ! ( Jon & the bully- paralyzed )

D) So 1st we need to know that the old man has been rendered inactive / paralyzed / only power is what we give him!

2nd V.11 - Reckon - consider ( accounting term = add up put -put together the figures & see that these things are so !)


A) 3rd As a result of that v.13 - Present

1.   v.16 The proof is in the pudding turn back to 1st John lets tie this in

So because Christ has totally & completely taken away our sin / Penalty He paid it for me / Presence He has cleansed me/ Power He released me

A.As I Abide in Him v.6 I am not going to sin !

B. Wait a minute are you suggesting sinless perfection ( false teaching which suggest we can reach a state where we no longer sin ! ) No

1.   Remember John is talking about living in sin / habitual sin

C. So the point John is making in v. 6 is whoever continues in fellowship & submission to Christ will not live in sin !


John supports His point further in v. 9 when he says that those who have been born of God does not sin because His seed remains in Him & he cannot sin because he has been born of God !



We have been set free from the power of sin in our lives - sin that held us in bondage - removed - rendered inactive!

A) He was manifested to take away our sin = lift up and carry away      - complete taking away

B) Penalty - presence - power! That is why He came

C) He came so we could live the kind of life that God wants men to   live - rich , full; a life centered in God

               life not bound up in self - but centered in the Lord and loving others

        Life is like a pie! revolves around relationship w/ Him

               Not a selfish life - life J.O.Y.


Now a week from tomorrow all over the world people are going to give gifts

Now what would you think of a woman who because she loved       her husband dearly - decided to give him special gift  So special she had to save for 5 years - do w/out ; lunches    cheaper make-up

        Took 5 years - but finally got it - give to him this                Christmas! Next week    She can't wait to watch him open it! Expression on his face!

        All presents are opened except that one - let's eat -                        football - tomorrow!

        Imagine her disappointment - she was so eager to watch him       open it - that gift exactly what he wanted and needed

        Gift says more than her words could ever say! It is going              to express her deep love for him! But he doesn't open it!

        Imagine her disappointment


Then think of God's disappointment when He paid such a huge price to give people the gift of life - people ignore it!

        Leave His gift unopened on doorstep of home

        He knows if they would just receive it they would understand      how much He loves them

        It is just what they always wanted - what they need but          year after year Christmas Christmas - gift is ignored!

He was manifested take away our sins!