1 Sam. 16:14-23 When God’s hand of Protection is lifted 


Intro: It has been quite a week: In the Mist of this tragedy we have seen some amazing things

A)Our Governmental leaders standing together & singing God bless America w/ all their hearts


B) A nation turning to Prayer asking God to help us get thru this: It is sad that it so often takes tragedy to bring us to our Knees

1)    Did you knows that Franklin Graham hosted CNN for 3 hrs this week that in & of itself is amazing


C) We have seen the Heroic efforts of Rescue workers & Volunteers trying desperately to save lives

1)   Many losing their lives in the Process


D) We have seen our nation bind together / People from all walks of life / people from all over the Country coming together

1)   Sacrificing to make a Difference /


This attack was meant to Divide us / Instead it has unified us / it was meant to weaken us / instead it has made us stronger

A) It was meant to make us BLAME GOD – instead we have turned to Him !!!!


B) I am confident that we are going to be victorious in Battle – because that is something that we are good at – We have the forces

1)    And I think we have the leadership & the will to do what is necessary to deal w/ this situation – at what cost is still to be seen


C) But where we go spiritually is going to be determined by the extent that we as a Church & we as a nation seek the Lord from here on out

1)   Will this be a revival a Great awakening or will it simply be an attempt to use God to help us get thru the pain & Crisis so we can get back to life as normal w/ out Him – again – ( That is to be seen )

As I considered what to share on today – what passage to look at do we deviate from the study we just started to address some issues

A) Temptation to go into speculation mode- how things might play out prophetically if certain things fall into place


B) But it would be speculation at best – so as I prayed I sensed the Lord turning my heart back to 1 Sam 16 – where we left off last week

1)    In this portion of scripture we see something take place in the life of Saul that I think speaks to the events of this past week


C) Today as we consider this I want us to note – How much alike Saul & America are /

1)     We will contrast that picture w/ the picture we are given in v.18 of David – who we as individuals & as a country need to be like ( read )


We left off in our study of the Life of David last week – in v.13 of Ch.16

13Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of the LORD came upon David from that day forward.


A)That Phrase the Spirit of the Lord coming upon David was a significant one / it spoke of God’s anointing / God’s hand being upon David

1)    The Anointing w/ oil was the outward sign of what was taking place on the inside of David –


B) Something that would become apparent to ALL – God’s hand was on this Young Man

1)   But notice what we read of Saul in v.14


14But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and a distressing spirit from the LORD troubled him. 15And Saul’s servants said to him, “Surely, a distressing spirit from God is troubling you.


C) The Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul – God’s hand was lifted off of Saul – the anointing was removed

1)   In it’s place came a distressing spirit from the Lord

Now right away a question arises in the minds of many - If God is all-good, why did He send a distressing spirit upon Saul?

A)There are two senses in which God may send something. He may send something in the active sense, or He may send something in a passive sense.


B)Actively, God never initiates or performs evil; (James 1:17). He is the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning 

1)   Passively, God may withdraw the hand of His protection, and therefore allow evil to come, without being the source of the evil itself.


C)This is indicated by what happened with Saul. First, the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul.

1)   This means Saul lost his spiritual "protection" & covering. So, Satan was more than ready to send a distressing spirit to fill the void in Saul.


D) I believe that this is a good description of what took place on Tuesday

1)   Because of the sin wickedness & rebellion against God in our nation & because of the Carnality w/ in the Church – God removed his hand ….


E) And the Devil responded by doing what he does best – Killing/ Robbing and bringing Destruction      

1)   An evil Distressing spirit came upon America: Consider the parallel



Saul like America was the biggest & the Best in the Land – stood head & shoulders above everyone else in Israel

A)Saul like America came from small & humble beginnings – he was from the smallest family of the smallest tribe in Israel


B) Saul like America rose to great heights or Position / Power / Prominence as king over Israel – because God was w/ him

1)   And Saul like America started off by giving praise & Glory to God for his successes & the nations victories


America was this beacon / began as a nation that looked to God & was dependent upon God

A)Engraving on our currency – IN GOD WE TRUST – not Financial strength / not military might / not our technological advances /GOD!!!


B) We Realized that was where our strength was to be found & we wanted to be reminded everyday – in using our money – where our strength lied

1)   We were a nation that was founded on the truths of God’s word / It was from that Book – we would get our leading & guidance


C) And when we were Victorious we were quick to point to God & to give God the Glory

1)   A day of THANKS – was commemorated to express our gratitude to God for all that He had done for us


But Saul Like America turned from God & fell from Grace

A)Now when Saul was confronted w/ his sin – he was sorry but didn’t repent /


B) instead he was more concerned w/ his position & his status in the eyes of men than to – his status in the eyes of God

1)   Faced w/ the same dilemma what will America do ? What will you  & I do


C) Now there were 4 main things that led to Saul’s demise that I think also parallel the problems that we are facing America at this present time

1)    We don’t have time to look at each story in it’s entirety so I will give the references & Summarize


Saul’s main Problem was he became prideful– we get our first glimpse of it in 1 Sam. 13:1-4 – Battle Jonathan is victorious

A) But we are told in v. 3 that Saul blew the Trumpet – or that Saul took the credit for the Victory/  He had to be the center of attention


B) He needed to be the Man – Saul began here to be so concerned about what others thought of him

1)     His pride of heart – reveals the first signs of Jealousy that would eat away at his soul


The 2nd Problem that we see in Saul is in Ch. 13:8-14 – He turned from God’s way to go His own way / Did what was right in his own eyes

A)Saul was told to wait for Seven days for the prophet Samuel to show up to offer Sacrifice & give instruction for the battle


B) Seven days passed & Samuel delayed so / Saul took matters into his own hands – offered the Sacrifice – a right reserved only for priest & Prophets

1)        Saul was seeking to Live by His own rules / instead of the commandments of the Lord



The 3rd thing that led to Saul’s Demise was his refusal to completely do away w/ the flesh Ch.15

A)God sends Israel into Battle against the Amalekites


B)In Scripture the Amalekites are always pictures of the Flesh – our natural sinful nature that is against God / bent on doing our own thing

1)   God gave specific instructions to Saul that the Amalekites were to be completely destroyed – even their animals were to be eliminated


C) Saul goes out and conquers the enemy – but instead of completely destroying them – He holds on to a few things including King  Agag

1)   They looked at some of the things as being Good & were unwilling to do away w/ them.


D) Saul deliberately disobeyed the Lord’s command & God declared that Saul’s disobedience was rebellion / equivalent to the sin for witchcraft

1)    When Confronted Saul revealed the motivating source of his sin – He feared the people !!! He wanted to please them more than pleasing God


The 4th step to Saul’s Demise is that when he was confronted w/ his sin He was sorry but not repentant

A)The first thing he does Ch.15 v.21 he tries to blame this on the people – they are the ones that did this


B) When that doesn’t work – he is sorry – but he is more concerned about how the people are going to perceive him than being right w/ God v. 24-31

1)    Saul was more concerned w/ his position & place in the eyes of men than he was w/ his position w/ God


C) He was sorry but he didn’t repent – He didn’t turn from his sin & really break down in true Godly sorrow that brings change


That really is the question facing America at this time/ will we merely experience a sorry – shock that this has happened to us

A)Or will we turn to God in repentance – Will we invite him to be the center piece of our society once again / embracing his word / ways


B) See America like Saul is filled w/ Pride / we are self consumed & In our pride we have pushed God out of our society

1)   We have removed prayer from our schools / we are rewriting our history books – removing everything that talks about our Christian heritage


C) We like Saul have been doing for quite some time now what is right in our own eyes – Ignoring God’s commandments & writing our own rules

1)    30 million Abortions / Leaders in Pornography / Violent Crime / Drug abuse / Suicide / Child Molestations – we could go on & on


D) As a nation we have refused to deal w/ the flesh – but instead we have catered to the flesh

1)   Inventing – more ways to cater to our Fleshly appetites


We in the Church are even guilty of this

A)Like Saul when it comes to flesh & forsaking the world – we like to hang on to a few things

B)God’s word tells us to Crucify the Flesh / to be separate from the things of the world – we compromise

 1) We have become more concerned about happiness than holiness – & as a result the church has become very Carnal / we have compromised


C)We have allowed things into our lives – that displease the Lord –

1)   Making excuses that it is just a small thing – those small things lead to big things


2 Tim 4 Last days many depart from the faith – Heard this week of several people I Know once involved in Ministry. Teaching / Worship

A)Now leaving wives / leaving husbands – drinking / living w/ boyfriends / guys who once did worship – Playing in clubs again


B)What is happening – Sign of the last days – people departing from the faith –

1)   The Divorce rate in the Church is almost as high as the world


C) People are praying for Revival – revival speaks of bringing to life that which has become dead – description of many in the Church

1)   2 Chron. 7:14 has been quoted a lot this week

if My people who are called by My name  (Israel & the Church) will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


D) Turn from their wicked ways – Starts w/ us – individually

1)   Searching our hearts – are we living in Compromise


Interesting how it has taken this tragedy – for the entertainment industry to consider the content of their movies

A)Certain projects are just too violent – How many Christians – are going to miss sitting down watching Arnie & Bruce blow things up


B) Romans 8:32 – Take pleasure in those who do them- sitting down to be entertained we are taking pleasure in that which causes God to be grieved

As a nation when confronted w/ our sin – we have chose to rebel instead of Repent – question is what will we do now

A)As individuals God has allowed us to be given a wake up call – what are we going to do / how respond


B) Notice how Samuel deals w/ Agag – a type of the Flesh v. 32-33

1)   I suggest to you that is how we need to deal w/ the flesh


C) Quit making excuses/ quit looking at things as being “ Little sins” & turn once and for all – Repent – ask God for mercy

1)   Do away w/ those things first in our hearts / 2nd in our homes & lives


So there we see the Demise of King Saul/ gives us some insight into the heart condition of America - 

A)In the midst of Saul’s terror it was suggested that a musician be found to play music to sooth’s Saul in his moments of torment


B) That was a common –practice in those days – to have musicians play to help comfort those who were suffering in this way

     1) As this suggestion is made – Someone says I Know just the guy – notice the Description of David in v. 18 – read


Now remember – not that much time has passed since David has been anointed – He is still a boy – 13-15 – young man at best

A)But the last thing we read about – David was in v. 13 the Spirit of the Lord was upon David from that day forward


B) What we have here is the result of the Spirit of the Lord being upon him

1)    In the first part of ch.16 we saw that David’s own father doesn’t even take note of him


C) But now he has caught the eye of someone clear up at the palace

1)   Although he was still a teenager in size & age – what they see is a man



Notice the description : Skillful in playing – meets the criteria for being a good minstrel – but he doesn’t stop there

A)He is a mighty man of Valor / a man of war – what a description where did this come from


B) In age He was still a Youth – Saul would say later CH.17 – David volunteers to fight Goliath – You are but a Youth – he is man of war …youth

1)   David was but a Youth – but in the eyes of those around him – he was seen as a man – Man of war / man of Valor


C) Know doubt this is in Reference to when David was out protecting his sheep - & a lion came – did He run – no – went after it     

1)   Another time a Wolf –


D) David was a man of Valor – because he didn’t run from crisis / didn’t run from responsibility & when called upon – he stepped up the Plate

1)   he dealt w/ the problems & didn’t run from them / He risked his life to protect that which was put in his care /


E) Lesser men would have ran –


He was described as being Prudent in speech  - meaning He thinks before he speaks & what he says is wise / thinks before he acts

A)Handsome – and here is the KEY – And the LORD IS W/ HIM!!!!


B) Here is David – stands out big time – why Because the Lord was w/ Him

I would add – David was WITH THE LORD


C) David stands out in an enormous way – Notice like never before because at this moment in David’s life what was in him was coming out of him


Close w/ 3 questions #1 Is the Lord w/ you –

A)The only way that you can answer that question YES is if you have opened your heart to the Lord – by receiving Christ as Lord & savior


B) Sin separates you from God – a lot of people want God on their own terms – When in a jam – Lord help me

     1) Jesus made it clear – Jn 14:6   Died & rose to prove it


C) See when Man was like Saul in Rebellion – God in His love looked down Saw man- Sent His Son


Question #2 maybe you answer Yes I know that God is w/ me I committed my life to Him at some point –

A)But are you w/ God – are you living for Him – or has His hand of protection been lifted from your life – Rebellion


B) He is allowing you to find out first hand – how wicked the world is

1)    Is it going to take a personal tragedy in your life to wake you up or will you respond today to this  wake up call / Come back to the Lord


C) Are you a Carnal Christian living after the flesh –sucked into the mindset of this world see how you can please the flesh –

1)   Time to take the sword to the flesh & repent - / opportunity right now


One more question for those believers – Is the spirit of the Lord upon you – We know that means Empowered

A)Living in the energy of the flesh or walking in the power of the HS


B) Stand together – once again – and ask God to Fill us afresh to be his witnesses in this dark world