Psalm 59 Persecuted But Not Forsaken


Intro: When I was 4yrs old I was bit in the face by a German Shepherd

A)My fault – Rake /Tail/


B) When I was Jr. high I had a couple of dogs chase me on my bike / And in HS I was chased by a pack of dogs while Jogging one morning –

1)    Before I was married Living in OCSD- I had a Doberman take a snap & me & chance me ½ mile down the street


C) Needless to say I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to dogs


Well here in Psa 59 David has his own encounter w/ a pack of dogs – these were the human kind – two legs – but just a fierce

A)This Psalm was written after the events of 1 Sam.19 when Saul sent servants after David at his house & he escaped out the window


B) It was probably written while David was seeking Sanctuary there in Naioth w/ Samuel at the School of the Prophets


C) David Prays himself out of a sense of Helplessness into a quiet confidence before finally burst into Victorious Song

1)    Although his situation has really changed Saul is still out to get him – he begins in the depths crying out to God to save him v.1-7


D) Then he moves to a quiet assurance that God is in control v.8-15 / before finally bursting into a Song of triumph !!! v.16-17


Break down this Psalm in that way/1st  David Crying out to God v.1-7

A) The Dogs are after David - in Eastern cities, it was the custom to cast out all the refuse of food the bones,/waste etc —into the streets,

1)   which was consumed chiefly by dogs, great numbers of which were kept, as it would seem, for that particular purpose


B)These guys come surrounding the house like dogs hungry w/ hate

David Cries out to the Lord

A)Have you ever wanted to Kill someone – ( My wife hates when I do this) But ever been that mad -


B)It happened to me – in the Car on the FWY –

1)   Now that wouldn’t have been right / it wouldn’t have been good – for a few minutes I wasn’t acting responsibly w/ my family / Feelings real


C) David has such feelings – he is distraught / he is frustrated / he is wants vengeance – but David realizes what we often forget –

1)   Vengeance is mine says the Lord –


Rom 12:19 19Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,”£ says the Lord.


D) Lit . Put your wrath in it’s place – where does it belong at the feet of the Lord – bring it to him


David says some things here that are not friendly in this Psalm & in others but he is never rebuked by the Lord

A)God never says – David get a grip – David change your attitude – but he allows David to vent –


B) David responds –v.5  Awake to punish them – Show them no mercy

1)   V.11 Don’t let their defeat be slow – lest the people forget – Scatter them by your power -V. 13 Consume them in Wrath -


C) That doesn’t sound very Christian – David Knows that God hates Sin

1)   He is a God of Justice – and that is what He is after


D) When these Dogs were coming after David – He cries out – Deliver me / protect me & Defend Me –

1)   That is what the Lord – desires of us


Paul the apostle had some strong words for some men who were acting like Dogs – Phil 3:2 – Circumcision to be saved

A)Dogs are those who lay burdens on God’s People that God hasn’t laid on them


B) Like Dogs they prey on people – Gal – Paul says I would that they would cut themselves off – Castrate themselves

1)   Again those are strong words –


C) Inspired by the Lord – God doesn’t like it when people come after his kids / take advantage of his kids / lay burdens on his kids –

1)   Judiazers – Cut themselves off –


3For we are the true circumcision, who 1) worship God in the Spirit, 2) rejoice in Christ Jesus, 3) and have no confidence in the flesh,



D) So David cries out to the Lord – understanding that the Lord was against this type of Behavior


2nd Consider David’s Confidence v.8- 15

A)Really David begins this Psalm on the right footing v.1  – sets the Lord My God against his enemies ( Contrast – My God & my enemies


B) David understands that his enemies are nothing to the Lord – v.8 He laughs at them – ( Anthony – I am going to get you uncle Rob)

1)   Funny because can’t really hurt me – David’s enemies to the Lord – no match


C) Because of his confidence – David says v.9 I will wait for You –

1)   Waiting on the Lord speaks of Shepherd watching over his flock / Watchman on a tower – Look out – Expecting


CHS While the enemy lies waiting in the posture of a beast, we wait before God in the posture of prayer, for God waits to be gracious to us and terrible towards our foes.

Waiting on the Lord is a Posture that says

A)Wait for your Leading / I am going to wait for your timing / I am not going to try to take matters into my own hands – entrust this to yours


B) Waiting – produces dependency –

1)   Waiting results in strength – not- striving – but a quiet confidence that the Lord is going to come thru –



Isa 40 29 God gives power to the weak,

     And to those who have no might He increases strength.

30  Even the youths shall faint and be weary,

     And the young men shall utterly fall,

31  But those who wait on the LORD

     Shall renew their strength;

     They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

     They shall run and not be weary,

     They shall walk and not faint.


Why was David content to wait upon the Lord ? Because of his perception of the Lord

A)V.9 He is my Strength  – He is my defense /

     1)God is my Strength speaks of God being w/ in David – Power & might

God is my Defense – He is around me – protecting me


B)He is my defense / my high place, my fortress, the place of my resort in the time of my danger. If the foe be too strong for me to cope with him, I will retreat into my castle, where he cannot reach me.


C) He is His God of mercy v.10 Not respond to me on the Basis of what I deserve but on the basis of his mercy – underserved Favor


D) He is my shield v.11 –



3RD David breaks forth into Song v.16,17

Redpath – This Psalm reminds me of the building of a skyscraper What confusion there is in the beginning ! You look down into this deep cavity and see men w/ great big bulldozers pushing around mud, which is indescribable. But when the Building is completed see its towering head up in the sunshine what a marvel it is then. Somehow this Psalm begins below ground as deep cries unto deep but the climax is up in the sunshine of the presence of the Lord, where his glory fills the whole picture


David understood the Power of Praise –

A)Eyes off of me & onto Him –


B) In the mist of this trial – David says – I will wait on you & I will sing to you


Some of you need to tell the Lord that tonight – Wait on you – Sing to you