1 Sam 17 The world needed a Man


Intro; There have been some monumental Battles in the History of mankind : Waterloo/ Gettysburg/ WWI/ WWII

A)Battles that affected how lives were saved & how lives were lost !


B)Battles that had a huge impact on Humanity / on Society /Battles that shaped our thinking –


C) But all of those battles pale in comparison to 2 battles that have had the biggest single impact upon mankind

1)   One devastated mankind / One brought hope to mankind / One brought death & destruction / one brought life & salvation


D) The interesting thing about these two battles is both involved only 2 fighters – who would determine the fate of the world

1)   The first Battle took place in a garden setting / the 2nd on a rugged hillside


One of the fighters was involved in both battles – Victorious in one defeated in the other

A)The first battle in the Garden Satan VS Adam / In the 2nd Battle it was Satan Vs the 2nd Adam – JESUS


B) In the first Battle Adam was the best that man could offer the perfect man who gave into the temptation of the enemy – DEAFEAT

1)   Result: Sin entered the world – man was separated from God / death entered the human race – both physical & spiritual /


C) DEVASTATION/  Damnation & Destruction were the result


In the 2nd battle Jesus vs Satan – 3 rounds  Round 1 – Wilderness / Round 2 Garden / round 3 A rugged hillside outside of Jerusalem – called Calvary.

A)Result Jesus was Victorious in all 3 rounds – in the final one He rendered a death blow to Satan

B) Destroying Satan’s Power to hold man in Bondage to sin !!

1)   In His Victory Jesus gave Hope to the Hopeless / Salvation to the Separated / Freedom to those who were in Bondage


C) Life to all who would put their trust in Him!!!!!


Now I had you turn to 1 Sam 17 once again – We have spent the past 2 Sundays looking at this battle – Application to our lives

A)Picture of how to deal w/ the giants and the obstacles in our lives


B)But tonight in light of communion I want to come back to it again – because it is a good picture of the Battle between Jesus & Satan

1)   Battle for the souls of Men !!!


C)Goliath – 9’6 Giant – great picture of Satan pompous / Well armed / Intimidating / Wants to be your master / Specializes in Destruction

     1)  Satan is all those things – Kill Rob Destroy !!!!!


But then there is David – who in many ways is a Picture of Jesus

A)I want to briefly draw a parallel – then make some application before we approach the table tonight


B) Taking notes I want to consider 6 ways THAT David is a good picture of Jesus!!!!


1st Parallel takes us back into Ch.16 David was visibly anointed by the spirit Prior to going into Battle Ch.16:13

A)Oil in the scripture is symbolic of the HS / there we read that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him from that day forward


B) Jesus was visibly anointed Prior to facing Satan in RND 1 in the Wilderness – at his Baptism –

1)   Spirit descended – upon him – Father spoke This is my beloved son ..


LK 4 Then Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit £into the wilderness, 2being tempted for forty days by the devil.


C) So both were anointed by the Spirit prior to facing the enemy


2nd David was the 8th son of Jesse – 8 number of NEW BEGINNINGS

A)Jesus came on the Scene – not to fix the old / but to do a whole new thing – He was going to establish a New Covenant.


B) The Problem w/ the Old Covenant. Was man could not keep it – man couldn‘t follow the Law of God – Broke it in some way

1)   Jesus came to establish a New Covenant – not based on what man would do / but purely based on what He would do !!!!


3rd thing David was sent out by His Father ! v.17 Sent to do what ?

A)David was sent to bring food to his brothers


B) So too Jesus our Champion was sent to do what ? To bring food to us

1)    Jesus declared to all who are hunger in their souls / all who sense the void for purpose & meaning in life –  John 6


“I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.


C) He came to nourish us / teach us / Bring Spiritual nourishment to our souls / He came to satisfy the Hunger in the heart of Man

1)   Man finds his purpose & meaning – only when living in a relationship w/ God thru JC His Son !!!


D) So Anointed by the Spirit Prior to battle / Brought a New Beginning / Sent by the father to bring Nourishment to others




4th Sought after a treasure : What was the treasure that David sought after ? 3 things to note v. 25 –

A)The man who killed Goliath would be enriched w/ great riches

 #2 Given a Bride / #3 Set free from paying taxes


B) So too Jesus came to the  battle – seeking a treasure: 3 things

1)   Jesus came looking for an Inheritance –


C) Eph. 1 we are called his inheritance/ his treasure

1)   Jesus likened what He was going to do in dying for man’s sin to a man who walking thru a field found a treasure / bought the field ..have ….


D) We were to him that treasure / His Inheritance – Now I don’t look at myself in that way – God got gypped w/ me / Big L –

1)   But that is not the way that Jesus looks at you –He sees you as a treasure & He gave up everything to purchase you .


E) Jesus sees what we are to become w/ His hand on our lives


#2 Jesus Victory over Satan resulted in Him receiving a  Bride –

A)We the Church are called the bride of Christ –


B) Easy picture for you ladies to grasp: Jesus my Perfect husband – Dreamy

1)   Us Guys alittle harder – Dress – etc


C) But think of it in this way- God picked the most intimate relationship possible on planet earth to liken are relationship to Him to

1)   Bride & Her Husband –


D) In a good marriage the way that God designed it – the wife knows her Husband & the husband knows the wife – Intimacy

1)   Know what she is thinking – words are not necessary


E)There is an intimacy & a oneness that goes beyond the Sexual aspect

1)   They literally become ONE – thinking / manner / goals /

#3 Jesus Victory over Satan resulted in everyone who belongs to Him is set free from that which had previously been burden

A) Sin / Guilt / law


B) He who the Son sets free is free indeed !!!!


5th Parallel we see between David & Jesus is when David came to the battle – He was scorned by his brothers v.28

A)Note Language – What have you come down here for


B) So too Jesus was scorned by his brothers – Both his physical step brothers & also by his country men the Jews

1)    What have you come here for - - We don’t want this man to rule over us


C) They falsely accused him of many things – DRUNKARD / ILLIGITIMATE ETC


6th Parallel – Both Successful by faith v.46 The Lord is going to deliver you into my hand …. Take your head v.48 Boldness – ran at Goliath

A)Jesus was also confident in the Lord – destroy this BODY & in 3 days I will raise it up again: Bold Proclamation / He knew He would be raised


B) Interesting David said he was going to take Goliaths head when he didn’t even have a sword – ended up using Goliaths own sword –

1)   Goliath thought he was going to take off David’s head but instead / David used Goliaths sword to cut off Goliaths head


C) Interesting Satan thought that the Cross was going to do in Jesus – but in reality it was the cross that did in Satan

1)   A Sacrifice was needed – Jesus perfect sinless one – dying for the sins of the World – Yours mine / everyone




Two reactions : Application for us –

1st when David was victorious – Israel was filled w/ Boldness –

A)Everytime they saw David – reminded of what a man could do when God was on His side – Many of David’s men became Giant Killers


B) Joshua Battle w/ the Amalekites = Flesh – looked up reminder He would be Victorious

1)    We come to the Table tonight – visible emblems of the Battle – Body broken – Blood that was shed


C) Thru death – Jesus was Victorious – Reminder to me / to us – we can be Victorious – not just  because of what He did –

1)   He is more than our Example – He is our Victory – we can be Victorious – because He is in Us


D) More than Conquerors thru Him who loved us –


2nd Reaction: Jonathan – Soul Knit to David – Fell in love

A)Handed over  His Robe – Position – next King – didn’t care

B) Handed over  His Armor – Prestige– Great warrior


C) Handed over  His Sword – Power – Ch. 13:22 The only ones who had swords were Saul & Son Jonathan in all of Israel


Those are the marks of repentence –

A)We turn over to Jesus our Position as far as being the king of our lives

Now we want Jesus to Rule & Reign – In Control


B) We turn over our Prestige – No longer concerned about being a somebody – leaning on our strengths talents –etc

     1) All that matters is being Knit to Jesus !!!